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  1. Stoke Newington was up and coming around 10 years ago. I bought a 3 bed flat for £127,500 in 2002. You can imagine that it has gone up a little since. I sold 2 years later, but am now looking at the next up and coming area of North or East London. Property prices in Walthamstow are still affordable in parts and there's a real buzz there right now. I think Walthamstow is the next up and coming area of NE London. Thoughts?

    Could you recommend a good EA in E17? The 'buzz' augers well for my property portfolio.

  2. Hello. I am a foreign investor. I want to buy a property in London. I am thinking of investing 500- 600 thousands . Please, advise me where to buy. I want a secure area, close to the underground and high streets. I prefer to buy a house... Detached house. Thanks !!

    More precise please? Do you require swimming pool. home cinema, games room. There are some reasonable properties in Hampstead.

  3. Poor judgement I guess

    A similar thing happened to me courtesy of another reliable profession. Bought where I live off plan and agreed a particular garage with the EA. When I moved in the key they had given me did not fit. They asked me to look at the plan and they had allocated a different one in a block of 4. The one they agreed with me is one of 2. To this day it causes me problems. BTL here means the others let their garages rot and the garage I should have had was slightly bigger. I blame myself for taking someone's word.

  4. So I viewed a detached property and the landlord showed me around the property, there was a plot of land directly opposite the property and I raised my concerns and asked if planning permission or if a house was going to be built on the land.

    I was told no planning permission had been approved and there was no immediate plans for a house to be built on the land, I made it very clear I wanted some peace and quite and if a house was being built on the land it would be a massive issue for me but was assured this was not the case.

    So I went ahead and signed a 12 month contract for this property.

    So I've been in the property for approximately 1 week, and today I notice a bunch of people around this plot of land so I go and speak to them. Turns out planning permission had been approved over 1 year ago for a 4 bedroom house and within the next month or 2 the building work is to commence for this new 4 bedroom house.

    I also found out that last year everyone i.e. All the neighbours where sent out a letter letting them know planning permission had been approved and it's going to take around 9 months to build the property (Pretty much my entire tenancy)

    What I want to know, what are my legal options?

    I've been blatantly lied to by the landlord and now I'm basically going be living beside a building site for my entire tenancy, what makes this worse is I work from home and I work late into the early hours of the morning so this is also going to effect my sleeping pattern as I usually don't wake up till 11am - 12am and I usually go to bed around 3am - 4am but a building site beside me will wreck my sleeping pattern

    Did the landlord have any legal responsibility to tell me about the impending house being built?

    Why did you trust a Landlord's word? Lying is in hard wired into their DNA.

  5. A lad in my office was incredulous the other day because he has moved out of his flat and wants to rent it out. When he told his bank they said he would need to convert to a buy-to-let mortgage, which of course is a disgrace! <_< Greedy banks yada-yada

    Now it turns out everyone who rents out flats in my place of work (4 in my team) ALL use standard mortgages and not BTL as they are 'a complete rip off' It seemed to be that if they had to pay the higher rate, this would tip the scale of making it financially viable in every case.

    This ignited my curiosity, why are the banks OK with this? Surely they price BTL more expensive for a reason? Surely it wouldn't be that difficult for the banks to cross reference flats/houses for rent with those they lend mortgages on . Is it just something that is unenforceable?

    As I say because if the banks put these owners on BTL they would ALL sell. I'm sure this would be repeated around the country, so why no action?

    Please grass them up.......On another note I heard the other day.....(in that meet the landlords programme) that 9 million homes in our serfdom are rented out by private landlords. Could be un underestimate for non inclusion of the suposed owner occupier properties that are rented out.

  6. We need to stop dancing around "race" and admit that what we don't want are illiterates from the middle-ages.

    Anyone got a problem with a black American doctor moving in next door? Anyone got a problem with an extended family of 16, only one of whom appears to work and their female children aren't allowed to talk to yours?

    One of them working? Not so bad

  7. The programme was better than expected. It showed how ludicrous it is to place vunerable people in the hands of private landlords. The chief scumlord Jim forecasts property to double in value in 10 years. I hope he is wrong, but I am sure Osborne is doing everything possible to help Jim's dream come true.

  8. Maybe in London, but that might be because 100,000s of white British Londoners have fled the capital over the last 10 years - for some strange reason

    This banging on about about how the NHS would collapse if it wasn't staffed by foreigners really irritates me. I'm not a boomer, yet I am old enough to remember hospital stays in the very diversified South East of England back in the seventies and eighties when ALL the doctors and nurses who attended to my conditions and injuries did a very convincing job of appearing to be all native born white and British.

    Britain is a country that invented over 50% of the world's most important inventions, yet apparently, we are far too stupid to be doctors and nurses despite the fact we were competent enough at these professions 30 years ago not to need to employ any foreigners.

    You'd almost think there was a conspiracy to replace and destroy us!

    That's what I was thinking.......and it's going very well!

  9. Its the drip, drip, drip of propaganda. After sufficient exposure to this propaganda the £20,000p.a. wage slave will start to believe that such a property at 40 times his salary is nothing exceptional. Next step accept that the meaning of his life is to fund a bloodsucking rentiers portfolio.....likely as not an MP. Job done.

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