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  1. Could someone start one of those petitions 'return of TMT'. 100,000 signatures and they would be obliged to debate it in parliament. I find TMT's observations about life spot on, even theraraputic. Hope he comes back soon.
  2. Minimum age to deaw an occupational pension is now 55. Do you mean BTL?
  3. They would sell to anyone. If their were sufficient wealthy enough people here to snap up the overpriced flats they would not bother marketing them overseas.
  4. That's going back a bit......John 'not fit for purpose' Reid...... I feel all nostalgic......but with 20 a day nudging £70 they could afford a season ticket at the Royal Opera House.
  5. Every cloud has a silver lining. Hard pressed hard working families may be able to supplement their meagre incomes providing domestic help such as cleaning and ironing to their asylum seeking superiors.
  6. I must have been lucky for a change. My 2 year (3.8%) ISA with BM matured on 6th Jan and they offered me an 18 month one at 2%.
  7. Very funny.......and a refreshing change from the abysmal insurance and British Gas adverts for landlords.........'whether you have one......or lots of rental properties'......like you are a nuffink now if you ONLY have one BTL.
  8. That would be like 'trial by water'......By buying the pwoperdy you have failed the intelligence test.
  9. Great to see the likes of 'Inside Track' returning.
  10. Doesn't want to be 'super rich'. I love these modest house collectors.
  11. So they will offer a 70% discount for those lucky 60k income couples who have escaped the horrors of private renting to buy a 'giveaway' at our expense.
  12. A loan is not a gift. It has to be paid back. The purpose of this HTB loan is to enable you to buy something you can't afford in a bid to keep prices rising until the 2015 election. I can't imagine any tricks that could keep prices rising beyond 2015, but they have surprised me before so who knows?
  13. It would be interesting to see the terms of existing UK government debt. If it is loaned at a fixed rate for 5 years+ then rising rates would not be so damaging.......also they would collect more tax from savings accounts if rates rise.
  14. Most on here have been aware for years of the outrageous landlord benefit scam. Still when mainstream media start parroting at least it means some of the slower sheeple are seeing the light.
  15. Like everyone including the so called 'experts'. I don't know, but I would never underestimate the power of the VIs to keep it going.
  16. With every passing month the RPI data is buried deeper in the ONS stats. This time I have been unable to find it. It is a big taboo these days, has anyone been able to locate the tables?
  17. It's the same philosophy as polygamy. Loads of wives for some means none for others. House collectors proliferate at the expense of priced out renters.
  18. and within spitting distance of Luton........Let me out of this madhouse!
  19. Hotel Manager would do as well to live in a broom cupboard in the hotel. I suspect his £200k buys very little in terms of 'luxury apartment'.......let alone house.
  20. ....mobile phone technology is of great assistance revealing callers and text messages to camera........land lines are NEVER used. All purchases whatever value are made in cash.
  21. Soap characters lead strange lives. They are housed in places that would rent for 2 or 3 times the menial wages their employment would pay. They drink like alcoholics but never fall to liver disease, in fact they never have coughs or colds but frequently die violent or unusual deaths. Many marry divorce then marry the same person again. the bride or groom normally 'cheats' on the stag/hen night, and it is rare that both parties turn up for the wedding. Most transactions be it a round of drinks that would be a days knicker factory wage, or a newspaper are accompanied by the purchaser chanting 'keep the change'.
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