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  1. Pond life exhibits more intelligence than that that Javid twunt. I'm already regretting the fact I signed the petition to get rid of the thieving witch Maria.
  2. Was Pablo a caleño? I thought his town was Medellin.
  3. Simply propaganda. Boosts the status of debt slaves and puts the boot into those whose blood nourishes the scumlord leeches. Every little helps keep the plates spinning.
  4. The figures are for the whole borough so Ealing will include Southall for example. The more affluent parts of Ealing such as much of the W5 postcode if taken alone would be more closer to the Richmond ethnic make up.
  5. ......so they will claim that one person lives there......and I am confident that the local authority will make rigourous checks to ensure veracity of the claims.
  6. He has an ethnic appearance about him.....this landlord.
  7. Luxury apartments of course! It's win win because the sewerage system is already in place so when they squeeze em in battery chicken fashion there should be no problem getting rid of their waste.
  8. All most scumlords care about is the rent. If you are that old fashioned 'owner occupier' breed the best you can hope for if neighbouring properties are BTL is a gradual decline in decor and common parts and a bit of the old gypsy camp mentality. This scourge blights neighbourhoods at every level.
  9. £125K? If only. This is £150,000, Budget for stamp duty.
  10. Shhhhh.....Don't tell anyone.....but that discredited old measure RPI increased from 2.7% to 2.8$.
  11. Someone BUYING a home to LIVE in? How quaint.
  12. Thanks for that.....I feel better that I only started paying for others to receive it in 1975 when I started full time work.
  13. The only problem with these games is that if you do really well you feel like you have 'lost' by not investing real money.
  14. I am sick of these smug arseholes moaning about every non-means tested benefit that they can afford not to take. HE STILL TAKES IT. I trust he makes charitable donations of this amount. I have an income of just over half the average wage but have paid my share of higher rate tax in better times. This 'perk' has existed throughout my living memory, but will no doubt be withdrawn before I should be eligible in 3 years.
  15. The destruction of the prudent continues apace. It's a nightmare of homes under the hammer proportions.
  16. Let's hope the Home Office can differentiate between refugees and Al Quada rebels.
  17. Can we still call this parasite a Land'lord'.......it is rather the Bank that merits this 'honorific' now. It is difficult to believe that one of this ilk could crash and burn in the current climate.
  18. It has the benefit of a 91 year lease? Most houses are freehold.
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