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  1. I just can't get over the statement by McNulty that he stopped claiming for his parents home because 'he can afford his mortgage now' It's a classic......hopefully robberies and knife crime will decrease as well.
  2. as long as they are not going to dismantle the brick built shed
  3. In April 2010 it changes to 55......minimum age to take a pension till then is 50.
  4. My bedsit rent was £5.50 a week in Crouch End in 1976.........nice place to live, but this is a piss take. The agent talks about an area called Crouch Hall........when did they invent that one?
  5. I think we are coming close to.........the 'society is to blame' culture. I feel so guilty for creating the monster that is Sir Fred. He should be given a new identity and a house in a tax haven...........put your hands in your pockets you lazy taxpaying scum!
  6. Natwest/RBS spawn of Sir Fred.............The Natwest Branches will be happy to advise you on preservation of capital
  7. Surely the EAs have time to proof read these days. 'Open views over the Logoon'.........what's a logoon? Sounds like a sewage treatment facility.
  8. We have to pay more to attract talent. They have foregone high paying jobs destroying banks to scrape our bone marrow. (Note the habit they have of always assuming that they would have reached to top of whatever profession they failed in before becoming MPs). I have heard arguments on phone in programmes that the McNulty scam for instance is chicken feed compared to the sum spent bailing out failed banks. I disagree. My anger level at what is going on now includes anger towards myself for being honest all my life to the detriment of myself and my family. I am becoming ambivilent towards common criminals and thieves as I realise the level of dishonesty polluting 'the establishment' is setting an apalling example to all. Far from each year of McNulty's theivery being 'only 5 or 6 years of income tax' for the average mug citizen, it will undermine any morality and decency left in this country. A curse on the robbing incompetent scum
  9. I'm sure that Sibley will give impartial advice.........always best to consult an expert.
  10. Perhaps the whole block could be sold as a madrassa? The original prices made me laugh like a drain. I can just imagine Filth and Krusty explaining to a pleb how 'they must make an offer quickly.....they won't hang around long at this price.....ticks all the boxes.....
  11. Thank you thank you......so pleased to see that there are still philanthropists around in this dep.....recession. I am greedy. Can you help me make some money? I have heard that pwoperdy is good....if I can get someone to pay my mortgage...a home is a basic human need but I would like to profit from it.....or food.....yes soft commodities.....we need some very hungry people with money.....maybe a war would be helpful?
  12. Oh well......when we are all dead it will not matter that our lives were poisoned to keep this destructive vermin in luxury.......and a plague on any posters who dare to say that 'Sir Fred' is a minor detail. He is a symbol of the the burial in shit of all the 'genuine hard working people'
  13. Anyone know how to start one of those 10 Downing Street petitions? How refreshing it would be to see someone who warned against the behavior that has destroyed so many lives rewarded.
  14. Who are they offering it to?.........the first person in a massive queue to buy?.....cash buyer?....or survey done and mortgage in place? The person probably does not exist. If the flat is such a bargain that it will sell so easily then they would not have to pressure you.
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