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  1. NOBODY KNOWS! So why do they feel obliged to continue making one incorrect prediction after another, never apologising for their mistakes and never losing confidence in their pumped up sagacity.

    I think it LIKELY considering that the last HPC lasted at least 7 years and the economy was not so severely shafted then that it will take a long time to recover. The fanaticism with which pwoperdy is worshipped in this country may overcome all and prove me wrong.

  2. Greed is greed. The ramping of 'soft commodities' not so long ago......food to you and me was a step beyond the BTL greed all around us. The demand for food is inelastic as people can only cut consumption by so much before they succumb to starvation. Naively I found this behaviour rather disturbing. Then there is arms dealing.....no doubt the arms dealers relish war. Communists need to adapt their method of exploitation to the system they live under. Human greed under any system knows no bounds.

  3. If the landlords have to pay more they will look to conning extra out of the tenant to compensate..........strange how this government has a knack of doing everything at the wrong time......years of abuse then some half baked measures after the horse has bolted. Let's regulate the banks, (after they have destroyed the country), and BTL landlords, (when the clever parasites have already left).

  4. This is a year old so what is it like now?

    Why are we not yet seeing the mass of repossessions and huge price drops in the UK that we are now seeing in the US, Spain and Oz?

    I am at a loss I must admit.

    .........protracted denial stage here due to the fact that pwoperdy is a religion in this country and government bail outs for the profligate

  5. Overseas markets for ramping have become more and more distant over the years.........Bulgaria by no means the most obscure, at least being an EU member, albeit a latecomer. It is not long since the publicity was about these places being 'the new Spain'......they are not saying that anymore. I would have hoped that a teacher would have more sense than to be dragged into one of these scams, but since she is able to afford to buy a holiday home at 28, maybe the meeja is right about us 'all being so well off' these days

  6. News from the Mail - Brighton property is booming...

    "The couple plan to buy a smaller house in Kemp Town, the area to the east of the city. 'Kemp Town has always had a distinctive, hip, village feel,' says Deo, 'and £350,000 will buy a good two-bedroom apartment."

    Oh that's sustainable. An apartment for 14 times the local average wage lol.


    Kemp Town has a distinctive seedy run down feel to it. Good luck 'Deo'.......you twit

  7. Highest marginal tax on income from employment will be 51.5%........(50% tax, plus 1.5% NI surcharge). NI surcharge to go up from 1% next year?...........There's something psychologically painful about the Government taking >50%. I really think it would be more acceptable to the high earners to let them keep half.

  8. My granny has a 1990 metro in her garage. Im going to have to enquire about this £2000 trade in for cars over 9 years old.

    ........you will have to get it MOT'd......the £2000 is only available when a perfectly good car is scrapped.

  9. Nothing to do with this thread but I can't start one and I wanted to share this:

    Filth & Krusty rerun..........Krusty advises FTB disciples that if they view a property that they cannot stand......spend a while politely looking because......'an insulted vendor is an angry agent and you don't want to be blacklisted'

    Why am I surprised???????

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