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  1. I totally disagree!

    This story shows exactly what has gone wrong with the UK.

    Too many people think that it is okay to take on huge risks, well beyond what they can afford, or what would be prudent. They get themselves into trouble, like this moronic couple, and then they expect to be bailed out.

    They should be forced to move out into a property that they can genuinely afford, rather than having their hands out for help. Let them downsize, and then begin to rebuild their lives in a responsible fashion.


    The state should limit their help to those who have some sense of responsibility. Kill off the zombie homeowners! Help them when they decide to become responsible citizens, living their lives in a sensible, and sustainable way.

    Same principle should be applied to Labour Politicians

    You are right of course given the 'timing' of this madness. What I should have said is that it would very likely have come good for them if it happened 10 years earlier....I was more interested in illustrating the despicable waste of OUR MONEY

  2. These seemed to me nice enough people sucked in the the pyramid scheme we all know and hate.

    Potentially they could have made good on the government handouts that I am so puzzled that they were entitled to. They cannot be blamed for trying.

    The fact that they were 'helped', possibly with money looted from our pensions by Gordon Brown, is part of the socialist experiment that may drive this country to the far right.

  3. They scammed our money to invest in the ballooning property marked....(tax free). Now that their obscene greed has killed that Golden Goose prepare to see the pensionable salaries rise which we will continue to pay till they are boxed up. My pension meanwhile has been wiped out by their policies. Ming Cambell expressed horror that without allowances an MP may have to live on £64K. I have never heard any media person suggest that £64K is a good salary, I suppose it is a pittance to all of them......but the pension alone would make it more like £100k equivelent. It all depresses me because it is rubbing my nose in it that I have worked all my life to end up in povery having supported these thieving scum

  4. 'The keyword here is lifetime.

    We are 4 years into your magical scenario where you foresaw interest rates at 0.5%. There's 21 years to go.

    While prices fall, interest rates stay low. When prices stop falling, interest rates will rise. Meanwhile, you're still paying interest on twice your asset's value.

    Do you really think that the fact we have the lowest interest rates in over 100 years and the fact that house prices are falling faster than ever before are somehow unrelated?

    Let me illustrate it simply:

    Value of my home August 2007 (based on neighbour's selling price, exactly the same size and condition): 335000

    Monthly rental value: 1080

    Value of home now (based on current askingprice: 280000

    Note this is less than the 20% drop that the country has experienced, so works in your favour.

    335000 - 280000 = 55000

    Rent paid since then: ~ 24000

    So I've made 31K by not buying in two years. That's even ignoring any interest payments on the mortgage.

    Still don't get it?'

    and no bill if your boiler breaks down!

  5. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that there are so many overpaid nonentities in the country to whom £24,000 a year tax free is insignificant. The reality is that the majority of our population works hard for a pittance, and even this pittance is looted by thieving scum MPs. Sooner or later I expect the mug rump of society to revolt. I can't wait for the retribution.

  6. Cautionary Note:

    When the MPs change the system I am sure we will see a big salary increase. They seem to like comparison's with GPs whose salaries they virtually doubled a while back. At least the salary is supposedly being earned during employment. The salary increases will form part of pensionable pay and the subsequent pensions will be a snowballing index linked albatros pulling down the taxpayer whose own pension has been destroyed whilst guaranteeing MPs a comfortable life all the way to the grave.

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