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  1. 'ok 95% of loans at 2.99% = about 3% of the capital is returned.

    deduct the 5% of capital that is now needing to be offset as potential write off, and we see a loss of 2% and a further set aside of vital capital.

    call your yourself a bull, you have no idea'.

    ......Excellent way of looking at this. I think most loans will be at higher interest rates than 2.99% so it is probably not this bad YET. As interest rates rise the BTL excrement will come into contact with the fan. Stand clear!

  2. I suspect that Blair and his greedy wife could be the biggest scammers of the lot.

    The story that his expenses claims were 'shredded in error' is a pathetic joke. Can you imagine trying to use this excuse with the Inland Revenue? They would suspect that you were hiding something and there would be a massive 'drains up'. If they find wealth that is out of step with your income you are considered guilty and punished accordingly. The onus is on you to prove that the gains are not ill gotten.


  3. Are you suggesting that labour wins the next election, or that new labour gets rebranded in 2020 after ten years in the political wilderness?

    They are unelectable, but it's already 12 years 1 month......3rd Reich was 30th Jan 1933 - 30th April 1945.....so if Brown can hold on for 2 more months.....which he surely will, they will have lasted longer than the Nazis.

    In any case there should not be an election before ALL the MPs expense claims are known.

  4. Please do not feed the bulls!

    Does anyone else find it ironic that MPs are being saved from themselves, because in the current climate surely none will be interested in buying property with taxpayers money? However, during the biggest property boom in UK history, inflated primarily by 'no more boom and bust Brown' so many hoovered up at our expense.

    It looks like NuLabour are going to beat the 12 year record of the 3rd Reich. 1933-1945 v 1997-20??

  5. low in January £1 = £1.35

    now £1 = £1.63

    In terms of US$ the pound has gained 20% in less than 5 months.

    The experts with their straight line graphs will point to a return to £1 = $2 before Christmas.

    The media will probably wake up if it does reach £1 = $2. They are still reporting in weak pound mode, e.g. that the weak pound may be a positive factor for Vauxhall jobs in the UK. This volatity is so damaging. How can any business decisions be made in this environment?

    Meanwhile the petrol price rises steadily despite the pounds strength. Shafted again.

  6. Whilst I would not want to lose focus on the MPs it should never be forgotten that Sir Fred Goodwin played an instrumental part in formenting the financial disaster that has cost many of us our jobs and pensions and has robbed our futures.

    His reward £706,000 p.a.

    I feel very bitter about this and would like to see him suffer for what he has done. The whole lot of them have made monkeys of us and must be laughing like drains as they dance amongst the wreckage they have caused.

    Whilst I used to despise benefit cheats and cash in hand tax evaders, I now wish them good luck. When this country is finally dragged down into the filth maybe the scum will reap what thay have sown.

  7. So balooning house prices were not a problem? If interest rates are low enough that's all that matters. That seems to be what Gordon is saying, and why not? It certainly benefits the pwoperdy portfolios that MPs have built at our expense.

    No mention of 'I will not let house prices get out of control'.........so a 300% increase in a period of 40% RPI increase is not out of control?

    Every time he opens his mouth he digs himself deeper. He is now promising low interest rates and low inflation will continue. That sounds like a buy signal for gold.

  8. The worship of the greed ethic that these programs display is Blair like in it's zealous intensity.

    It is pure propaganda. The VIs are playing on societies basest instincts. I cringe when I see the joy of the Brit who cannot believe how cheap a property is in say Cape Verde, a place he had never heard of 5 years ago, when relative to local wages it is more out of kilter than a £250,000 London slave box to a person on minimum wage.

  9. He probably had inheritance tax in mind as well when he let his daughter buy the taxpayer funded home at half price.

    Robbing us from the cradle to the grave.........and beyond.

    Bend over population. Stand by to take it again and again and again and again......I think you are beginning to enjoy it.

  10. The Mansion House speech Brown made just before the whole house of cards came down in which he crawled so far up the bankers' arses that his feet disappeared. That did not endear me to him,

    His timing is exquisite. Stable doors always bolted whilst the thundering horses hooves are still audible.

    Looting of pensions commences just before a decade long downturn in the FTSE. (It hit 6999 in 1999)

    Gold sold just before the price takes off.

    No more 'boom and bust' maybe not for the parasitical house collecting MPs but he has suceeded in busting many of us beyond the point of no return.

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