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  1. The 'successful BTL investor' was as dull as dishwater. Not a person to be stuck in a lift with. It seems his expertice ran to avoiding property clubs.

    I would like to see these properties taken into public ownership at fire sale prices so that the tenant has a local authority home and the BTL parasite learns that prices can go down as well as up. Maybe drop the tenants rent a bit, but no more right to buy stupidity.

  2. 'RICS big chief Simon Rubinsohn now looks ridiculous, after what he said a few weeks back'.

    ......He looks as ridiculous now as he did when he predicted stability for the period just passed when prices dropped by 20%. He is a VI but he changed his tune in an effort to look less stupid when his ramping activities failed. His timing is similar to that of Gordon Brown, (never fails to get it wrong).

    Forecasting house prices in the UK is a mugs game because the economic models do not account for the greed and obsession of the British over house prices.

  3. 'The problem for Brown is that he UK regards 15% HPI as normal, and anything less a disaster

    But more than normal, 15%HPI is essentail to the UK economy, as HPI allows MEW, that vital bi-annual "top-up" to peoples salary, acting in much the same way as MPs expenses "top-up" their salaries

    HPI = the working mans Duck Island'

    .........buying second and third properties at taxpayers expense during a decade of unprecedented House Price Inflation that Gordon Brown vowed in 1997 'would not get out of control'


  4. These sort of people should not be allowed to be landlords.

    I would say do not touch the system even if you are capable of repairing it, otherwise he will try to blame you for any problems that are actually his responsibility.

    You really need to get out of there. I hope there is some way that this charlatan can be prosecuted and that you can move on to a better deal with a better landlord.

  5. I was robbed of a month's deposit rent many years ago, The Managing Agents praised how I was keeping the house......I left it in a better state than when I first moved in, but in the end after about 2 years thay said they were keeping the deposit......£250 for redecorating. I decided to let them keep it as I could have wasted money on lawyers to fight them, and i decided that I would never rent again.

    Please make sure you inform the Inland Revenue that you have been renting the house for 6 and a half years, and I really hope that the greedy scumbags have not been paying tax and will be hammered

  6. But Canadadry likens Plovdiv to Paris! Are there racecourses like Auteuil and Longchamp where I could wager the heavy gains made on Plovdiv real estate to wade waist deep in filthy lucre.

    My mistake.....I was quoting the honorable Catara......apologies Canadadry

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