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  1. Next phase spoilt brats moaning that it has lost the 'character' it had when they discovered it 5 years ago. New Waitrose nestles amongst the halal fried chicken outlets and Foxtons describe hovels that would disgrace a shantytown as 'stunning'. The last pie and mash shop closes and the media runs articles about the latest trendy London village.

  2. We are a little different. In my opinion the British obsession with house ownership is poisonous.Your values sit better with London than with Paris. You would be happy in a squalid Straford tower block surrounded by EA ramping propaganda about crossrail and gentrification, less so amongst burnt out cars in the banlieu boasting how maman and papa set you up in the new version of the 16th arrondissement.

  3. This is no surprise; when the second tripling of fees to £9000 p.a. was announced my first thought was that the loans will not be repaid. Prices have somewhat less than doubled since the £1000 p.a. 'contribution' came into play. If Blair had intended to increase the amount students pay it would have been reasonable to apply a formula such as an RPI + 5% increase annually to slowly but steadily change contribution levels. A ninefold increase in a few years is a ridiculous nonsense. So the government will 'lend' ad infinitum much of the money, but add to that massive administrative costs, profits for middlemen as the loan books are sold on, and endless debates and arguments about the injustice of it all.

  4. I was shocked at the lies on BBC 10pm news last night.

    The wicked pretense that we were better off because inflation was falling and wages were rising.

    No mention that the lost ground will never be made up, that the area under the curve of inflation is lost forever. The loss of utility of all that evaporated wealth is simply ignored.

    If you add housing costs (a basic human need so it belongs here just as much as the price of milk) to the inflation that wealth evaporation becomes a countrywide firestorm sweeping through everyones finance apart from the top 1%.

    I would estimate 20%+ of the population has become ever richer during the recession......not just the top 1%......though I agree the sentiments above.

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