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  1. Wamping of Enfield in the forum continues ad nauseam.
  2. In 2009 I expected low rates to last a year or two. Now I am resigned to them seeing me out. So they will probably increase very soon.
  3. Higher interest rates are short term props to a currency. Ultimately confidence in the future of an economy matters. In 1967 there were DM10 to the pound, closer to DM2 thirty two years later.
  4. The 'accountant' should also be shopped.
  5. When it comes to BTL.....or indeed LTB....(Let To Buy), both of which I would call exercising yer RTL...(Right To Leech)....The Guardian is defecating on it's supposed left wing values. I have seen Guardian adverts in The Observer offering advice to budding parasites. What next beautification of the Blairs
  6. Late 40s so not a boomer. If you could have purchased your first home in the mid nineties I suggest you are likely sitting on some very boomer like profits. The crash between 89 and mid nineties was quite phenomenal. We need a crash like that now.
  7. Tenants should be selling their kidneys and putting their children into bonded labour. BTL greed must be sated.
  8. Whoo hoo.....The smug self satisfaction on it's way out chez BTL. Deep joy!
  9. If your monthly salary is paid into your bank account it is an asset, not a debt. No matter whether you draw it out as notes and coins or not. Government debt is easy. The accumulation of years of debt and interest owed during periods in which Government expenditure was greater than tax reciepts
  10. I like the headline 2 Bedroom House, when it is in fact a flat within a house.
  11. I bought new in 1989, not only did a neighbours repossession bought for £165,000 sell for £95,000 6 years later, this takes no account of inflation which was substantial at this time. Whilst the houses fell by annual salary amounts mortgages hit 17%. Most people who were around at the time seem to have forgotten or are in denial. I am beginning to think now that the crash will never happen.....so it is probaby imminent
  12. Two obsessions combined. Houses and Round Number Syndrome. All the reports concentrate on the UKs religion - 'housing as an investment'. I should think the £175k increase to the individual allowance is actually for all assets. Secondly the opportunity to parrot the magic number a 'million'. The proposed allowance is actually £500,000 per person......Sorry I meant HALF A MILLION.
  13. How about loans for the price of a stale loaf and some stagnant water when the victims struggle to pay to eat after paying their extortionate rent. Or a loan for the lawyers fee for drawing up their very own bonded labour contract?
  14. So why are you renting out a second property yesterday up despicable sacks of $hit?
  15. Classic interview technique. His failure was not to have introduced this great idea sooner. Only problem the policy he rates so highly is a bag of $hite.
  16. Did anyone else read his Sunday Times article? I was incandescent. He has still not grasped the difference between debt and deficit. Either that or he is deliberately playing the fool to mislead voters.
  17. The sickening BTL phenomenom goes from strength to strength. The insurance market now concentrates its advertising on landlords, and the HUTH presenters almost shoot their loads when the greedy objects of their adulation boast of their 'portfolio'. I noticed an article in The Sunday Times recently headlined 'How Many Flats Do You Own'? The days of renting out a bedsit to supplement a pension are passé. The name of the game is the creation of a lower order. Price em out and bleed em dry. Meanwhile those in the right place at the right time to exploit those less fortunate are hailed for their acumen. The propaganda behind BTL is winning but nothing is forever.
  18. 'Sir' Malcolm will have even more time to read and walk now. I suggest hill walking.
  19. Could the person in the top 5% with £180,000 savings have an outstanding mortgage of £200,000?
  20. Rifkind boasting about how little he has to do as am MP, (Radio 4 just now). He has vast amounts of spare time he spends reading and described himself as self employed. John Humpreys reminded him that he is paid £67,000 as an MP. Rifkind said that though this may seem a good salary to an 'ordinary' person it was nothing to a businessman. He sounded like a spoilt brat moaning about £5 a week pocket money. £5000 a day is his rate, it's what he is worth.
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