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  1. If Carney and the politicos get their longed for inflation this would be a wise move. The fact that there are no new issues also should tempt rollovers. I just changed the term on a rollover from 5 years to 3.
  2. NS&I index linked certificates are looking better now. March 2016 RPI 1.6%. Central banks desperate to ramp up inflation. Hedge against BREXIT risk. (I am thinking of the inflationary twist of a falling pound which has already started). I let some roll over recently and was worried I had shot myself in the foot but now thinking it was good indecision.
  3. Dwarfed by Insurance Premium Tax. Introduced at 2.5% in 1994 this stealth tax will reach 10% in October this year.
  4. 'Kerb appeal and wow factor'. Ticks all the boxes on the ****** check list.
  5. Splat!.....Splat!...Splat!Splat!Splat!......Bring it on.
  6. Reminds me of a similar scam. A contractor where I was working suggested a big curry night out. Everyone contributed their share, (most of us regular employees on about a third of his earnings). He asked for the bill and admitted when I asked him that he would use as an expense in his tax return. I hate these parasites.
  7. When they bought into the UK I heard talk that due to world oversupply of steel their intention was to buy up competition in order to close it down. Looks like the plan is coming together.
  8. I saw that cover. It made me retch. I hope the BTL disease mutates soon and destroys it's hosts.
  9. Nothing wrong with buy to let? I guess you mean on a business level winkie? Harvesting a locked out generation to to make landlords rich(er) is like selling extortionately priced food to the starving. The morality is the same whether the portfolio....(that word is so toxic when used for property), is bought with loose change or loans.
  10. It would seem that this fraudster landlord plans to benefit from the forthcoming £7500 rent a room allowance. I wonder if he has the brain to ponder the implications of his fraud. Does he own the place he actually lives in? If he claims to live in the property with your friend.....his tenant....he is changing his principle primary residence with possible CGT implications. If I was investigating him for fraud I would be interested in where he is registered as an elector.I despise these cheating dirt boxes.
  11. Sounds Blair-like......immoral but not illegal. Curse them all.
  12. The young....(under 40), who can afford to save to get free money in some new fangled ISA. Funded by the taxes on those festering in BTL hellholes.
  13. 11/12 over 60s do not own BTL. So let's not scapegoat them all.
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