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  1. On one side of the scales we have a decreasing number of buyers-the few who are not priced out......on the other end BTL scumlords who boast of 10, 20, 100 pwoperdies. The mainstream media now has adverts for BTL landlords......(thinking particularly of LBC)....there is one where the landlord is complaining about how long it is taking to evict a tenant who has not paid his rent.. With this behaviour seen as normal, and sterling reverting to form.....down, down, down....the few foreigners not yet in the UK are well places to become our masters.

  2. Andrew Neil on the Daily Politics is educating the MPs on the basics of economics - the politicians are clearly betting everything on a new housing boom.

    Fecking madness.

    10 or 20 years from now I can see lots of children finishing their parents off just to get their hands on the house before the social services do - how 20-somethings will ever afford houses is beyond me.

    Andrew Neil just had to explain to a govt MP that IRs are only low because the BOE is buying all the gilts. Judging by the facial reaction of the MP in question he didn't have a clue what Neil was talking about.

    ..........Yes he looked as puzzled as most of them are when someone tries to explain the difference between 'the deficit' and 'debt'. The biggest conundrum to me is that no-one ever talks of that thing called 'surplus'. You know, when/if the deficit is zero we will be left with a humungeous accumulated debt. If you take some hallucinagenic drugs you may be able to imagine a time when income will be greater than expenditure and we can start to pay down the debt.......but then again.
  3. Osborne wants to 'help' the aspirational. This means betting taxpayers money on houseprices on behalf of those who want what they can't afford.

    He could hardly contain his disdain for those who are satisfied with their lot, so he will punish them by holding them responsible for their aspirational brethren.

  4. He sounds like a patronising tosser to me.

    His holier than thou attitude grates. A cross between champagne socialism and tremendous pride that he has ascended to the middle class that he once despised.

    Nick Abbott is great. Friday and Saturday only at 10pm. Can't say I agree with his NHS bashing views, but superb sense of humour and hatred for bankers......recommended.

  5. I was just checking the inflation stats on their website, 'no longer a national statistic' it says.....although they will continue to pubish it. More worrying, in a month where CPI ticked up but RPI was unchanged they are experimenting with new stats.....RPIH and RPIJ.I suspect they are looking for something that will give lower figures. After all if the housepricecrash were ever to materialise it will not drag down CPI. They need to ensure that the plebs lose both on the swings and the roundabouts.

  6. Anything goes tits up that can be associated with Europe or the Euro......and europe or the euro will be blamed by eurosceptics.

    Likewise europhiles will associate any successes with europe or the euro.

    This is infantile.

    Banks and governments can be irresponsible thieves in any currency. Gordon Brown managed it with the pound. Get real.

  7. The sudden concern about inflation just before he goes is touching. He has showed total contempt for the 2% target for years and his rabid determination to trash sterling is bearing juicy fruit. It may have dawned on him that the UK economy is like a massive oil tanker the momentum of which is beyond his and even super Carney's control.

    With his index linked pension he will be much less scared than many of us about the demon he has unleashed. However, he will remember 1975 when inflation topped 25%. At this level with once a year increases even the inflation proofed suffer. Pensions are increased in April on the years inflation to the previous September so the pain at this sort of level is acute by Narch even for our gold plated chums.

  8. So says the Torygraph

    They appear not to be joking


    We get a quote from TV property porn man George Clarke:

    “An awful lot of people live in small apartments, and the big thing is to show how small can be beautiful,”

    “That is what is exciting about British design at the moment. Desks can be beds, storage units can be kitchens."

    There's the obligatory estate agent making beyond-parody comments about how desirable it now is in Peckham:

    "They are coming from Hackney, Hampstead Heath, Dalston and Islington because the new overground line now links us to Clapham Junction in one direction and Islington in the other. You can easily get to Shoreditch and Hoxton from here.”

    (Note to those wondering just how far Peckham is from Hampstead Heath, the answer is 15 stops and at least 1 change of train.)

    It is not clear why the easy transport to Shoreditch should be a selling point.

    Estate agent continues in typical illogical vein:

    “In October you could buy a three-bedroom house for £500,000 and now it would cost £650,000. It has gone a bit crazy. People know they can get more for their money here,”

    It seems that you er, get less for your money now, but still please come to Peckham!

    Then we get some North London lefty who is doing her bit for the common people, by er, depriving them of somewhere to live (in Euston, rather than Peckham):

    "Interior designer Jan Reid bought a one-bedroom ex-council flat in Wellesley House, a brick-built, five-storey, early 20th-century block just by Euston station, as a project to restore. Her own home is in Highgate, where she lives with her two children and husband, Robert, head chef at the new Balthazar restaurant. Jan moved internal walls, made two bedrooms and a study, and ripped out corridors and cupboards to make more space. She rewired, re-plumbed and laid floors of gorgeous light grey oak.

    Estate agents LDG (020 7580 1010) are selling the flat at £467,500. "

    The article finishes with a 1-bed on a council estate for £170k. Local schools are awful.

    We are also treated to a brief tale about another foolish lefty, whose kids are still young

    "For Ed Barker, an architect with Michaelis Boyd Associates, moving into the Rowley Way Estate near Kings Cross has been more like a love affair. The estate was designed by Neave Brown of Camden Council’s architectural department in 1968, and Ed studied it at university. He moved in six years ago with his girlfriend Sarah, and they now have two children, Izri, five, and Ivy, two, whose middle name is Neave."

    It looks like an ideal place to bring up children



    Perhaps, when they are older, the kids can get some therapy from well-meaning white middle-class ladies like this one:


    "“I found myself on Rowley Way. There was a group of young men waiting at the entrance to the estate and they spat at me. I was really intimidated as any young middle-class woman would be. But that was the beginning of our charity.”"

    Perhaps if they really make it in life they can become a rapper. http://www.spifftv.com/video.php?id=2066

    No swearing though http://www.standard.co.uk/news/dispossessed/the-dispossessed-fund-ditch-fword-from-your-rap-songs-if-you-want-to-use-music-studio-and-they-did-8474466.html

    I had to look at the link.......cos I thought you were joking......what the hell is going on?

  9. I've had this too, but hilariously enough it was in 2006/2007. Some ftbers taking on new build 2 beds had a habit of lecturing me about my reluctance to buy. Id talk about an asset bubble, precious metals, alternative investments, yield, opportunity costs, all to looks of :blink: . They didn't understand anything at all, but yet I still got talked down to as though they were doing me a favour in telling me all about this thing they have found called property that makes everyone rich.

    Apparently renting is dead money, they were getting on with their lives, and property always goes up. I'm it joking, these were the actual phrases they used.

    Still, it all worked out well in the end :lol:

    The squawking of parrots.

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