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  1. Yes. The fact that people have no money whatsoever is entirely missing from these kind of analyses.

    You know, the Troika is still maintaining that Greece will exit from the slump in 2014. Reasoning? Well, it is because the 'reforms' and wage cuts (with still more to come) have put salaries back to 1995 levels, making the country 'really competitive'.

    Never mind about German cars, there isn't enough money around to have a domestic economy, let alone imports. 1995 level salaries won't support 2013 prices and Troika tax hikes.

    And just how competitive do olives and tomatoes need to be? Spain and Greece never had an export led economy and never will.

    Only a currency devaluation will save countries like Spain and Greece. For which they need a currency other than the Euro.

    Devaluation is a temporary fix that primes a downward spiral. In 1967 £1=DM10........late 90s DM2.20. Higher import prices feed in priming a second.....a third.......an nth devaluation. Denizens of the devaluing countrt become paupers at home and abroad.

  2. No garage is mentioned in the EAs verbal diahorea so I think it highly unlikely that this slave box 'benefits' from one. Weird that more photos focas on the three garages than anything else.....but I still suspect it's all a dirty red herring.

  3. It would seem that a certain type of LL has deliberately targeted HB tenants - buying cheaper properties in scruffier areas and furnishing/renovating them with cheap, 'this'll do' fixtures etc.

    Judging from many cases on HUTH, particularly oop North, you could always tell when this was the case - they knew to a penny what rent they could get - yields often high enough to have the presenters practically orgasmic.

    Glad not to be the only one who finds the HUTH greed distressing......and if the 'pwoperdy developer' should mention that tis is the nth property in their portfolio the presenters shoot their respective loads.

  4. A couple of days ago I received a letter from Nationwide telling me they are dropping the paltry interest rate on one of my accounts, from 2 to 1.7%.

    This is on top of a letter from NS&I telling me my rolled over index link bond will now only be paying 0.15 over RPI.

    My response, I went online and cancelled all my charity subscriptions. Not a vast amount, somewhere in the region of £400 pa.

    Good idea. After 4 years the pain is worse than ever. Share it.

  5. Received a letter from Sainsburys today the 2.35% is being cut to 1.70% on 1st July. The 2.35% had originally been a one year 2.85% that had since dropped without interest rates going any lower.

    Funding for Lending, don't you just love it? NOT.

    The price of subsidising Housing Benefit/BTL scumlords, the feckless and the reckless. Worse than ever after 4 years. Must be time for action.

  6. The situation is not helped by the proliferation of 10% or 15% off days and other ephemeral so called discount tactics which distort prices. A Homebase purchase on a normal price day makes you feel like you are being mugged.

    Typical example. A week ago I bought a tin of Hammerite garage door paint. Price £11.99.......came in at about £10.50 as it was a 10% day.

    Yesterday same tin marked at £17.99. There was some sort of paint discount that brought it down to just under £15. Also there was a 'gardening promotion' that gave 25% off......but only for that section of the store.

    The effect of this sort of nonsense on me is that shopping seems like a spivs game these days where the best option is to buy as little as possible.

  7. Her parroting of that phrase wound me up too. That is because I spent 36 odd years as a hard working person, never on benefits. Now I have to work hard living off my savings which bear 2% because redundancy in 50s seems to mean life. My mortgage paying days included the record 15.3% interest rates of 1992. So much for wealthy boomers.

  8. I'm confused by some of the responses on this thread. Schadenfraude is great fun and all, but the issue isn't this bloke slightly struggling on 100K, it's what that says about everyone else's situation on <100K.

    So the forum strays from the central theme of the original post, just like normal conversation. Carney's wife complains £5000 per month rental allowance is not enough for London. I do not revel in her pain, but it winds me up that people with these means consider themselves hard done by.

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