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  1. Is this not fairly common? I’m self employed and I only have a rough idea of my income. Some people pay me up front, others take a few days. A very few (luckily) don’t believe in paying their bills at all.
  2. How many people could conceivably want that house? Could be unsalable.
  3. Remarkable to think there has been essentially no change in 13 years, and definitely a drop in real terms in all that time. Most mortgages taken out in 2005 are past the half way point. What a radically different experience to the previous 13 year period from 1992.
  4. That’s exactly what I’d expect, although, let’s face it, all anyone can do is guess. Since the main stumbling block to the hard brexit these zealots demand is our own dear island home, I wonder how many of them would be happy to have a “no deal” abandonment of Northern Ireland as well, just to get what they want? A bit like the spice girls without Victoria, they probably don’t care about losing 1.6 million and a lot of hassle. Most southerners with any sense are well aware that the only reason their state has been any kind of a success is partition. Wouldn’t it be an upset if a referendum down south were to show even a significant minority doesn’t want us either?
  5. Around £500 above the average gross monthly income. Remarkable. How tiny a market is that?
  6. I'd be more interested in whether there's still an economy to work in.
  7. I suspect that's not one of them in the background. We're all familiar with the orlit houses that were built from kits in the late 1940s as temporary housing. Plenty are still there, such as seagoe Park, portadown.
  8. You might be surprised. I met someone a few days ago who still thinks brexit is a good idea. If you sell your house you're only going to have to find somewhere to rent until the crash. Nuisance.
  9. It makes a mobile home on a patch of waste ground seem wildly attractive in comparison. Depressing stuff.
  10. Do you not think their mammies will be keen to let them know about the risks of a crash, unlike the previous generation who were duped into believing property only goes up?
  11. So which is coming first - brexit or the next crash? I'd say brexit is less likely.
  12. Why should anyone have to afford us? Does anyone really see a status as a 1980s style dole kid as satisfactory or desirable? If Whitehall cut off the money supply and left us to thrive on our own merits we'd soon find who really wants to live here.
  13. They bought the old Northern Bank. Farmers from here have been buying land over there for 40 years. You can even run an arable farm from here without difficulties. The ease of building in rural areas here means any land really includes a potential site at some stage, and that's what you're paying for.
  14. The supposedly wonderful Good Friday agreement only solidifies the sectarianised system, and promotes a vote for extremist parties. Even during the worst of the troubles the dup and Sinn Fein were only ever minority parties. Now we've got Sinn Fein commemorating the Caledon housing protest as if it was them and not Austin Currie who organized it. The dup, 70% of whose representatives are free Presbyterian, (from a total population of 16,000) rant off about gays as if people actually cared. The result is politicians who do not represent those who voted for them. Yea - brexit. I think we've a lot more to worry about than house prices. Like whether you have a job.
  15. ...because you've failed to understand the concept of a tax break and a subsidy being the same thing with a rates cap. Close to here is a 5000 square foot mansion. Down the road from it is an 1800 sq foot 1970s bungalow. Thanks to the cap, the two owners pay the same amount. Someone is getting an easy ride. Which one?
  16. One man's tax break is another man's excessive tax. Is that simple enough?
  17. How did such a tax break ever make it to the statute books without any real protest? What sort of government have we? It's scandalous.
  18. It's a wealth tax, and as is often said, one that can't be evaded since mansions cannot be smuggled out to the Cayman Islands or similar. Youre in favour of a cap on income tax?
  19. Social welfare for rich people. A shamefully regressive form of taxation where the poor subsidise the rich. Perhaps direct rule will correct this anomaly. Or maybe income tax will be capped, because we can't have the high earners paying more for those same services as everyone else?
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