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  1. The extra costs in everything killed that happy feeling for most.
  2. Yes but it`s £5k difference. Most of us expect to take a bit off and agents price this factor in. I thinks it more like seller having second thoughts about moving.
  3. I think I know the area you cover-ish Mildura... Some crazy peeps out there indeed.
  4. You can borrow my neighbours cat. Keeps bring us presents. Half eaten mice and the odd small bird. It has also dumped about 4 barely alive mice on our doorstep for us to dispose of. I really do not like cats and half dead creatures upset my young kids but in a strange way I am quite impressed by this cats hunting skills. Just wish it would take it's trophies home. Of course I will invite it in for dinner should we encounter mice in the house
  5. I think you are wasting your time. 280k at peak and now on for 320k. You don`t sound like you value the property anywhere near the inflated price and therefore will never reach agreement with the seller at a price that works for you. This is the same story in most streets in all towns throughout the uk. Why look for a fight? Go to the pub instead.
  6. OK, I would like to see Cameron make a solid statement in the Commons that despite what the Yanks suggest there will never be any discussions on the Falklands. Not ever !!.... Not unreasonable and would give the British public albeit small, a sense that we have passed the Poodle image we gained under Blair. I share your views minus the insults .. I even enjoy Boris trying to sue the Americam Embassy for Millions in unpaid C-Charges. I would prefer we at least threw a stone at the tank instead of watching it roll over us. It's still gonna happen but lets have a bit of fecking pride. Edit to add... I would still like to see England win the Football World cup. I will probably never see it in my lifetime but you can only dream.
  7. It will never happen. The septic tanks can lead be example and get out of Cuba. Hint of Oil and the Americans start positioning themselves for the best deal. I would love this government to stand up to the Americans. Since Blair/Bush we have been seen as weak and obedient.
  8. Seeing as RB started this topic I would be interested to see him expand his views a little more. Some have commented that he has misunderstood the point. If he has not misunderstood what Dave was saying then his comments surprise me. Reading through this thread just confirms my view that this country will continue to sink under benefits and continue to produce generations of idle citizens happily taking without putting shit all back in the pot. You can't stop folks having sex but you can educate them enough to know that they will no longer get the generous benefits dished out today when they produce a litter. It's not rocket science. The mind boggles....
  9. I did that once. Viewed a house for the 3rd time. Made an offer. Offer agreed. Spoke to the neighbours next day and found out that the house had a wonderful Oak Tree that 3 neighbours were trying to have removed as the roots were destroying foundations on their properties. Long standing dispute. SSTC to for Sale in 24 Hours.... We were desperate and naive in the old days.
  10. To add to other guesses Unexpected job relocation Ryan Giggs unsuspecting love nest (Not needed anymore) Buyer just diagnosed with terminal illness and decides to use deposit money to complete bucket list. One of the 15 people who won a million squid on tuesdays lotto. Buyer run over a killed by Bus. Buyer imprisoned.
  11. Friend of mine enjoys sailing. Sent this to me. http://www.sail-world.com/index.cfm?Nid=84238&refre=y&ntid=30&rid=3 A few years of fear ahead for the Japanese.
  12. Make an offer for what you can afford. They can only say no !!. In the future you can tell your kids and grandkids that you nearly bought that house. Love to see the agents face when they realise after extensive viewing and sucking up to you, calling you sir and a few cups of decent coffee...... that you are actually shy of a couple million quid.
  13. £10 quid a month .. Are you in Prison?
  14. It`s getting to the stage where paying £30 a month to join a gym to have daily showers, shave, clean teeth etc, will be cheaper than showering at home. If you are at the gym you are not using gas and electricity at home and if you really can be bothered.. Keep fit as well
  15. Me and Mrs Bosh both got letters yesterday from the inland revenue thanking us for opting out of Tax Credits. We have not claimed tax credits for years as were not entitled. We have not recieved any other communications except the thanks for opting out letters. Waste of money/trees.. Idiots !!
  16. I agree with both of you. The solution is to get a trusted general builder to come with you on 2nd viewing. A good builder will identify most if not all potential issues and will know through experience how to spot work that could be masking something sinister. You can then point this out to your surveyor before he walks in the door It will cost you little more than a beer. I do the same when looking at cars. I have a friend who is a machanic.
  17. Good shout, you bring the weed and i'll cook up the pike.
  18. I prefer independance and style.
  19. This property is just down the road from me and I may pop into the agents and ask them if they could do something with my dry brown lawn.
  20. Be absolutely sure of where the sewer drainage main hole cover/s are. Found out in my first house that mine was under the cooker. Previous owner was a builder and extended the kitchen and for some reason presumed he/we would never need access. Luckily did not need to get to it but felt guilty when I sold the house to an estate agent in August 2007. Confirm there are no boundary disputes and check to see if you have any tree preservation orders on your land. Nearly bought a lovely house and agreed a price but discovered they were in a dispute about a huge oak tree that two neighbours were claiming was causing cracks in the properties. Pulled out instantly. If you can afford a comprehensive survey, Get one !!
  21. I hope they use the £45 pwofit wisely.... Twigs with lights
  22. 30 Caravans often turn into 130 caravans with some brick walls and permanant chalet style buildings.
  23. Following the recent Express +16% article. This week alone my inbox has been much more positive on rising house prices. Only a week or so ago I was encouraged that the message was started to be told. The uk is fecked, Housing is overpriced etc etc but this week I am seeing what I think is a fightback in the media. If I did not log into hpc or take an interest in what is happening (unlike the majority of Joe Public) I could be forgiven in thinking that house prices have indeed stalled in some areas but not to worry because very soon it`s full steam ahead cos the value of your house can only go up.. Supply and demand innit !!.. Banks will start lending again soon. It`s sunny out. BGT is on the box It`s not what we know to be true. It`s what the people are fed and believe. People will only see what they want to see. Today I get this from Lovemoney.com http://www.lovemoney.com/news/property-and-mortgages/house-prices/12041/why-house-prices-will-rise-over-the-next-five-years?source=1000550 Yesterday I got this from upmystreet http://www.upmystreet.com/properties/article/latest-regional-house-prices.html?nl=Email-june-2-2011-[propertyprofile]&utm_source=email-property_mini&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=property2011-date-2-june-11&utm_content=left-block1-hed_data_house-price All this `Nothing to see here shite just delays the inevitable. We must be a nation of muppets when a large percentage (Millions) of the population can be manipulated by Simon Cowell to vote for the acts that make him fortunes. The word Sheeple is apt. Do as your told and believe what we tell you. Have a nice weekend my learned friends.
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