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  1. Next week we will read in the Express that Foxtons have advertised his present abode for sale.. (No Chain)s Civil liberty...... :angry:
  2. I am not sure I have all the answers but I agree with all of you, where to next?
  3. Anything decent for 3.5x joint wages completely depends on the area. Marek, This is no time to be despondant. You are on HPC for a reason. It will come, it will happen and you should be prepared. You are not saddled with debt, you are both working and in my oppinion could be one of the many who will benefit from the inevitable crash. Keep the faith
  4. I sold a very large 5/6 bed semi and now rent a 3 bed Detached locally, I got ruthless, I was surprised by the amount of junk i kept. Charity shops benefited hugely and gave away lots to freinds and family, especially those that helped me move etc. I store plenty in my parents garage and all the really nice furniture we wanted to keep we some how squeezed it into the rental. Some rooms look odd but it is still comfortable and to be honest I will save being overly house proud for when I buy back in to the market again. having a huge clear out combined with being comfortable facing the on-coming storm is a wonderful feeling and leaves our dreams and aspirations for the future intact. Note ( Chlldrens toys ) They only play with about 5 per cent of what they have.
  5. More and more of us STR`s are together on this and as they said in Jaws " Were gonna need a bigger boat"
  6. I STR in August 2007, Already paid the mortgage off and banked the lot. I was living in a semi and now rent a detached about 15 doors along. The interest earned is twice what I pay in rent and according to my local agent my old house has already depreciated by about 30-40k from August 07. I wanted to move in about 4 years anyway into a nicer area and feared that if I waited I would lose the stupid amount of wealth gathered over the years. I now have no stress, my money is secure and spread . I spent years overpaying the mortgage and feel very happy in my decision making and timing. When selling I paid off my credit cards and felt the safest way to enter 2008 was debt free I need to be as lucky when jumping back in though and in a nutshell STR works for some of us.
  7. I paid off the mortgage and sold in August 07. I was always going to move in 4 years anyway for schooling and Mrs Dosh`s desire to live in a nicer area. I hope to be back in by 2011. If the bottom falls out sooner I will take advantage. I need a -20 per cent to be happy but a -30per cent will make a huge difference to what I can afford. I hope I am as lucky when jumping back in as I was with getting out. I want my next home to be just that Home. This enevitable HPC will be my only realistic chance of getting where I want to be. We all have our own reasons!! G`luck to you all
  8. I might just pretend and grab a free pint, They promised me a job for life Regards John ( Window Cleaner )
  9. We own a commercial building in the same local area and were looking to offload in the near future and were looking at prices for all local agents. Most came in at between 750k - 1.1m, Foxtons strolled in and after 5 minutes said 1.6 Million. When they were questioned about being so far away from all other agents including a firm of very expensive surveyors, they then stated that it was all down to oppinion and admitted it could be achievable if we apply for residential dwellings status and convert into flats. OUTSTANDING!!! By the way this building is now realistically valued at 775k. We doubt we will get that in truth.
  10. Is that a FOR SALE sign outside Foxtons window ?
  11. I`m pretty new to posting in this site but have followed for a couple of years. This is like a sport and I now log straight into HPC instead of the Skysports.com, Love it!!! HPC is not popular because it is starting to be seen as a winner, we crucify winners in this country. What you do find with winners is that more and more people start following and when everything goes Pete Tong by -30 per cent the sheeple will feel better if they backed the winning horse. Watch the amount of members on this site increase.. Now for the football chant.... "Going Down, Going Down, Going Down" " The bank is gonna get ya" " We can see you sneaking out" At present you still need to use binoculars to watch the race but rest assured when they round the bend in April, theres gonna be a stampede. anyway back to the YOGA,,, MMMMmmmmmmmmm
  12. My friends dog died last week, Poor Muttley was 11 years old. It was Thatchers fault!!! I am also convinced that the failure of England to qualify for the Euro Championships is all down to her. Do not get me started on her obvious involvement in my 2 year In-Growing toe nail complaint. Leave the great old lady alone.
  13. What I found most fascinating about this programme was the research shown when people were asked to hold a hot or cold drink before being thrust into an interview scenario. All those that were holding cold drinks were negative and the ones holding hot drinks were postive. This tells me that if going for an interview and you are offered a tea/ Coffee, Have one but shun the offer of water. Same principle if you are out sharking and your target offers you to come up for a coffee. Game on
  14. Margaret Thatcher was the last truly great leader this country had. I would still vote for her even if they wheeled her back for some more, Labour have sold this country down the drain. We have lost our national identity. The whole country is layered with Illegal Immigrants and debt, Millions on beneifts that I am helping to support. With Maggie at the helm we had a feeling of national pride. Now we are the laughing stock of europe. She cleared up last time and was unpopular to some but they should clone her as we need her again. I fear it is all too late. I enjoy this website but reading this thread with many blaming MT for everything wrong in todays society actually underlines my point. School milk was sour anyway. Maggie Maggie Maggie
  15. Sob Sob, We like to call it Hook!! We have a Woolworths don`t you know
  16. Too true, lived in Fulham for 27 years, most original Fulhamites now emigrated down the A3, New Malden, Tolworth, Chessington e.t.c.. We should be the legitimate drivers of 4x4`s. Fulham pubs turned into wine bars and the cobblers turned into a Hackett. Even back in the dark days of the 70`s and early 80`s people presumed we had money because we lived in SW6!!
  17. Maybe take into consideration, More and more couples and families will be looking for rentals as we were, needed to get out of the market for fear of HPC. More family space the better. G`luck
  18. Morning all, I live in Surrey, work in Broadcast TV. I was fortunate to pay off my mortgage early last year, Sold up in August at the peak and now rent a great house about 15 doors along from where I previously lived. I have been studying the housing market for about 15 years and have been convinced for the last three years of a HPC. I am desperate to share my views with healthy debate, we all have varying interests in the current market. I never ever thought I would see the day that I rented. I put a lot of time, effort and money into my home and we made a commitment to move in 4 years anyway for school reasons. I was very a-nal in overpaying my mortgage and put every available penny into it. I could not just sit back and watch my worth devalue on a daily basis and ruin any chance that we have of getting where we feel we need and want to be. My timing was great for getting out now it`s about getting back in and I fear that could be years away but I am happy with my decision and feel equipped to face the next 4-5 years. Cheers Boshdadosh
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