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  1. I am probably wrong but with this lottery method I was under the impression that this applies to the original catchment area. They were going to abolish the rule of nearest the school gate as the crow flies and all people in the area stand the same chance of entry. Was supposed to deter people from buying or renting on the schools doorstep thus denying a local child a place. ???
  2. Toilet, Let this thread slip away now, as you said you gained some useful info. Responding in a personal way will only attract negative views and this will only continue to wind you up. (and them) Another point, this forum is made up from some weird and wonderful specimens from society and some blunt emails can be seen as rude when in fact some people are just well!! Blunt. Others are frustrated because they have waited for ever and a day for a crash ( Which is coming ) If you went into an EA forum and asked them a simmilar question, some would try and bring you round to there way of thinking and some will tell you to f;';k off and stop wasting there time. Remember this, You asked a question that is accesable to the entire worlds population ( Who are online ) G`luck
  3. I was very fortunate to have paid off my mortgage and STR last August. My STR fund would pay my rent twice over through interest alone. I choose to pay the rent from my wages in order to live within my means and to ready myself for jumping back into the market. It suits me wether we have a slow or fast crash and even prices freezing for 3-4 years will be ok. My fund will continue to grow if I am sensible and stick to the plan.
  4. Toilet, You are frustrated mate. Don`t buy anything yet. Go and find yourself another rental. I understand the frustrations with rental. I STR last August and I get frustrated because I can`t bang a hole in the wall let alone listen to Super Mario banging away upstairs You are on this site for a reason!!! Think about it... It does not take too much for the regulars on this site to attack you, especially when you mention buying now. Welcome to HPC and would be good to see you have posted in the future that you have rented elswhere. G`luck
  5. Get some practice in this weekend, End up in Nottingham on a friday night, No money in your pocket, can`t get a drink anywhere, refused entry to all establishments, everyone trying to kick the shite out of you, If you are lucky you may get the opportunity to test those bullet dodging skills you are going to need
  6. Look you lot, stop laughing :angry: Graffiti is RADICAL....It starts with spray cans and quite often leads to voting for labour, vandalism of this country. Just say NO
  7. Had to see the Foxtons entry, Laughed so much to see the mini parked on the drive. Thought you would have picked up on that seing as you chase them down the Portsmouth Road. edit for typo
  8. Not in our name. My advise is not to use/Connect HPC.co.uk in such a radical and illegal way. We have in the past been passed off as a forum of loons and dismissed by many as scaremongerers, Our day is coming and I feel to be associated with juvenile acts such as vandalism does not serve our cause well. Just my oppinion
  9. I have seen the same happening in well to do Hinchley Wood ( Surrey) been studying the detached props over 500k. No movement for months but in the last 3 weeks quite a few have dropped trousers from between 3 - 10%.. You really do notice when houses are dropping from 825k - 750k. We printed off about 35 houses in that bracket from findaproperty and only 4 are SSTC. About 8 have reduced and still available and the rest no change whatsoever. I have studied this market for the last two years and have never seen any reductions at all, (now 8 in 3 weeks) This makes me think that we are under starters orders Ready,,,, set,,,, Bang, Crash Wallop
  10. Please note I said WORKSHY, People who do not want to work, I have no issues with genuine claimants. I have no problem with the sick or old either. ???????????
  11. Hello bobthe, I see your local to me. Last month We printed off all properties in Hinchley wood over 500k, 32 in total, looked through today, 3 have been pulled, 4 are under offer ( Looking forward to seeing what they went for ).. 5 have reduced in price from 5 - 10% and the bulk are still available. Been watching the area for 2 years as we are aiming for it. Normally all these props are snapped up, really started to believe now. Oh yeh, Foxtons are a Wa-ke-s
  12. This is just the job. When the crash kicks in and all hell breaks loose. Stick a couple of gun turrets on the top ( Anarchy in the uk ) Survive on 3 headed fish from the thames.
  13. What does she do? Why is she a loony? Maybe you have grounds to bag up her stuff and change the locks, Is she violent?
  14. Just had visions of `Escape from New York` Isle of wight turned into a big prison, The prime minister Davey C. being held captive by the desperate EA`s and demented BTLers inturned for treason. Vince Cable comes to the rescue mincing around like some Snake Spliff-skin dude. Kills the prision Daddy ( Ruth Kelly ) sorry. sorry, drinking beer after a hard days graft on HPC Funds are a bit low so I am off to Tescos for me 22p cans of pissbeer.
  15. I work in the Broadcast film and TV industry, Buisness is good ( There will always be news ) but my main concern is the 70 Staff I am responsible for. Some are really struggling with mortgage repayments, Many are looking for favourable large loans from the company. I have drivers, warehouse, office managers and Directors e.t.c. so quite a spread of salaries and everyone seems to be feeling the pinch. In my oppinion, when the shite hits the fan even the succesful organisations struggle. It is the staff that make it happen and we can only go so far as to look after such a large workforce. Before anyone chucks in the " Why don`t you pay them more"... We pay well and have done for the last 20 yrs with a strong 10 yr plus workforce. Tin hats on
  16. House Prices!!!!???? How did you manage to link that one, these are mainly kids/young people that probably had no inclination what House prices were/are. Unemployed maybe, Depressed, Goes witout saying These are just copy cat suicides, Bloody shame and a waste of life.
  17. Whatever you do RE-DIRECT YOUR POST ASAP. Even if it is to a family member. It can take weeks!!! If it gets nasty the last thing you need is him having access to personal stuff, if you want to take him on be aware of what personal info he may have on you. I know you say you pay cash but most landlords insist on bank details when you set up agreements. Consider changing financial details. Be careful if you have used any family members as security. Sometimes revenge is best served cold.
  18. These £4 pints will only be found in the newly re-furbished former Northern Rock branches.
  19. Try not to blow all your money in Europe, come back in 3 months and buy a house for a tenner, bring a load of duty free from Calais though as a pint will set you back £11 G`luck
  20. 110% agree.... Why would anyone have a problem with us having a problem with WORK/shy bast69rds. They cost me a fortune and I do not want to see or hear about them. I agree with the roadside theory.
  21. Your area is quite unique. I STR in August and prices in my area have dropped since and IMO the people who did STR last year beat the rush. Try STR now and you will then add to the justification we chose last year. You may find the 20pc increase you see is actually the amount they will have to drop in order to get punters through the door. It`s never too late. You may get last years price but leave it much longer and ........ well, It`s all oppinion !!
  22. even if i get thrown out i dont care as have somewhere else to go,ok opinions welcome Move You will be surprised how much better you will feel and perform when you get enough Z`s.... Sleep depravation is torture.
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