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  1. In my oppinion, this is the week everything changed. The media are now bearish, the sheeple are now getting the message from all angles. I have only been contributing to this forum for a few months but I gather that traffic to HPC.co.uk is probably setting records. I was reading some threads yesterday, one of them was from Paddles having a conversation with the good lady wife, he mentions not feeling smug but quite sad as to what is coming our way. I understand where they are coming from. I am no financial expert and struggle to express myself very well through email but I do think I am sensible and smart enough to state that we are about to experience some really extreme times and imho, I feel we are moving into unchartered waters. How do you feel about it ? Are you elated? Is this what you wanted? Or are you scared for the future?
  2. This is it folks, All the major news channels, They have all said it. END OF CHEAP CREDIT, Banks in crisis. This will now be picked up in all the tabloids tomorrow.
  3. I agree with you chaps, although I have safeguarded my/our future as much as possible, I have gone from feeling mocked to righteous to actually quite sad. I have family and good friends that never really wanted to listen to my ramblings before. All are just about to enter a shitestorm that will affect them and there children for many, many years. Most of my drinking buddies will be wiped out in the coming months/years. Have visions of drinking alone and bailing out close family in the near future.
  4. Stick that pound on the lottery, It could be you!!!!!
  5. Can be very handy after I have had a big turn out, Trust me!!!
  6. peni5 extention patches..... They promised they would work :angry:
  7. A very nice builder bought my house to develop, good luck to him, just like it was good luck to me when I bought it originally.
  8. Another thing that was hard, was the decision to take the risk to STR. Why are you so bitter, did you miss the boat??
  9. Paying the mortgage off was hard work I hope you turn down all your pay rises at work. The shame of it!!!
  10. I do not understand why Nicotene gum and other aids are so bloody expensive. They are more expensive than actually smoking. Its not about health it is all about revenue.
  11. Who are you to judge? I am extremely proud of myself that I did just that. I STR after paying off my mortgage and banked every penny after paying off my mortgage. I forced no-one to buy my old house and I work hard for what I get. I have a duty to support my family and took the decision with the associated risk in order to better our lives. Shame on me ???? My Ar5e
  12. Not looking to be controversial. Does anyone have the true costs to the NHS for smoking related illness, compared to how much revenue is generated by the government on duty/tax for tobacco ?
  13. With a boy (Seven) and a girl (four), I can speak with experience. My wife said I was absolutely useless for the 4 days I took off work, I rushed around, put stuff away, tidied up, cooked , cleaned and genuinely thought I was a star. She said, she just wanted someone to talk to. I was too practical. Funny really I sort of understand now what she meant. Too late now, she is under the patio seriously though, it`s a nice patio
  14. A very wise friend once told me this and I have lived by it ever since, He said.. "When some one is going to [email protected]~k you over, they alway let you know before they do it" I can promise you, this is so true. they always do!!! Best words of wisdom ever.
  15. :angry: F;'k you lot I`m going back to the life on mars thread
  16. Great post, true and sad but a great post, Thank you homeless
  17. Paddles, Shame on your wife for leaving you, just because you like heavy metal, You can always squat in the soon to be empty F#ckstons office in Islington
  18. Will this make you a Non DOM ? (Would have been funnier if you were moving to France)
  19. I have Haddock nuff of this thread, you fillet full of cheap puns, do you have no Sole? `FISHfinger
  20. I STR last August at the peak after paying off my mortgage and I have no debt. The point I am trying to make and many others try to make, many, many time to people like you is. Lots of us on this forum feel very strongly that the whole market is going tank (Lots more than 10-15%). My wording about "can`t wait for a crash" is maybe a tad selfish and a bit sensationalist. I do truly believe that anyone buying now is a fool. That is my oppinion and I stick by it. I also welcome healthy debate. I really did feel/felt, and even more so now that the only way to enter 2008 is debt free. I want to upgrade houses in a different area in the future for my family. I take no pleasure from people losing money on a crash except the BTL`ers and EA `s etc After lurking and posting on this site for a while I have watched and contributed to many debates and I have learned so much from many people who can express themselves far better than I ever could. There are many posters on this site that just can not afford to do what you have just done. There are many that did exactly what you have done and felt the same way you feel now just before the last big crash and maybe if you lurked a little more and really listened to some of there tragic stories your view may be slightly different and possibly less smug. I am very fortunate and do not struggle and have my own reasons to visit HPC.co.uk but after a while on here I realised how and why HPI is crippliing many good people. I reserve the right to call you and others doing the same, Do-nuts and I thought my analogy was quite good. Nothing personal..
  21. Long Island, Congratulations on your new house. I hope you will accept that posting your good news on HPC.co.uk will result in a few negative reponses. I have a few concerns. Firstly, why if you have watched this forum for a few months, why have you never engaged in any conversations or asked any of the many wise people for advice. What on earth attracted you to HPC.co.uk in the first place. These forums are great for the ability to reply to posts. In my honest oppinion, you are either a Troll or a complete do-nut. I suspect that you are the latter and will live to regret your decision. Reminds me of someone who has been watching adverts for the dangers of drink driving and like a big fool you have had your 10 pints, got in the motor. We can`t wait for the CRASH
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