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  1. At least I am being clear. You seem to have an issue with a popular sitcom character because he was a dodgy market trader What is the cause of your anger? Reading back over the posts you just come across as a grumpy git. Try debating the whole point instead of picking out snippets and going all Victor Meldrew on me. Well done for living in Sheffield. I spent the first 27 years of my life growing up in Inner London... Is this now a game of Top Trumps? and yes I`d rather have the Trotters next door to me than a huge family of Somalis. These Somalis who are not working and on benefits we will have to presume will be law abiding . I may just benefit from my neighbours and can at least communicate with them. Lovely Jubbly.
  2. The people who teach our kids are the same people who time and again voted in the last Labour government that has so obviously left this country on it's knees. Mental stuff.
  3. It was a long running comedy. I have tried as best as I can to explain the story behind why the characters were still in council accomodation. In my book the reasons behind his entitlement were understandable. For the record, I don`t think Council housing should be automatically handed down to family members. As for him being a fence .. It was why this was such a hit over the years. He was a lovable rogue. He was not violent and just wanted to better his life and that of his family. Maybe this thread is turing North v South on comedy sitcoms In reality and IMO. I would rather see council housing given to a brother who from a young age has been responsible as a parent to his younger brother and elderly Grandad and later Uncle who as it happens both fought for this country `During the War`... than a family of Somalians who do not speak any English, do not work and do not contribute to society. I think council housing should be provided on a contract and reviewed on a regular basis. Get back on your feet and get back in the rat race.
  4. I think the title is the giveaway.
  5. The story goes something like this. Del lived in that flat with his mum and dad and younger brother Rodney and Grandad. Mum dies and Dad either dies or fecks off and he actually becomes guardian to Rodney and is effectively a single parent. Grandad is still there and in my book they have every right to council housing. He is always being portrayed as desperate to succeed in life and attempts for years and finally manages to hit the big time and gives up the flat and buys property. Never portrayed as a waster sitting on his ar5e claiming benefits.
  6. Flicking through the channels looking for something to watch tonight and found an old episode of Only fools and horses showing on Gold. Still makes me laugh and a true gem of British comedy. This was the episode where the lifts broke down in Nelson Mandella towers and Del and Grandad try and pull a scam with the council to get a move to a new build 3 bed bungalow with garage and garden. Keep in mind this was 1983 and the episode was called homesick. Del made a speech to the effect of. People like us have no chance of getting a cushty place like that because we don't speak with a foreign accent and have nine kids. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7woyw_only-fools-and-horses-homesick-part_fun about 4.30 in..... Even though a comedy this was watched by over 9 million people and just goes to show the perception of council house allocation has changed little in almost 30 years. Doubt if the Beeb would allow such material today
  7. 1 No income tax 2 No VAT 3 No money back 4 No guarantee
  8. 1. Kill everyone over the age of 55 (one off stock clearance) 2. Legalise all drugs and sell them in superstores. (Old Woolworths sites) 3. Kill all prisoners who are sex offenders and chuck all other prisoners onto the Isle of wight (Escape from New York style) 4. Kill all illegal immigrants, Tramps and drunks who shout at people in the parks. 5. Make the game of cricket illegal. Hope that helps.
  9. Just spent the day at my childrens school. I supply the PA system for the school summer fete. Spoke to the head teacher and asked her direct if the proposed strikes will affect the school. She said no!! We do not have any millitant unions members at this school. As long as the kids are at school we can go to work.
  10. This is what I wanted to hear... Just hope he does not do a U-turn on this http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/Politics/Falklands-Fury-Argentinas-President-Cristina-Fernandez-Labels-David-Camerons-Opinions-Stupid/Article/201106316013609?lpos=Politics_First_Home_Article_Teaser_Region_1&lid=ARTICLE_16013609_Falklands_Fury%3A_Argentinas_President_Cristina_Fernandez_Labels_David_Camerons_Opinions_Stupid I would have liked him to tell the Yanks to piss off but at least he said something. .
  11. Still could have got things done in the same amount of time. Why do you respect him because he chose to be rude? I would imagine incidents like this have occured before but because it was dealt with in a civilised way it does not make the news. I respect Doctors/surgeons/nurses. I have faced many difficult situations in my life and will face many more. I just choose and prefer a different way in getting my point across. I think that being calm and pointing out what people are doing wrong is much more effective than shouting them down. You can still be assertive.
  12. Tongue in cheek wealthy... We do that on here occasionally. You are the type that looks for an argument in everything. The Doc was rude. He did not have to be. If in your world that is the way to communicate with people then you just run along and enjoy yourself.
  13. Is he family to you Wealthy? It`s not as if they were unplugging life support machines to power the camera lights or hindering doctors using a defibrilator. Are you a Health and Saftey officer for the council?
  14. I have visited hospitals many times. I don`t wear ties unless up before the judge or burying someone. I was unaware of the tie rule. I always disinfect my hands. If he came flying at me all guns blazing in an aggresive manner then he would have been lucky he was in the right place to have one of his mates remove his head from his ar5e. Forget political favourites and even if it was Brown or Obama I just don`t understand why people choose to be rude instantly. Fair enough if they were told and decided to ignore the rules then give em both barrels.
  15. Simple really, walk up to them and ask them to please stop filming. Explain who you are politely and tell them that the actions of the camera crew/press represent a significant health risk to patients under your care. Tell them what they need to do before they can continue filming and thank them for abiding by clinical hospital policy. Same result with less drama/stress to the patients and visitors. Does not matter what we think on hpc about authority/government but some patients would have been excited about meeting the Prime minister. Something to tell the kids maybe.
  16. Yes but it starts with todays mighty oak not todays Squirrel shit. Could use the same logic describing someone growing into a fine person but I would then flip and say they could have just as easily dribbled down dads leg and not exist. Read my posts. I`m here all week
  17. I have seen more attractive warehouse Units on a buisness park in Slough. Was the flood damage caused by pipes bursting or by the local river paying a visit? If it`s the river.. Good luck with insuring the bland box. Even the open space views look boring.
  18. Maybe the Doc was not asked to be included in any interviews Seriously, I think he was completely right in what he was saying but completely wrong in the stroppy manner in which he went about it. Right and rude.
  19. Reminds me., must clear that old boiler out of the garden shed. perhaps the council will take mine away to.
  20. I`m not a million miles away in Esher. Still seems to be plenty of movement in 750k - 1.5m houses.. think lots of people in my area are either downsizing or trying to position for better state schools. The really over valued are obvious and have not and will not shift. Makes me wonder from your posts if they have had offers but like the widow lady refuse to do buisness unless it`s asking price on the nose. Still £5k is a joke..
  21. If we are talking same areas. I agree that there is still a lot of activity. With good offers are you saying that the biggest problem is the deluded seller?
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