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  1. To me a very hard question to answer. I know it is different but I remember selling my first house and agreed on a price and then at the last minute they buyers came back to me and said they want £1500 off as the loft was not boarded. I was fuming ( 1 day to go ). I took the inside lining from the garden shed and lined the loft, anyone over 4 stone would go straight through it and the shed was damp before I did this anyway. They bought it in the end. I am the sort that if I was desperate enough to accept a last minute price drop, I would chase a whole lobster into the plastered walls and spary ammonia behind the radiators. Jesus, I am angry today :angry:
  2. " Jolyon, Jolyon, Jolyon" I can feel a Dolly Parton song coming my way. Difference is, this chap is just one bit Tit
  3. C`mon, who did the 1 millionth post?, they should be given a special mention Great site and great to be part of it
  4. Rumpole of the Bailey was boring!!!!!
  5. I`m surprised that did`nt get a quote from Dick Van Dyke..... " Gawd Blimey Mary Poppins" " We forever creating BUBBLEs, 5hitty BUBBLES everwhere " When the old septic tanks start telling us how wrong we have got it, you have just got to be concerned
  6. over the past two months I have passed countless EA`s in specific areas of Surrey and Middlesex and I swear I have not seen one potential customer in any of them, not one. My wife thinks I am obsessed with them. Maybe I am Have you noticed that people have stopped browsing the EA`s windows. It`s as if they know everything is going to drop. We should create a new sport for our kids or even for us. Spot the punter in your local EA.
  7. No Chance, Mods are all down in Brighton looking for an off with the Rockers It`s Bank Holiday
  8. Hello Newbie, welcome to HPC.co.uk. As you may have gathered, there will be plenty of people ready to chuck there views at you, quite a lot of negative ones this weekend on this thread i`m afraid, maybe the bears will respond more during the week. I know it is frustrating and as you know, no one person can call a day or time of when prices will drop considerably. In my oppinion and that is all it is, my oppinion. You will see huge price drops from April onwards, amounts will differ in every county. My biggest problem is when to jump back in. We have decided that, that will be when a certain area drops by the amount we want and we find the right house and we can afford the mortgage payments. Basically we have to be on our toes. Don`t get over stressed, especially in your condition. remember there is no such thing as a silly question, ignore the rude pratz and gain as much info from this forum as possible. Apart from the weirdos there are some very clued up people on here. Good luck
  9. It`s a strange world, I am witnessing this the other way round. My brother in law ( Nice fellow) is desperate to sell since splitting with my sister. He has managed to drop the price by 10% on a 3 bed semi in Surrey. She will not budge anymore, He has even offered to make up any difference she will lose if they drop the price even more. She used to be a mortgage advisor and should no better. Been on the market now for 6 months, lots of viewings and near offers but they both have to agree and she won`t. As they say you can choose your friends.... but family!!!!
  10. Nice one Telometer, I must ask a couple of quickies, Why did you STR in the first place? or did you just change your mind and jump straight back in? What area do you live in the uk that with current prices will double in price in the next 9 months? Or am I mis-reading? Cheers
  11. The Red Rose, Chessington, Does not offer a delivery service and in my oppinion this is why it`s the best around, I am always willing to try others (Market research of course) The Regent ( Ace of spades ) for a quality Chinese, often see Sir Cliff, Tarrant and Max Clifford in there, oops!! name dropping, but it is in Chessington Maybe if we all get what we want with the houses, I will Treat you and the good lady bobthe for a night out in the wild side of Surrey.
  12. It`s just a big game. Turn up in whatever you want to wear, ignore all the horse-shite about plenty of others are keen on the place etc, take your time, make your decision and then when you are sure, do the deal. Be yourself and if someone does get in before you then it was not meant to be.
  13. I am doing my best to support my local Ruby house My waist is proof enough
  14. What I find so interesting about this article from SkyNews is that this is read by the average Joe Public who have no Idea about Banking crisis, Credit Crunches. This is tabloid news. It is this simple form of news that will be picked up by the sheeple and they then start getting the picture that something is actually not quite right. " Here Love" Read on the net today that there is a recession looming" "What`s for dinner?" Dumbed Down news
  15. http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30400-1310113,00.html Many Britons are planning to cut back on takeways as they try to save money because of the economic slowdown, says a new poll. Over two-thirds (67%) of the nation are set to reduce the number of Chinese and Indian delivery meals they have as well as nights out this year. The survey claims almost nine out of 10 Brits (89%) are keen to cut spending on non-essential items to safeguard against a looming recession. Sixty-seven percent of those questioned are set to curb shopping sprees, while nearly half will take less holidays. Some parents are even keen to pass on frugal messages to their children with 3% planning to reduce their pocket money this year. Cancel the HPC now!!!! :angry:
  16. The one expert who predicted that house prices would not suffer in 2008 was Stuart Law, chief executive of Assetz. The LAW is an Ass-etz
  17. I knew she would start spending, she just can`t help herself!!!
  18. This is such a big week, DYNAMITE!!!! You are not wrong. Keep it coming. I could crush a grape
  19. Looking through my 2 month old printed properties, I noticed today another 2 price drops. Virtually indentical house in Hinchley Wood 4 bed detached was 725k now 699,950 4 bed detached was 750k now 699,950 Prices are still dropping albeit slowly imo. Most drops are still in the region of 5%... Happy hunting
  20. Agreed everyones a winner, Cowell gets the profile, Desperately ill childs parents no longer worry over mortgage and the public love the story. I say well done to him
  21. I noticed a house on Severn Drive (hw) that has dropped from 595 to 575, I believe they tried to add the extra because they had planning for a 2 storey, but realised that time was not on there side, I think it`s quite common to apply for planning and then either do it or add 20k+ to the true value. Severn Drive is a bit too close the new huge development planned next to Claygate Lane and Southwood Gardens. Lots and lots of decent houses on in that area, desperate to jump before work begins.
  22. Same on Rightmove, no internal pictures and as you said overpriced, feel like I know the garden well now. I am intrigued as to what is going on inside
  23. Longisland, you appear to answer every single comment on here. I would like to state again as I did at the beginning of this now very boring thread that you are indeed smug, I was prepared to give you the benefit of doubt but if you really take the time to read through the genuine questions and your tedious " I`m well off" answers. If you are so finacially savvy then why buy a cheap-ish (Your view) house so far from your place of work and also state that if you get bored you will just up sticks and end up in Brighton in a year. Good luck
  24. Thought I should put my view in as well. I STR last August and fully expected a HPC. My main concern is the people close to me, family and friends, most of the population are fools. They have not a clue what is just round the corner I have positioned myself as securely as possible and look forward with some confidence. These people will soon if not already, wished they had listened to me/us. There are some however who deserve to crash and burn.
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