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  1. You Know The Hpc Is Here When..... ERIC is employed full time to be a considered expert in the many LIAR LOANS cases that will be heard in court We hear by call upon Eric
  2. Just read through this emotionaly hi-jacked thread, It would appear Ting Tong has F'cked him over. Now, that is common......
  3. When all mortgage adverts vanish from the TV/Meeja When People at work ask you..." How did you know?" When numerous Staff start asking for payrises When heads of Nations have meetings about `The Crisis` When the Spring bounce........Did not
  4. So So Funny, Worth every dollar `Neighbour Vents his anger`
  5. Genesis, Great advert, Gorilla on the drums e.t.c. Is there a book out? Edit for..... Or was that Phil Collins solo??????
  6. A Plan!!! Get all the STRenters, to withdraw there billions in cash and build a Sea wall made of Wad....
  7. Do what I do, Learn what you can from the smart ones, ask silly questions. You can ask the daftest questions ever and so what!!! No-one Knows who you are and they can not get you. There are plenty of threads on here that require no inteligence at all. Now pull yourself together :angry: and get with the programme
  8. I am with the Houseprice crash prepared crew, I also had the wisdom to purchase this little beauty for after the fall out. Room for 2 more, must have beer and guns
  9. We were going to move within four years for school reasons anyway. You are quite right a home is a home and I do miss the freedom to smash a wall down or stick posters on my childrens walls. I suppose we all have completely or slightly differing reasons to follow this HPC. I have posted before that although ( at the moment ) my decision appears to be a good one, well timed. I have plenty of family and friends who will struggle and suffer if my gamble pays off. We want to move one more time and that house will be my home, probably until I pop off. I support my oap mum, was educated within the ILEA ( Badly), Have no rich relatives and although I have prospered through employment I will take any extra help/luck available. I count myself lucky, Just hope my luck holds out... Bosh
  10. Ok, I thought it was just because your Avatar looks much harder than mine
  11. STR, is not a crime, It is a risk he chose at that time... He fooked up!! He openly admits he Fooked up. I STR`d last August. I too am a family man. This is my risk. I don`t think that makes me greedy, that is oppinion. I earn very well and over paid hugely into my Huge mortgage and paid the lot off in 5 years. Yes I made money through HPI but why not? I am here to look after my family and if someone is prepared to take the risk then power to them. I was not going to see my efforts pi55 down the drain. If STRing is greedy then so is anyone that risks money on shares, lottery, gee gees etc. I may get it wrong but it is my risk and yes you are quite correct we deserve all we get.
  12. Welcome on board, This reminds me of when watching a football match and someone handballs and 40,000 people shout Handball and the only person who does not agree is the ref.. I think the advice to wait is good advice and I also think that if you do wait and get to September you may even decide to wait a bit longer, it could make a huge difference to your life. Maybe you will go from a Bull to a neither to a bear Anyway lots of us are mad on this site and I wish you the best of luck and keep contributing.
  13. Started reading Cliff D`arcy views on fool.co.uk about 3 years ago and he was hugely influential in my decision to STR last year, actually his blogs probably directed me towards HPC.co.uk Even though his timing to STR was a few years out, he was definitely, as being proven now, barking up the right tree. I really do believe that whatever is going to happen has really only just started and that a shitstorm is en route. He is right to say "Told you so" but I believe this statement will be bolder in the months to come. Anyway something for Eric, Cliff also stated. 3. Self-certification: These so-called ‘liar loans' have been used by desperate or unscrupulous buyers and brokers to get substandard borrowers onto the property ladder. By inflating their incomes, buyers were able to borrow much more than they should have. This market is almost as dead as a dodo, which could prove a problem for self-employed borrowers and those on irregular incomes. Well done Mr D`Arcy, Keep em coming....
  14. Perfect answer, I will try the same, probably too late but you never know. Thanks MT
  15. I have used up both allowances for this year, next year (April onwards) I understand that the amount allowed is 3600. Yep I want to add another 3600 to both new accounts on the first day allowed in April. Just want to know how and if this can be done. ING rates have dropped to a 5hitty low for ISA`s and it will be a shame if they are stuck in them.
  16. Help Please,,,, I am also going for Lloyds cash Isa ( Me and the wife).... How does this work? I have 9k+ and 6k+ in our ING Isa accounts. Can I transfer all 9k+ out and also add another 3600 instantly into the Lloyds account and gain 6.5% on 12k+ ( Obviously same with the OH`s Isa) ?????? Think that makes sense. Sorry for lame question but I am unsure as to wether you can transfer whole amount or just start another Isa and leave the ING ones alone.
  17. Absolutely standard practice, either way. We looked at many properties and asked the question. I prefer dealing with an agent so you can let loose when things are not right, he then dilutes when dealing with the LL. I have a brilliant agent. Pure luck
  18. They are all skinny houses!!! Probably, combined worth £160.00 and 40 Marlboro Light. Probably more value in the Car stereos/Wheels stashed inside
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