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  1. Go on a four day intensive first aid at work course, Pay attention to the treatment of burns, Shock and heart failure. Your work colleagues may need your new skills in the near future
  2. This is Steve Cooks Idea, Brilliantly simple.... We have just had another Troll (Hoops). Joined HPC.co.uk tonight and was allowed to post instantly. Grumpy Old Man and others have quite rightly predicted that Trolls will enter this forum in growing numbers soon, there are plenty of pi55ed off EA`s, BTLers etc, all looking to let off some steam and will rightly or wrongly blame HPCer`s. They will post on this forum looking for us to bite back. Some of us are very good at responding. The problem I see is that I would imagine we have also a growing band of newbies, potential members who may be put off by us responding to a troll in the manner that we do. Some will not even know what a Troll is and our responding will give all those that mark everyone on this forum as loons the ammunition they need. We all know the difference between a Troll and a Bull... If the mods are not quick enough to delete/ banish the obvious Trolls then we should follow SC`s advice. Identify and mark as a genuine Troll and IGNORE THE THREAD.. Let the thread slip downwards until gone.....
  3. I could do with one of them but the wife is quite old fashioned
  4. Checked his profile, marked himself as a man.
  5. Hoops is a Troll, Joined tonight, marked himself down as a bear then instantly posts he is going to buy. Why waste your time buying in Heathrow, Go live in the state of the art T5, Plenty of room, warmth and no noisy planes taking off to bother you
  6. Hides the stains, saves cleaning the sheets, hence good for the enviroment You really should think it through
  7. Prostitution? Only Joking As long as someone pulls the tatters out the ground. How would we survive without chips as a nation
  8. Morning Downtraded... you just keep on judging people, you do not know the facts, you do appear to have an issue with anyone who STR. I have posted many times on here why we did what we did. My Mortgage was paid off and we were due to move within four years anyway, as a bear like yourself I am confident that a storm is coming. If we stuck where we stood at that time, we would possibly be in a position of not being able to move when we needed to, maybe financially, maybe consumer confidence. who knows? We bought our last house to be near my terminaly ill father and turned it into a great family home. This is the second house where we have paid off the mortgage ( Lucky me )... I also worked bloody hard and overpaid on the mortgage in the last five years to clear the DEBT. I am not so sure if I am a true STR? I also don`t care!!! I have invested my money in mainly safe places. We are not looking at the next house as an investement but a place to live and die. although I have been very lucky with my current rental, I do miss the silly things like being able to bang a hole into a wall etc. My capital is safe, my family are happy and we have entered this shitstorm debt free and with confidence. I am a family man. Oh yes, I appologise for the crappy insult I chucked at you yesterday, was trying to be funny and it did not read that way this morning I was just a tad frustrated at you not actually listening and judging everyone in a negative way. I am not smug, as you would have read I have plenty of family and friends that are and will get dragged down in the coming months if we are right. I also employ 70 staff and many have worked with me for the past 10-15 years, some of them are good friends of mine and I have been warning them about what is coming our way. Although we have pretty stable jobs and are equipped to ride out recession (as we have before), this one will be different as many are now family people with mortgages. I am pleased with my decision ( Risk ) to sell last August but I can promise you this. I am neither Smug nor Rich, just prepared Cheers Bosh....
  9. Nah, just a bit bored with you now I`m off out in a minute for a smug beer and a Ruby. Gonna blow some of my STR fund. Lighten up Downtraded. Think of the blood pressure chum
  10. No raw nerve with me Not feeling smug and I am convinced I have not come across smug either. You are also posting on a public forum You did not challenge, you attacked and was rude, bitter and twisted. Money in the bank comment was pathetic. I was trying to be nice to you but you are obviously a co-ck or have a lack of one and the best part of you dribbled down your daddies leg I would politely request that any normal, non bitter person read this thread and see who`s nerve is red raw....
  11. This was way after your original rant, so you point is lost on me Why are you so bothered about another person you have never met, spending, blowing,saving,investing his own money anyway he sees fit. He/we was not responsible for this mess. Did you do what you expect him/me and Mr Monk to do. Have you spunked your STR fund? Come on Downtraded, loosen up a bit
  12. Now you are saying what you feel..... You are bitter and making yourself look a bit silly. I have seen some of your previous posts and I am suprised in the way you have attacked the OP. Today, and I hope it`s just a bad day... You sound like someone who sulks when someone else wins the raffle. :angry: Now, appologise for being an ar5e
  13. Downtraded You grumpy git................. That sounds all rather bitter and twisted.
  14. Bob/Mike.... Been for a long old drive today, covered Hinchley Wood, Thames Ditton, Esher, Oxshott and Cobham and Claygate. I did this drive when we first STR back in August...This time there seems lots more available. Bob, we finally got round to looking at the reduced 815k in Embercourt Road... Was not impressed even after the drop in prices...In fact was more impressed with the images the estate agents manage to get from some of these buildings. Everything we really like is still between 150-200k over the top. Not sure they will drop that much,even in a crash... You never know though. Cobham was a bit cheaper than we imagined so our net will widen now... Not in no rush and we are prepared to wait for another 3 years. Sounds like forever At least the fund will keep growing Anyway, Bob.. Off to the Red Rose in Chessington tonight. First curry in a month
  15. Well done!! Feels great, does it not? We have mirrored you but we sold because we saw it coming. I think the banks will be fine but like you I do stress when people mention one of the banks I have my funds in. We also know many friends and family who will be hurt by this mess, I have warned as many as possible for the last two years. Good luck
  16. Morning everyone, any sign of Benjy boy this morning...? Probably sobered up and regretted buying the tescos 2pc beer and is probably asking his mum to change his bed sheets
  17. Pick the month that everything will be just fine and dandy again.. This will be good..
  18. Evening TMT, I just have this feeling that come August we will see significant drops in many areas, I do agree that this could be a long drawn out affair. These are un-chartered waters. About 3 years to bottom out and not much fun in between for many.......
  19. Too much candy floss on the pier today benjy boy? Doom specs Wow...
  20. My Landlords live in Italy ( English folk )... they are very strange... Luckily I have a decent agent. I told him that I was making a DVD of all the little things wrong when we moved in and he said it was a great idea. Absolutely perfect because as and when we scratch/stain something I just add it to the film A bit of a safeguard as I witnessed how they treated the last tenant.
  21. Effectively we have all taken it up the **** for the last 10 years.................................
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