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  1. Ok, Thanks for the suggestion Will post tomorrow pm after my visit to Lloyds with an update Anyway Who`s Bob Cheers Bosh
  2. 5 Bathrooms Must have used everyone when realising how much the place has de-valued Cheers for the link
  3. Ok some daft questions. I have made an appointment to see Lloyds tomorrow, looking to open up a Cash Isa. I have 6k+ Int in Cash Isa with ING at the moment and have the funds to transfer another 3.6k into next week. Will I qualify for the 6.5% fixed for a year ? The Wife has 3k + Int in ING Cash Isa and we have the funds to add 3.6k in next week. Where is the best place for this to go. Need to get out of ING, Crap rates for ISA`s ps. Grey Shark thanks for advice on ING Bonds on the other thread
  4. Does anyone have a link to this property, or am I having a Steve Wonder moment ? Would be interesting to follow
  5. Ok lads, That is enough Bickering :angry: Don`t make me punish you both... Anymore silliness and then it`s Smack, Bottle and Bed..... I will ground both of you and you will not be allowed to stay up and watch House Price Crash.... Edit cos I`m tired
  6. Has to be in your ING savings account, already cleared. I am moving some from my barclays account into both my accounts and have to wait until it`s clear. The man at ING said that will be 3 buisness days???? Not sure though as I think it takes a bit longer. Says it takes between 5-8 minutes to open the bond. I think I could have set it up there and then but I said I will call back when ready.
  7. Just spoke to them, It is not showing when I log into mine or the wifes ING accounts.. anyway he says that it has to be done over the phone. Once you open one ( Minimum 5k ) you can not add to it but you can open up to 20 Bonds.. Maximum limit is £49,999.00 I was seriously going to move my money from ING today.... a couple of 12 month bonds will do nicely and save me some work.
  8. Thanks GS Was going to shift from ING today but I will now have a look at this
  9. Just think. 99.9% of people, even the mental ones would not go on national TV to state what a complete f'ckwit they are This makes me believe that there are thousands and thousands contemplating selling up. Problem is.. Who`s gonna buy? Should help towards the HPC We are mostly impatient for this housing crash and wonder when we will see huge reductions. You have to convince the stupid f'ckers first. GMTV is the tool
  10. I know ML is a big old drama queen but the public do listen to him and this was GMTV.... He painted a very poor picture of the future. I have two colleagues at work that are coming to the end of fixed rates and I am desperately trying to get them to get there heads from out the sand. For those that want a crash this is good news. We will see thousands of these desparate stories over the coming weeks/months/years. It is precisely programmes like GMTV that will spread the miserable news to the people that really matter.
  11. Jonboy.... Check out the main page on house prices. There is a post that is now pinned explaining the frustrations of people asking the question you have asked. It`s just your timing that is out. As soon as I saw your post I expected a very mixed response. You are lucky Paddles is having a kip or doing some work or chasing some Foxtons twit somewhere The same old faces debate on here nearly everyday and all newbies state that they have been lurking/watching this site for a while and then ask the same question. If they really have been then they will know what to expect. Take the positives from your post and understand that this site is full of some very smart/daft/oppinionated/helpful/aggresive/funny/super inteligent people... Basically you are posting on HOUSEPRICECRASH.co.uk It`s brilliant but you must play the game
  12. Read Eric Pebbles post...... He shouts a lot but tells it like it is. Seriously I have learned so much from this forum, expect some negatives from any questions, try not to BS as you will be found out, plenty of smart cookies on here. I am not a FTB but like I said I do have a wife that wants her own home and I do have a couple of ankle biters. I am lucky and we like the place we rent, but it`s not home. Do your homework and sit down with your wife and tell her what you could possibly be buying if this over inflated bubble bursts, sorry when this friggn bubble bursts. There is an air of excitement on this site at the moment as all the signs are showing a huge crash/correction is coming our way. Hold fire!!!!
  13. Welcome to HPC Jonboy, Wow that was an entrance The sceptics among us are always on the prowl for Trolls, they tend to do what you did. Register, ask a should I buy now question and then dissapear. My advice FWIW.... Do not buy anytime soon, but I do appreciate your position with the young one and the wife who would rather stability. I also rent and have young children. I believe your day will come and worst case scenario sit this out for as long as possible. Upset and pain now but plenty of gain in the future. Wish you well and good luck
  14. Hmmm Another newbie able to post on the main forum , joined at 02.03pm this afternoon and was allowed to post immediately. Jonboy I see you are still lurking. Respond to the doubters or be damned for being a troll
  15. Whos views were they? anyone important ?
  16. No Someone that registers, calls themselves a bear and 15 seconds later posts that they are fed up waiting and says they are going to buy. Notice no further posts to defend the original post. It has been pointed out on this thread that no-one has a problem with A bull but Trolls are obvious. Bulls will have a debate.
  17. If the silent, not feeding the troll approach is not possible then maybe the MODS could speed the process of killing them off. They could have the number of Troll kills at the bottom of there signatures.
  18. That statement is key.... They just can not accept it is over. I know of four examples of friends/family trying to sell and absolutely no bites whatsover... Even a 5pc drop in price does not seem to make any difference in todays market. Just need to tip it over the edge to see an avalanche... My view is the longer we stay in denial and no movement, the bigger the fall that is coming. I wonder if this will tip from pure weight or wether we need another bank run etc.
  19. Ok, This mornings question to win a weeks stay, self catering in Zimbabwe for a family of four is. What is a Credit Crunch? A) A delicious cereal bar B. A tight pair of Jeans C) A shitstorm that is coming your way Answers on the back of a fag packet please, alternatively you will find the answer on our website hpc.co.uk
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