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  1. With your budget, It`s your funeral No seriously, just like the Mighty Yorkshire there are places to be avoided and London is huge, too many places to judge. I am not sure on rental in central london. I lived in london for 27 years and I was not killed once Avoid Earls Court Impossible to answer I`m afraid. I know Fulham/Putney and would consider them nice, good access to Central London but the problem will be getting what you want for your money. Try researching certain areas that you think could work and then post the same question, so many to choose. Aim for places within walking distance from the underground network.... Good luck Bosh
  2. Hear what you are saying BT, Hope your keeping well. I would in most scenarios bang out the same advice you are giving here, I know by helping him I am doing the right thing, I have weighed up the probablities and feel confident in certain approaches. He is a good guy, a pretty tough chap but not as tough as he think he was!!! If that makes sense. Classic case of the wife wanting to own a drum, he advised against it, plenty of rows, she won, he was weak and within months both knew they had cocked up. Funny really as he is such a rational person at work, actually makes the company lots of money and is as reliable as you can get. He will get this one chance with conditions attached and then he is on his own. If it goes Pete Tong, then as you say, it was always going Pete Tong. I am confident this is a one off but only time will tell. Cheers Bosh
  3. Thanks TR, I have passed these links through to Him, He has already perked up with the knowledge that he is not the only idiot in the village ( His words ). As RHR pointed out NR may not accept an IVA from him today but the information you chaps are supplying is priceless. Thanks Bosh
  4. Cheers Bob, You have just got to want to get up and come to work. ( Hangover excluded) For the record, The decision to Rent is his, He has thought this Through, chatted to the wife etc and we are only offering to help explore his options after the decision and we will assist him. Grey Shark quoted the other day, " I don`t do advice" Like many on here we make suggestions. Bosh
  5. Cheers WAS,,,, The relationship issue is one that bothers us all, obviously I/We will make the call subject to many conversations. When I first joined my boss helped me out of a sticky situation and I did feel owing and I told him so. He put in writing that if I left for any reason he would not call the debt in, He wants people to be able to call him a [email protected]~t (His words) if they felt like it. ( Never have called him one though) I pass these sentiments on to the staff. I know it would appear I am brown nosing but he will not be seeing these posts You will be surprised how soon debt is paid off when no interest is on top. Obviously my boss in Geneva has made a shed load of money and we continue to help him make more, he appreciates this. We pay good wages and in our industry good staff are like hens teeth. I suppose there will always be an element of dis-comfort but I am sure they will take this as opposed to bankruptcy Bosh
  6. This I can appreciate, we are so fortunate, my boss who lives in Geneva allows me to look after key personel, we have helped key/long service staff in the past with sizeable debt normally through credit cards. Normally give Interest free loans and minimal monthly payment terms, any debt over 20k we normally take a charge on the property ( Not able to do this time). The main condition involves secrecy and they are aware that if this is told to other staff members then the assistance is withdrawn. We have not come unstuck before and for the three people we have helped before, they have all paid back the debt and are still working here. This is not something we offer at the drop of a hat, we consider the facts and ensure that they know that this is the one and only time we can help them get straight. These are long service personel, many who have been servicing debt since before they joined us. That`s why I love working here and have done for 17 years.... Cheers Bosh
  7. Cheers Tomas, This will be effectively the road we will go down, we will help set him up in a rental but as he has proved to be (Head in the sand) when it comes to matters of personal finance, we will walk him through the out procedure. Bosh
  8. This highlighted to me, why NR are where they are today and how people that I thought were clued up!! Obviouslly were not. Asked one of my staff, Department Manager and a friend of some 20 years. why he was becoming more and more moody and distant over the last few months, just a passing conversation really. Being a proud, stubborn sort we finally came to the answer. " Got a Mortgage with Northern Rock" Family man, wife and kid left Council maisonette 2 years ago to buy a 2 bed terrace in his local area, found it hard to get a mortgage anywhere so he went to NR. The place they wanted was valued at 167k. NR said no problem to a 95% mortgage. He did not have any deposit so NR `Kindly` offered to add a loan to the mortgage of another 30k to cover deposit, fees and tidy up those nasty little credit card bills he had collected over the years. Anyway the place was virtually derelict, so he needed money to do it up and over the last two years NR `Kindly` allowed him to bolt on another 20k loan. Now he owes approx 217k, House valued at 190k. (todays falling market price) Mortgage/loan payments monthly come in at £1500. Made him sit down yesterday and list ingoings/outgoings and he is short by £200 per month... so Credit card helps to cover this!!! None of this includes, going out, luxuries, holidays etc. On my advice he has looked at the rental market and was absolutely choked to see that an identical house, refurbed opposite is being rented for £700 per month He seems frozen to the spot and is desperate for help, he just wants to hand the keys back. This is going to sound contradictory, he is fantastic at his job, makes the company very good money and we have agreed to help him through this but on a personal level I feel let down by him as I have warned him and others of what is coming and I fear that he is one of many of our staff that will hit shitstreet very soon. We do berate and pour scorn on these irresponsible people but NR are the most irresponsible. There are a lot of these people out there, normal people who were offered `The Dream`... Most of the uk population have no idea about finances. Apart from calling him an ar5e, if anyone has any advice on how we could help him deal with this I would really appreciate it. He is lucky we can help him but we are reluctant to flog a dead horse with good money. He wants out and he will rent. If he just hands the keys over, what happens next ? I think he should try and sell and get what he can now and we will help him with the balance. It`s going to cost 4.5k for early repayment. Wonder if they will do a deal in todays market? Thanks Bosh
  9. Good evening Laurejon, At least you have proved I am not paranoid. I will answer your questions if you answer mine. The idea to STR was mine, the decision was a joint one. We had already paid the mortgage off. Inflation is not running at 10% and my savings are making considerably more than I pay in rent annually. I pay my rent through my wages as if I had a mortgage. So effectively my STR fund will grow without touching a penny by average 6% this year. I even save using excess of wages My old house has already dropped in value since I sold in August of last year. I STR because I predicted a fall in house prices ( among other reasons ) and so far that decision has been a good one. My Landlord/Agent seem happy, my wife and kids are happy, you will just have to trust me on that I have no stress, no debt, maybe impatience with the HPC but the beauty of it all is I am prepared to wait and rent until either the prices fall some more or if they stagnate my STR fund continues to grow. We can all ask But If? But If? But If? and be here all night. My questions to you are. What is your possition ? Why do you negative post towards those that STR? There must be a reason lastly, your VI quoted source, Nichloas Leeming from propertyfinder.com would say we should be wary, would he not? Cheers Bosh
  10. I stand corrected, no offence meant
  11. HonestEA, Thank you so much for your posts. Could I be totally insensitive and ask you to post this as a topic on the main forum when you are ready. Your views are a true reflection of where we are today, completely relevant to HPC and completely unbiased. I appreciate it`s getting tough. Thanks Bosh
  12. Actually they are not working for charity, they are learning English, keeping warm and in many cases getting food. Also looks good on a cv. Not one of these Poles got up one morning and said,"I`ll tell you what Vlad" " Lets go do some charity work" I feel like helping the poor and dis-advantaged of Scotland"
  13. Squi, Thanks for your views. I do not see too much hatred on this thread. I see quite a lot of debating as to wether Immigration works. You are in a country that allows you to express your view. I can see that you are already employed by a British institution. I see you have already used the services of the NHS ( Free of charge ) to you. Do not be concerned that I have paid in thousands of pounds for your rights to use this service over the years. I am glad you now choose to go home and pay for your treatment. Do not be concerned about the `Greedy British`people causing a British Bank to be bailed out with British money ( My taxes ). Thanks for entering this debate... Its great isn`t it? It`s all bloody free and most of what you have complained about does not affect you and in fact is none of your buisness. Bosh x
  14. Come on Mods :angry: Sort this out, Joined at 1.14pm and is allowed to post 2 minutes later. There is one every day now...
  15. If you look carefully at the picture you will see a red sign on the wall near the small window upsairs. This place used to be a dentist, Chinese takeaway, Doctors or summit ?????? Nice
  16. If using a `Hammer` Get a Polish Hit man to help you, Half the price compared to fat, lazy local cowboy killer.
  17. Is it me being paranoid I STR last August and in the last couple of weeks there appears to be a growing resentment on this forum to those of us who took this decision/risk. Now that, IMO the crash is under way, focus appears to be turning from BTL/EA bashing to those who STR. We seem to be accused of being smug and it would appear that all of us will spend the `Dirty money` from our old houses on holidays and cars. I think and I do state, Think!! I made a good decision at the right time but only time will tell. Many on this site are looking for a HPC but we also have differing reasons!! Re. The OP, If prices drop 20pc I will buy the house I want, where I want. If the prices drop 30pc+ then I will have the above with no mortgage. Sorry, probably being smug Anyway, Back to my Autotrader magazine and when I have finished that... Butlins--online Cheers Bosh
  18. In my younger days I used to sell the Standard on the pitch at the old Fulham Broadway Station, If I still did I would invent a secret code, maybe a coded wink and anyone from HPC.co.uk would get a free copy on good news days. Read all about it
  19. I agree with sub-standard, as mentioned in a previous post, I feel that some of those soon to be job seeking EA`s could probably do well in photography in the future. Regarding p1ss-taking prices, Is that not the case everywhere? I don`t think prices are tanking anyway yet, but the signs are good. I can appreciate falls in these areas will not be the same as others but for decent pickings, a 20% slump would give me a good choice of home. I am in no rush Fingers crossed
  20. The big winners list always has lots of people from the LB of Richmond Upon Thames :angry: Am I jealous? NO!!! Not at all
  21. Would be great if you could build a dirty great big house over the bunker, Great views, with a wine cellar to die for.
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