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  1. Mr Yogi, This avenue is looking more and more likely, unfortunately it seems all too easy to cry bankrupt and walk away from your problems, I believe this is the way he wants to play it, He is out of his depth and will only ever get deeper. We are working on ways of assisting him in this decision. We have made it quite clear this is his idea but any succesful buisness will always have ways to deal with situations like this. Like I said he is a nice chap who was brow beaten by the wife and Northern Rock were just waiting for suckers to walk in the door. Cheers Bosh He will learn from this
  2. Sometimes heavy draught through floorboards will cause dark patches and will also have the texture of dampness. press some tissue paper against it and see if it really is damp.
  3. Have you spoken to the Landlord ? What was there response ? Do the patches smell ? Are you ground floor, Did you point out these stains before to the LL ?
  4. Welcome miles2home, Very interesting post, there are certain days I feel as if this is never going to happen but 10 minutes on this forum and after reading posts like yours I begin to have faith again. Keep posting and remember Let`s be careful out there
  5. Love the name, Could be worse it could be Totte-nam or even birming-nam Welcome to the mad world of HPC. Picked a good time to join the party
  6. Thanks tbatst2000, I was not trying to justify my point of view `purely` on financial grounds, as you stated previously. there was a lot more to my post than costs!!... I think maybe we could be mis-understanding each other. I totally agree with everything in your above post Cheers Bosh
  7. I know!!! You can`t fart without someone wanting to tax the smell.... Thanks, got a great team here and will do what needs to be done
  8. Sorry, I forgot to add that my Great grandparents, Grandparents paid into the system. My Parents also contributed to the NHS whilst I was a baby and were still paying in the pot long after I left school and became a tax payer. I am not PURELY pointing out an individuals contribution, I was and am responding to another poster. I would also like to state again that I am not against Immigration, controlled Immigration is the key, A complete freeze on Immigration is needed now to assess exactly where we are. We need to deport all Illegal Immigrants immediately, we need to assess all asylum seekers and immediately deport all those not proven genuine. most, who come to this country have already passed through numerous safe countries en-route and we are surely in our rights to ask why they choose the UK. We need to deport all Immigrants who do not recognise the laws of this country. We need to deport all immigrants who through religious belief think we should all be killed because we do not follow there stone age beliefs. This country is heading towards civil unrest, IMO, if the shite really hits the fan, those who picked holes or argued against the questioning of immigration will not be protected by those they seeked to protect. I am not racist, (But will be called one).... I am not against Immigration but I do believe that if you put too many Catfish into a Carp pond, soon the carp will be scared and after a while they will be gone. I love Catfish, Great Fish but i also love Carp... I am one
  9. Well spotted [email protected], my spelling has never been that great, that was the problem even going back to 1984, my school was mainly occupied by Asian, Black, Chinese kids, some of whom are still my friends but this also caused us problems even that far back with communication and the ability to find decent teachers who were prepared to work in such poorly run, racially divided, violent, secondary schools in Inner London. By the way I have highlighted your very own spelling error and if you care to choose an area Poland or India I am sure we can find enough members of this forum to chuck a few quid in for a one way ticket. Bosh
  10. Priceless, You are welcomed to the uk, you are employed and you still find something to moan about. You are quite correct, The NHS is not free, In my oppinion it is free to you, I have been paying in the pot for 25 years, so in comparison, people can turn up from another country and jump straight into free healthcare. This discussion is about immigration and wether it works in this country. Well, my answer is NO not with the system we use right now. My father ( Who paid his dues all his life and always worked) died a very slow and painful death from cancer, he could not afford to go private and was too proud to allow me to pay for him. We spent many days waiting to see specialists and to recieve treatment at Charring Cross Hospital london, I would estimate that about 50 per cent of the people also waiting, could not speak the English language, which also causes great expense (Translators) + wasted time in communication. We would turn up for 10am appointments and not get out until 3 or 4 in the afternoon. When my father died, My mother who also worked all her life was not entiltled to any benefits, except for £10.00 per week. She was just below state pension age. She pays her council tax. I ( Not the state) have to support my mother financially every month. My point is... My wife worked for the DSS, Social, job center for 15 years, Her sister is senior management and my cousin also works for the DSS. I can give you a thousand reasons why this country and system is unfair and is weighted in favour of immigrants. Yes not all are the same!!! The whole system is appalling and they it breaks their hearts when they have to tell, native, british ( Whatever colour ) people who work hard all their lives that NO you do not qualify for housing, NO you do not qualify for income support, NO you do not qualify for Unemployment benefit. These are people that have paid into the pot all there lives and when they need some support it is always NO, NO, NO. Immigrants, Ilegal or otherwise always receive preferential treatment and this is paid for by those that have paid into the system for years. IT STINKS, the whole blo0dy system.... Squi, There are too many pi55 taking immigrants in this country, We have no idea how many liilgal immigrants are here, you only have to watch crime watch to appreciate the amount of immigrants involved in serious crime. Call me ignorant, call me racist, call me whatever you want, I am a tolerant person, who teaches good manners and tolerance to his children but I am now becoming the minority in my own country, I am not protected by the laws of this land and every government that gets voted in assists in eroding my identity. It would be a very good idea that the soft left wing, liberal, labour do gooders that have shaped the country to what it is now, listened to the hard working, law abiding, tax paying citizens of this once great country. There is trouble ahead, of that you can be sure
  11. http://riverbanker.blogspot.com/2008/03/tr...-and-islam.html
  12. I agree, I can see no other outcome, The alternative is beyond belief. See link.... This is what we are dealing with, They are living here. http://riverbanker.blogspot.com/2008/01/le...ne-against.html
  13. Jumbo mortgage make ya moan yeh, Oh jumbo jumbo They just keep coming, must be the beer
  14. CL me old chum, all night long. G`night
  15. Is it MEw your looking for, I can see it in your isas I can see it in your smile
  16. Analogy... Grand National.... You are on HPC, a good horse, The race has started, you are well positioned, Jumped the first six fences and desperately not trying to feel over confident. Northern Rock Filly pulled up in the warm up, BTL trained nags dropped at the first fence, EA`s dropping at every fence. You know that all you have to do is hold tight, keep believing and then when you cross the line, you look back and there is carnage everywhere. many EA stables will be out of buisness and the BTL nags will have been shot in the head. Sorry best I could do
  17. Sensible approach. Be careful not to pick a fight with all the Bulls, being a Bull is an oppinion. I agree that unfortunately the Twonks that attack those that STR are mainly Bulls but you will find some sign off as bears. We need Bulls on this Forum for debate, I have had some great debate with some Bulls and gathered some very useful info en-route. It`s great to comfortable during this crazy period in history and like yourself I feel equiped to deal with the future. Good luck
  18. My company supllies equipment to the TV and film Industry, cash rich and own everything we have, no leases etc. However, Buisness is slower compared to corresponding start to last year, we are fortunate that we can rely on the fact that there will always be a news story and they never cancel the major sporting events, We suffer with private projects, Dramas, Doco`s etc. We gear our company in a way that absorbs recessions and difficult times. The main problem my company and many others will suffer with is the personal financial issues that will face the staff. Companies are only as good as the staff they employ.
  19. Get the agents email address and use that to communicate but always follow up important issues with letters, everything will be logged and all replies kept. I have a siimilar issue with an old smashed up greenhouse in my garden and the LL was reluctant to remove, I offered to smash down myself and remove at my expense and they agreed. It was obviously a cost issue. If you like where you live and want to stay and more importantly concerned for the kids try that option, If they agree, take pictures before you do anything and keep any receipts for any future issues you may have. You never know they may come in handy. Good luck Bosh
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