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  1. I love living in the UK. But I would allow myself an extended holiday to guaranteed sunshine during the months of January and February.
  2. Clip is 2.54 in length... Watch from 1.20 if you want the detail. http://www.itv.com/news/home-ownership-slump74763/ Not everyone understands or wants to understand the economy/house prices etc. Over the last two days you will have had plenty of people walking past news stands displaying the shitty Express headlines and now watching News at Ten who will think that there is little or no chance of a HPC... People know it`s shit out there but... In very small print at the bottom of the screen it says.... Source.. Home builders federation. I wanna go back on holiday and drink more beer
  3. Pictures are much cleaner/sharper on Sky... I lived in inner London for 27 years. Tottenham is without doubt a complete fecking shit hole. I have worked there, visited and passed through on many occasions. I would say walking down Tottenham High road tonight will be safer than it normally is.
  4. and the looting has started.
  5. EA`s do sometimes have a list of people wanting specific properties. They get called immediately a property becomes available and viewings are arranged before they hit rightmove. It is part of the agents selling tactic. "Put in an offer before it hits the web or papers" My last house was under offer before it hit Rightmove/Findaproperty etc.
  6. Why are you looking so glum?. I spent the whole morning sticking everything in the Oval office on ebay.
  7. Blame-y Whitehouse "They tried to make me stop the Printing. I said No, No,No". Back to Black...
  8. My boss lives in Switzerland. He owns a huge house just over the border in France and rents a much smaller place in Geneva. Saves umpteen fortunes in uk tax. Visits the uk when he needs to. Often picks up boxes of his favourite Richmond sausages (Marmite) and other items to take back that they just don`t do over there. I love visiting the place. I only know the truly wealthy side of Switzerland but luckily it don`t cost me a bean. Christmas party in the Geneva office every year, free ski trips for my nearest and dearest and use of his beautiful home in France in the summer. Looking out from the patio at his huge swimming pool with the distant back drop of Mont Blanc. Lucky *******. Took his family a good five years to settle though as they missed shit from home. Now, I don`t think they will ever come back. No help to this interesting debate I know. Just fancied a chat
  9. Is that Saunton Sands ? Edit to add... We like to holiday just round the bend of that cliff in a lovely place called Croyde Bay. We actually buy our cod and chips in Braunton from Squires chippy and drive back and sit in our car and have a scoff whilst admiring the very same view you have posted. Watching the surfers and wind-boarders, dead quiet and fresh air. Being a Londoner it`s a little slice of heaven for us. Carry on
  10. This is a story doing the rounds in Off Topic. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=166143&pid=3044527&st=0entry3044527 Reported on the news today about Beko Fridge Freezers catching fire. They have been responsible for 20 fires and one fatality in London alone. All you Rentalists should check the make of your appliance and if you do have this make then see useful info posted on the above thread. Beko are known for good value appliances and will be a favourite among landlords. Worth a check
  11. Other than that. You ok?
  12. Negatives Kids off school One of my company vans stuck in customs Positives No Traffic en-route to work The kids are happy
  13. Jeffo says...... I have several interest only mortgages. Recently the difference between int only and repayment has been relatively negligible. I have taken out the repayment deals for several reasons. The deciding factor for me was that I can alter it to interest only at a moments notice which is a godsend when you are worried about the base rate going back to 5% and the bank taking 4.5% over that to line their greedy pockets. As a general rule though, I have always been led to believe it to be financially better to have int only and make overpayment's, but in truth I have never made an overpayment and cannot be bothered finding out how.
  14. Can`t find the link but am I right in saying that Britain is £4 Trillion in debt?
  15. Hem-ajesty`s revenue & Customs will collar someone for sure.
  16. I suppose I am no different to all the other sheeple. When the numbers are simplified and stated they are easy to understand. Truly staggering.
  17. 25k a second 1.5 Million a minute. (Sterling) 90 Million an hour. (Sterling) How on earth can this be reversed? I am not a TFH gloomer but what other than a major global event/war can stop this? What are the options?
  18. Before you feck off completely. Remember you owe me £1. You still fed up RFD... I told you mate. You need to listen to Radio optimistic again.
  19. For £250k I would at least expect them to clear the Seagull shite from the Velux roof windows...
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