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  1. Was Help For Hroeos set up for Spanish Bull fighters Can we assume happynudist is AWOL or KIA... ?
  2. When someone fecks something up and then they say.... "My bad" !!! What the feck is that all about? It irritates the shit out of me. [email protected]!!
  3. Fred, you were wrong about Wellworths mate. Bang the kettle on, make a strong cuppa and tune in to radio optimistic. Yes we have years of shit but not end of days as you predict.
  4. Much more entertaining than Question Time. It's absolute chaos. No confidence. No answers. We're all doomed and now we are watching an absolute buffoon called Ed.
  5. Got me wondering. I have trawled land registry again. checked the surrounding roads. The only explanation if WLguy was correct is that the house was marketed at 595 but then pulled off the market. Hilltop is not showing as being Sold in the past 10 years of LR. Maybe Land registry have missed this house. If it is on Ruxley Crescent and I think it is. Why would it be marketed in 2008 for half a million less than any of the surrounding houses, even when confidence was low in 08. I`m going all Columbo on this .. sorry!!
  6. The very large Taylor Wimpey development off the A309. Drove in and out of this the other week. Some people have moved in and still lots of houses to be built. Strange place. According to web site they have sold 65% of the development!! http://www.hinchleypark.co.uk/ Today they are marketing: Cheapest being a 1 bed maisonette at £234,995 Expensive being a 4 bed Detached at £974,995
  7. I still stand by the previous post. I think this house is Greywalls. Back in 2008 it sold for £1,175,000. (Land reg) It is being marketed now for £1,195,000.... £20k uplift on asking price from sold price in 2008. Not £500k!!... Doubt they will get anywhere near what they paid 3 years ago.
  8. It`s Hinchley Wood when buying and Esher when selling.
  9. You would be a shit EA not to have a copy of the Express carefully positioned in the office and by the window for good effect. "I keep seeing in the news that the economy is in a bit of trouble and that house prices are starting to take a knock" " Yes but as you can see (Whips out the Express), all is now fixed and if you don`t buy a property withing 20 minutes you will be left behind". "People will laugh at you and you may as well top yourself" Country is full of muppets.
  10. Take a picture before anything gets repaired or replaced. Offer to replace the pane that you prossibly broke. Get a price yourself and she can offset your amount from the cost of replacing all the glass. This way keeps it all friendly. Date and keep copies of any letters. If you really are concerned. stick the picture onto a sheet of paper with an arrow pointing at the pane that you felt responsible for and get the current tenant to sign/confirm that your responsibility ends with that pane. Most importantly, don`t let this minor thing give you sleepness nights.. Not worth it.
  11. Not sure Bob was wrong. 2011-06-20 White Ridge, Ruxley Crescent, Claygate, Esher, Surrey, KT10 0TX Detached, Freehold add details... £985,000 2010-08-20 Birchwood Grange, Ruxley Crescent, Claygate, Esher, Surrey, KT10 0TX Detached, Freehold add details... £1,195,000 2010-06-25 Ahimsa, Ruxley Crescent, Claygate, Esher, Surrey, KT10 0TZ Detached, Freehold add details... £1,046,000 2008-08-29 Greywalls, Ruxley Crescent, Claygate, Esher, Surrey, KT10 0TX Detached, Freehold add details... £1,175,000 2007-11-02 Tudor Cottage, Ruxley Crescent, Claygate, Esher, Surrey, KT10 0TZ Detached, Freehold, 5 Beds, 5 Bathrooms, 2 Receptions view more... £1,370,000 All houses sold in Ruxley crescent since 2007. Cheapest was £985k this year. Last time a house sold for anything less than 600k in Ruxley Crescent was in 1999. Last millenium.
  12. I suppose we all have a differing view on what is Prime. I agree that Chesterfield and Cumberland would be considered prime. To me though, both roads are narrow, gardens seem on the smallish side from what I have seen and with both Hinchley schools at the bottom of Chesterfield they become grid locked for drop off and pick up in the mornings. Price differences would also make you correct on Manor Road south being more highly regarded than North. However, with kids I would much prefer MNR so they would not have to cross the very busy A309 to get to school. Plus the shops/Station are in MNR. I suppose having young kids was a massive factor in trying to avoid properties on what we class as the wrong side of the A309.... I suppose coming from Inner London, I don`t mind a bit of hussle and bustle Manor drive ticks all my boxes.
  13. Couchmore Avenue update... I have posted previously on a couple of new developments. Here is an update on the Gables. The Gables used to be one house with a large garden. The house/plot was bought for 1.075m.. They built four x 4 bed semis and marketed each £700k. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/new-homes/property-30891325.html They were originally marketed for £735k. Anyway at £700k they are now all sold. Lets say they all went for £700k. It would be nice to know the cost of build. We can then work out profit on one plot.
  14. Yes, I did notice it was our friends from Foxtons!! What would you consider to be Prime roads in Hinchley Wood? I agree with the £1m tops price on that house. I have noticed some improving value in the 3/4 bed semis but detached are still commanding and in most cases achieving top heavy prices.
  15. Sold in 2008 for £837k.. in three years, no extentions. It has had a refurb and new garden wall though. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-35211575.html
  16. What would you prefer people to say? "Sorry about that" "Unlucky" . You sound as miserable as your run down house. Anyway.. Congratulations
  17. I agree. Actually quite depressing really. The winning prize sucks.
  18. Fantastic read. Surprised this thread is not top of the pops on hpc. It is dynamite.
  19. I don`t see the putting down of London as any different to Football supporters slagging off opposing teams. London is great and shite Manchester is great and shite Liverpool is great and shite ------------- ------------- London is the best shithole city in the uk. It`s the capital, It`s the biggest, most history, much more to do. With that comes more crime, more rubbish, more immigrants, traffic etc, etc, etc. Yawn...
  20. They mention to bring a torch. The neighbours are very lucky that someone has not torched the building. That would burn for weeks.
  21. They should all be arrested for treason. This is seriously going to divide the nation.
  22. Just caught the BBC news this morning. Money expert chap talking about IR`s probably staying where they are long term but a decision is likely for some more QE...
  23. Evening all, Does anyone have a clue as to what Estate agent fees are in Esher/Hinchley Wood. Am I right in guessing anywhere between 1 & 3%.... ? Appreciate any replies. Thanks Bosh
  24. Confucius say Squatting on the rise is a contradiction
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