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  1. It was a failed development with Barrets. They wanted to build 14 houses on the same plot that my house and two neigbouring houses were sited. Local residents group formed and won. They were desperate for money at the time. Once again right time right place.
  2. Many of the long term punters on here may recall my story of late 2008.. I STR in August 2007 (at the peak) and sold to an Estate agent and her builder husband. We rented for a while and when the shit was hitting the fan and confidence was low in the banks an opportunity came up to purchase a derelict house (late 2008) in a really nice area. It was on a large plot and was owned by Barret homes...(They were also struggling at the time) I managed to negotiate 33% off the asking price. We have spent the last few years living in and renovating as much as time and money allowed. As many posters on here pointed out I spent much, much more than I expected we would.... We ended up with `the house of our dreams` but in reality a large mortgage that we were not comfortable with. We were however very fortunate that our house is in a bubble area and prices seemed to still be rising. Hardly anything for sale and what does come on gets snapped up instantly. we decided to bite the bullet and STR again. Genuinely shocked with the valuation and had over 20 people view in two days. We had 4 offers and someone even offered above the asking price. We have just exchanged and my buyer is a Senior Banker based in Canary Wharf.... This all started for us back in 2007 when I feared a collapse in prices (not yet found hpc).. Found hpc when searching the internet to see if I was making a huge mistake. Our main motivation was not wanting to live in a Chavvy area with shitty schools and not wanting to be trapped. It was a risk and my wife was onside. The second house was supposed to be `the family home` in the right area but we bit off more than we could chew. We are now in the right area for us and my eldest has just been accepted in a great local state school. I have always been a bear but was not prepared to sit back and wait for house prices to land back on planet earth. I took some risks and had some luck along the way. I have learned so much. In this process we have gained enough money that the interest will pay for the modest 3 bed semi we are just about to rent in a great area near the school. I did not BTL and I do not see myself as a flipper of houses.... I do have morals, I accept that I have also been fortunate but I feel the Estate Agent/ Builder and Banker had choices and were grown up enough to make informed decisions.. As for Barret homes .............. At the end of the day I have a family to look after and they will always come first. I refused to sit on my hands and wait for something to happen. Not sure STR twice and my personal happy story is going to be popular with some on here Incoming
  3. I just did... STR for the 2nd time since 2007. exchanged last week.
  4. Croyde Bay, North Devon.... Been in every season and love the place.
  5. Bosh

    Tony Blair

    I seriously can see this happening.. it`s all about timing... Let the British public consume more misery in the run up to the next GE... In steps Super Blair promising the good times and stopping those horrible Tories making you take the medicine that does not work. In this article he has set out his reasons to have another go. Brown is gone. Ed and Ed are useless. He claims to have learned so much. After Brown and Millipede the labour electorate will welcome back the charismatic smiling Blair... He caused a major car crash, ran from the scene and gave up his driving license, . His mates were rightly blamed (they also took his share of responsibility) and now he wants his license back. It just might work. All is forgiven Tone.......
  6. Bosh

    Tony Blair

    Not sure.. They still voted for him when it was clear what he had done..... I fear the idiots would vote for him again. It will be like a repeat of 1997. They will believe another spending fest decade will start all over again. They will dust off the "Things can only get better CD"...
  7. Bosh

    Tony Blair

    Bliar Witch Returns.... The haunting !! http://news.sky.com/story/953584/tony-blair-i-would-like-to-return-as-pm Worrying ?
  8. It's wrong... Must dash kids are wondering why I am looking at them intently whilst holding scissors.
  9. Manor Drive is a good location for Hinchley Wood... Some of the gardens back onto the A309 but you are on the side with the shops, station and schools and prices not to far from your numbers... When I bought in 2008 I negotiated 32% off asking price... I got a mega deal at a time of low confidence...Your best bet would be to register with the agents and keep in mind many sellers in Hinchley Wood use estate agents in Esher High street... HW schools virtually border Thames Ditton so that area could be an option...
  10. Hello Hann12,... Depends completely on your budget!!... I live in HW and can say it is a nice area. Classed as Esher (but cheaper) Good road and rail links.. Houses are still selling fast but some that are cose to the A309 are slow to move. It can be noisy. We made a decision not to buy on the Claygate side of the A309 as it can be a busy road and in the future when the kids pop to the shops or make own way to school we were uncomfortable with them crossing that road several times a day..... I lived on a main road in Fulham for 27 years so noise is not an issue for me but I had a choice. You will pick up a slightly more reasonable house for your money if you are prepared for you garden to back on to dual carriageway.. HW secondary school just accepted an outstanding in ofsted... Keep us updated on your plans and when you post more and become able, you can always PM me and i`ll give you more detail of the area if you are serious... We love it!!
  11. Hi Eric.... I`m still about but read more than I post... I chip in if and when I feel I have anything useful to say. Busy at work too... Not much time for arguing the finer detail with folks over the course of a few days.. Still lots of useful stuff to be found on here though... All the best
  12. Wow!!! Not on here too much these days. Getting on with life but this thread reminds me that we put up a good fight back in the day. I called on a favour from a friend at the BBC to get this doco.. Uploaded to u-tube for ERIC..... I even tried to get a team together to make programmes of our own to support the HPC cause... Did meet some great posters at our meeting at BAFTA... We had everything from Equipment to Editors to studios, writers, voice over pros etc... Just lacked some direction really... Found out that we have lots of Media types on HPC and all were fighting the good fight..... If you have time and can watch this programme you will realise just how ******ing greedy & stupid people are... The stupidity really came about when although broadcast in 03... Nothing was ever done about this and I always did agree with Eric that liar loans were the major reason (not only) but major reason we face what we face today.... It`s all linked.. Happy New Year to all the Crashers still fighting the good fight... Bosh
  13. I`m all signed up... As a bench mark., with a quarter of a million people petitioning that all convicted rioters lose benefits. Has that made any difference? I did see that some council tenants were threatened with eviction. What action if any has the government taken on this? Anyone know?
  14. I just forwarded to my work colleagues and someone has just piped up that this e-petition is all over facebook... Yep, gonna be huge.
  15. 71 votes so far and not a single tick for labour.....
  16. JK is the daddy of all weeds. Big money to be made in finding an effective poison. Going nuclear seems to be the only option at present. Terrorist weed muvver [email protected]
  17. ?? This was a couple of years ago TBF... Strange reading old threads that we have contributed to.
  18. I agree... Better than a +1 By the way +1 for this post
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