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  1. He is still so hated by the British public. I have seen so many people recently with banners and some even shouting.. GO..GB.
  2. Seems to have been a good week and it`s only Wednesday. http://www.estateagenttoday.co.uk/news_features/Home-sales-plummet-nearly-20-says-Land-Registry .http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/houseprices/9437532/House-prices-fall-for-first-time-in-seven-months.html http://www.cityam.com/latest-news/house-prices-the-slide .http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-2180956/Hometrack-House-prices-fall-time-2012--irrepressible-London-market-slows-0-1-growth.html http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19069870 http://www.nationwide.co.uk/hpi/historical/July_2012.pdf http://news.sky.com/story/967477/house-prices-in-sharpest-fall-since-2009 Maybe just maybe we don`t need any specific event to trigger a full on crash. The patient is bleeding out and stuffing wads of cash into the open wound is not enough.
  3. Even The BBC have a mention. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19069870 Timber..
  4. Be lucky to get a KFC drumstick in that kitchen.
  5. I live in Esher Surrey just outside London near Kingston. Recently STR and we have defintely noticed more properties coming to and staying on the market. Most properties in this ultra bubble area are normally snapped up immediately. I am obviously hoping and have a bias towards a downturn in the market but we genuinely feel this area is peaking or has peaked. I spoke to the Agent involved in selling my house. He said they have encouraged 12 sellers to drop asking prices in the last month. He said it was the end of the selling season and what with the bad weather and Olympics etc... If prices drop in my area they will drop everywhere in the UK.... I called it right in August 2007 when I sold. I called it right in December 2008 when I bought again. Sold in July 2012 ??? Bosh
  6. Love hpc.co.uk... Just completed yesterday. Got myself a nice little rental and looking for numerous instant access online accounts to deposit my future house wad. Just applied to Santander and ING as they top best instant access accounts. Looking at joint accounts and will not deposit more than 160k to be safe.... as I want to protect the minimal interest made over the course of a year if they go pop... I am waiting for the account to be opened and have yet to deposit a bean. I read this thread and have changed my mind several times in 20 minutes and now have the urge to have a great big shit ... Another thing to note... ING being a Dutch mob offer protection up to 100k Euros... So need to keep an eye on where they and the Euro-pound exchange rates go. The AA are offering a fairly good rate instant access for the year but will not allow opening of a joint account.
  7. Same here.. Rejected for numerous tickets on first ballot.... Signed off the website.. I have since won two tickets for weightlifting from BT and offered to my work colleague who loves all that shit. Yesterday I had a full on rage at BT and told them to stick my account and have closed it down. I wonder if I/He will still get tickets?
  8. My sister has twice in the last 10 years pulled out huge sums to have a loft conversion. £30k and then £40k... (just examples) Plenty more smaller amounts that exceed £70k. She is currently firmly stuck up shit Creek. She divorced but both found they could not live apart because of the debt/kids. In negative equity, debts all coming in and guess what.... Still no Loft conversion. She did have a really nice car and some fantastic holidays
  9. I read somewhere that the Yanks are preparing legal action regarding rate fixing. Maybe that reason?
  10. we used to have the old Anderson type in our Garden in London... Best play Den you could have as a lad. Have you spoken to the Council Peeps below. What view do they have on it?
  11. If they do hit you. Take them to court. Win compensation. Repeat with numerous deluded sellers and in no time you will have enough cash to buy a house outright. You can then claim disability because of the brain damage and be able to replace the missing teeth with free NHS dentures. You can look back (with your only eye that has partial sight) and say to yourself... I beat the system. Or as mentioned earlier.. Don`t waste your time.
  12. Or... Call the agent and ask him how they managed to come up with that price. Ask him the questions posed in this thread. Do not waste your time viewing this property.
  13. and.... Don`t mention numbers but casually ask what improvements/extentions they have made since purchasing in (Month) 2006. Job done.
  14. Often screamed by folks in the comments section.. ps... Cheers Mr/Mrs MOD....
  15. True, Mods... How do I get .....Nasty STR ... Under my avatar?.... Please !!
  16. I`ll have you know that Cliff D'Arcy led me to hpc many years ago in an article in fool. I don`t read much of his stuff now but if I recall he also joined us nasty STR`s.. I think he recognised his timing was wrong. He was a bear from memory. Anyway, they created lovemoney site to bring financial news to the masses. The Motley /fool.co.uk was often very heavy and over some of our heads. His articles are quite widely read... Obviously, not by Gurus like yourself BT..
  17. in my inbox this morning. Love Money is an offshoot from Fool.co.uk Article from Love Money.... Cliff D'Arcy.. http://www.lovemoney.com/news/property-and-mortgages/buying-and-selling-property/16251/bank-of-england-buy-home?source=1000550
  18. I remember this house.. This picture is great. Looks like an architects model placed on the wrong table. I wonder how much the neighbours had to drop in price because of that hideous thing?
  19. Not many people use the garage for cars anymore. The car you see is probably the Agents. The current owners saw more value in giving themselves a Utility room. Looks like a retirement bungalow and maybe the current owners do not drive. Some may see the add on as a positive. I do agree it looks odd and for that price..
  20. I would like to add. Although I have STR for a second time recently. If I had no mortgage I would have defintely stayed and settled. In the short term I would not have feared rising/falling house prices. I have a good secure job (20 years so far) and love the area. In the long term and the reason I will always be a bear. I have kids. With all Gambling/Risk taking you will obviously need some luck. I think you can minimise the risk with extensive research. We wanted to view a house that was on for sale last week (before we secured the rental)... An older couple were seliing to downsize retire. We were due to view last Saturday but the Agent called me Friday to say the owner has requested we come Monday as his daughter is getting married on Saturday. The Agent called me Saturday afternoon to inform me the house is now off the market. The owner had suddenly passed away early hours of Saturday morning. (Day of his daughters wedding)... Not sure how that story fits into this thread but it certainly sobered us up from all the manic issues with buying, selling, renting etc... We all need to do what`s best for us and ours and with housing it will never be a one size fits all situation. We will never know the finite details surrounding decisions by posters on this forum.
  21. Cheers Winkie.. My last three transactions have been with an Estate agent, Barret homes and a Banker. Although I have profited I feel maybe I have done my bit for HPC and am sleeping very well. So true about the weight off. We have even booked a holiday in Newquay for next month....
  22. That was the plan. This is the bit where we learned a lot... We woefully underestimated the costs to re-develop the house. The economy and cost of living meant that heating the ******* thing was difficult. HPC taught me a lot and I even learned how to install a wood burning stove from Kurt Barlow (is he still about?)... It helped but the cost of running this house seemed to be rising by the minute. We could have stayed and fought on and cut back even more but the thought of us just managing was depressing. I took advantage of the bubble and it really has paid off.
  23. I know your story well Mr Banner. Cheers for the savings advice and yes I agree with the glutton bit... I`m not sure I want to do this all again. The key was keeping the kids in the same schools and surrouned by the same friends. We use the door numbers we have lived at the last few years as our lottery numbers. edit for spelinng.
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