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  1. I am in the Broadcast idustry. Plenty of advertising/ Marketing companies around here. Yes the folks that do live in the area are either young and still living at home or own small flats.
  2. I work in Teddington. We have 60 staff and only five (5) people live in Teddington.
  3. It`s a trap. Anyone caught posting on this thread will have their account terminat
  4. Bosh


    We are having this problem in Hinchley Wood/Esher. Very few properties coming to market. The wife popped in to one of the local agents who in general seems like a nice chap and has been quite open in the past. She asked him what he thought was going on. He said that everything coming to the market in the last two months is being priced 10% higher than it should be. He has lost instructions because he claims to be pricing in the real world but the sellers are demanding more. We all have access to recent sold prices and you can see that it`s going silly again. This area is a bubble anyway but it just keeps inflating. Lots of folk with big money chasing very few properties. I think sellers know this and are calling the shots on pricing... I genuinely think agents would prefer to see lower pricing and increased volume.
  5. Good luck KB... Hope you complete without a hitch and enjoy your new home.
  6. http://news.sky.com/story/983977/tory-leader-boris-would-boost-party-ratings I like Boris. I voted for him in the Mayoral elections and would do so again. Can we see him leading the Country? Would he be taken seriously enough? Not sure he could do any worse than what we currently have and what we could end up with after the next GE....
  7. Yep I agree. However I am actually interested in the general thinking of this Forum. I know family and friends that would not be able to service the mortgage if rates hit 2% or close to it.. One of these is a close member of family. They seem to have very similar friends and they all seem to be in a similar boat. They followed each other with car purchases, Disney Holidays, Plasmas (back in the day)...All with MEW. Now they will possibly follow each other to Shit street.. That`s why 2.5% is a tipping point in my small world.
  8. I agree with this. It`s about the speed. It would be interesting to see the initial reaction to any rise.
  9. Following on from TMT`s thread on Interest rates. How much of a raise would caused carnage? We all know TPTB will do everything possible to avert a HPC. It would be interesting to hear what my learned posters think would be the minimum raise to cause a UK wide HPC. I know Interest rates are not the only factor but it`s all I can see holding the shit back from the fan. I have read before that some think that 1% would cause many to be unable to service repayments on mortgages etc. I currently rent in a bubble area and have seen Prices shoot well past the peak of late 2007. I fully recognise and appreciate falls in many/most parts of the country. My guess is Interest rates at 2.5% would lock in a crash across the board and this would mean that some of the areas well documented to have already fallen would/could see falls in excess of 50% + from Peak quite quickly. Bosh. (To add, I was looking at a website last night that offered a Mortgage calculator but added a warning ater showing results that although re-payments are £x00 today, Imagine Interest rates at 10%. You would be paying £x0000. Got me thinking
  10. I have just paid 1%... I have sold 4 houses in my time and have never paid more than 1%. They will accept 1% but will chance the luck on someone not questioning the all knowing agent. Negotiate.
  11. I agree with this. Try and educate (politely) your wife so these exchanges affect you less. Wait for the crash and even though the twonk will try to avoid you. Hunt the Muvver down and destroy him with your HPC Greatness.
  12. I think we are doing BOGOF in the Bristol area on Wednesdays.
  13. The owner died in the house the night before we were due to view. True Even if it came back on the wife said " No Chance"
  14. Cheers doccyboy... I`ll dig it out later.. I stumbled across the thread on Google.
  15. I would also appreciate an answer to this question please. I recently saw a post I made a few months ago and decided that In hindsight contained a little bit too much personal info. I just wanted to edit a little...
  16. Bosh


    [ Not looking to be shot down but I can give a good example to the above... I am in Elmbridge Surrey about 3/4 miles from Kingston. Bought a derelict 4 bed detached late 08 for under 500k That was Marketed at £700k. We decided to STR after renovating and was valued at over £1m...We expected at absolute best £900k ...Genuinely shocked but most surprising was we had 27 viewings in the first weekend (Fri - Sun) and 4 offers exceeding £1m... Our buyers offered over the asking price and we have now completed.... Sold immediately. There are a lot of people with that kind of money chasing very few properties in this and surrounding areas. Agent reckons plenty of folks from SW London on the books. We are near a very good state school and he claims many are taking kids out of private and downsizing to properties in the region of £1m... However we have noticed a few more 3/4 bed semis between 550-800k on the market and slower to move. We are currently renting and keeping our options open. Spoke to the agent recently and he said his agency have in the last week suggested to more than a dozen clients to consider a price reduction as we have hit a wall and the market is stagnant. It does feel that we have very much peaked.
  17. You can be both. The French, Germans and Americans are also known to use the term ex-pat. Probably many other countries use that term or similar. When I hear ex-pat I envisage for example..British living in Spanish communities. Still wanting to be British and not wanting much to do with the locals. Here for the beer and sunshine. Immigrants are seen as in your country and on the sponge. Ex-pat sounds so much nicer than Immigrant
  18. Yep... Very negative headlines all last week and continuing this week. The message is out. Spoke to the agent who sold my house. He reckons we got out at the right time. They have convinced numerous sellers (a dozen if I recall correctly) to reduce price in the last couple of weeks. Many more properties in our area coming on and staying on Rightmove. It feels like a stand off. Engines have stopped. I`ll say it again. If they drop in my area, they will drop in every part of the UK..
  19. They want to move nearer to... Family, Friends, Schools and Work. Why did they buy the house in the first place?.. What have they been doing since they purchased it? How long have they lived in it?Have all Family and Friends moved to a specific area en-masse and did they send the kids to a school in the same specific area further away. I think people need to be honest about why they sell houses.
  20. Updated from yesterday... It`s only Thursday and it`s been a good week. The message is getting out to the masses. Thanks to djgilbo ... http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=181418&st=0
  21. Nice area, good schools but I agree that is a fast and very loud train line. I lived about a mile away and could hear it
  22. Most of the headlines I attached are well and truly out there for Mr and Mrs J Public to see. People have little confidence that any further printing will benefit them anymore than the Billions printed before. Confidence is key. Mention a possible fuel strike and the whole country panics. Never underestimate the power of negative house price headlines.
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