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  1. Just designing the extention on my house and have made provisions with the architect for Solar panels. Where are you based Confounded?... Where can I get a guide to solar for idiots? I need to start getting my nut around it all. I have the opportunity to design a really energy efficient house and really want to get it right. Some good info on here. Bosh
  2. You could have Gary Glitter on the front bench and Labour voters will still tick the box that represents Red.
  3. Both my Dad and Grandad worked at Battersea Power station for decades. My Dad was there when it closed. As a kid it was the greatest playground you could wish for.
  4. +1.. Sherwick keeps banging on about how anyone over £50k should not get Child or any other benefit. I`m not seeing too many arguments to that point. Actually post after post including mine seem to agree on that point. I don`t earn anywhere near £100k but I just fall into this new policy. It does affect my family income. I don`t claim any other benefits and I pay huge amounts of tax. I also vote at elections so I have given myself every right to moan about something that we all seem to think is unfair The policy is flawed however well intentioned. I would happily accept the loss of this benefit if it was taken from all of those who do not need it. I`m not a greedy *******.
  5. I don`t disagree with stopping CB at a certain level. My main objection is this government have handled it wrong and it is unfair on me. Yes, unfair on my family. (Highlighted above) Until this is resolved I will keep saying this is unfair. I am pleased you are earning well above 60k. Maybe you will not miss CB or maybe you do not have kids. This is a significant loss in our family budget.
  6. +1 on all especially highlighted. My financial position is very close to yours. I voted conservative previously. I will not vote Tory in the next election. This is my only method of registering objection to this.
  7. Welcome to the forum Dr Matt... I welcome your input and understand where you are coming from. That is one of the problems with opening up and providing detail. You are liable for a flaming. The problem with this issue is that everyone can offer a strong argument for and against and everyone can effectively be right.
  8. Don`t give a monkees about the agent but that is just round the corner from the finest fish and chip shop in Devon. Quite sad to see Braunton under water. Many of those shops probably just about survive with seasonal holiday buisness.
  9. The area I now live is a hyper bubble area. Probably the last place to hit the trough. If I had just stuck with renting only I would still be in the shiitier area and my son would now be in a shitty school. I never had enough money to rent in the area I now live. I have had 3 rentals in the last 5 years and two were absolutely freezing in the winter months and the really nice one was unfortnately back in the area we did not want to stay in. You are right in that `time will tell`... I have made my own destiny though and it no longer matters to me if prices go up, down or stagnate. I have always agreed with you about where we are going with hpc. There will be a trough. It`s coming. I can now concentrate on my family. I don`t want any more than what I have got now. To use the traffic analogy. I have reached my destination.
  10. It`s all good Blizzard. No offence taken at all... I never feel the need to apologise for the journey I take in life. I have played the hand dealt but would be looking to better my family situation despite Boom or Bust. People on here are aware of my postings over the years. I have posted many anecdotal stories of how HPI has damaged people I know including family. I have two young kids and think about what future is available to them. I have seen close family living the good life on Mew and now relationships have broken down and they are one missed payment from being homeless. My sister is divorced from her husband but they spent so much of the house that neither could live anywhere else so they still live together. As I said, I have never considered BTL and have never Mew`d. I am not a property flipper or developer. I used to live in a bedsit in West Kensington. I have never claimed benefits. When I pick up the keys to my new house on Monday I am going to be over the moon and both me and Mrs B feel as if this is going to finally be home... This is the positive thread after all..
  11. I STR in August 2007 at peak, then bought again late 2008, then STR again this year and move into my new home on Monday I sold at peak to an Estate agent I sold this year to a Banker I negotiated 32% off my last house that was on land owned by Barrat homes and just negotiated 11% off our final house. I have gone from a Semi Detached in a shit area with shit schools to a 4 bed Detached in our ideal location. Got my son into the best state school for miles and ended up making enough to be mortgage free. I did not BTL and I have never bought a house to flip. I have had some but also made a lot of my own luck along the way. Another positive is the wealth of information found on HPC in these last 5 mad years..... I am the sort of person who will look for an alternative route if stuck in traffic. I refused to sit on my hands. Bosh...
  12. I`m in a similar situation. My 6 month break on rental is January 16th. Then we have two months notice taking us to mid March. I contacted my Landlord direct and reminded him that he asked me to give him as much notice as possible if we were to leave. We complete on Monday and plan to move in by Christmas. Obviously not jumping for joy that we were moving on but he appreciated the extra months notice. I commited to the contract and said I will look after the property and honour the contract. He is now marketing the property as vacant and if he finds someone to take it on then everyones a winner. The positive is that we can slowly move into the new house, less stress. If you end up with anything positive fom your landlord after requesting to end a tenancy early. It should be seen as a good thing... If you can stretch out the completion date even if by a few days or a week then you will feel better. This time of year can be stressy anyway so whatever you agree. Congratulations on the new place and try and take it in your stride. g`luck
  13. You may find this old thread of interest... http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=51978
  14. Funnily enough just came back from a wonderful lunch at Hampton Court. I live just down the road in Hinchley Wood (Esher)... Hampton Court/East Molesey has everything, Historic, River, shops, cafes, restaurants,pubs, parks and near enough to London. Some great properties but you will definitely pay through the roof to own one. I have to pass through Hampton Court to get to work every morning and would add that traffic during rush hours can be an issue. Not sure about the train service from Hampton Court into London is that frequent either. Just like Surrey Girl, we all have our favourite areas. It really does depend on what you want from life, if you have or plan to have kids, what budget you have, any links to the areas you like, G`luck in your search.
  15. Just looked at the Floor planner and found... Middle Earth !! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-35566516.html
  16. I too am shocked by this. Actually makes me feel a little sick when I see (currently 5) votes for labour. I can see a one or two votes for comedic effect or even somehow by mistake, but 5 !!! This must be some unswerving loyalty towards Labour passed down through generations. Once a Red always a Red. No matter what.
  17. http://www.lovemoney.com/news/property-and-mortgages/buying-and-selling-property/18511/council-tax-discount-scrapped-for-second-homes-in-cornwall?source=1000550 Cornwall becomes the first county to attempt to scrap second home council tax discounts. Second homes in Cornwall may no longer be able to benefit from a 10% council tax discount after a vote today by the Cornwall Council cabinet. There could also be a 150% charge levied on houses in the area which are left vacant for two years or more. Cornwall is the first county to propose scrapping the second home discount and it’s possible others, including those in London, are soon to follow. Although this has been voted on by the cabinet, the plans will now have to go through a scrutiny committee and the full council will take a vote on 11th December before anything becomes final. If they are agreed the changes should take place on 1st April.
  18. I`m in a battle at the moment with our Local authority who wish to change the usage of a Unit on our business park to include Car repair, MOT`s exhausts... It is a Halfords Auto center... I have been researching business practice to assist in our objection. I get plenty of ads for Halfords now I thought every man and his dog knew how these ads work !! (Now i`ll get ads for sheepdog trials)
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