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  1. Ha Ha... You did indeed Mr Banner. Since that post we did rent but the place was horrible and depressing as we tried to go as cheap as chips and stay in the same area. However it did the job and we found an unmodernised chalet bungalow on a large plot in probably the perfect spot for us to live. Virtually knocked it all down and spent a year living inside a building site (again more stress) but again it did the job and here we are today.

    In the past 8 years we have lived in 6 different houses but all within a radius of 2.5 miles.... My wages have remained the same since 2008 with no increase in basic so in my case Thank you very much STR....

  2. STR twice and if I could convince the wife I would do it again tomorrow. I`m more convinced today than I was in August 2007 when I first took the risk.... absolutely the right decision in the past for us but it is stressful and not for everyone. I think I have one more in me but not sure the family have the same enthusiasm.

  3. Estate agent I know claims that it is very unusual for him to value a property these days. Most sellers tell him what he will be marketing their property for. He then has to decide if he is prepared to take it on based on the level of delusion. Some people lose their shit when he tells them they are so far off the mark.... However there is always one agent that will pander and we are now at the stage locally where we are starting to see twice as many price reductions than new instructions.

    It has definitely started to turn.

  4. Spoony I`m not going to bore you silly with detail about what I have done since 2003 but I am a similar age to you....Buying or renting are no guarantees to happiness and not all women are blood sucking leaches.

    I can`t stand sitting in slow or non moving traffic. I will always look for an alternative route. Don`t just sit there waiting for the everyone else to move. You may find exploring different avenues changes your view on life.

    If you scratch hpc enough you will believe it or not find some happy people. Some of them bought a house and some rent. Some have partners/wives and some don`t.

    Spend a piece of your STR fund on you and do exactly what you want to do. Have a little fun and instead of sitting in traffic... Go Off Road and see where you end up.

    Love and Peace Brother Spoons !!

  5. I have offered 95% of asking price on a property. The offer was rejected. EA advises the seller is holding out for 1.3% more.

    I had indicated to the EA to come back to me if the situation changed.

    I don't want my offer to be a stalking horse for others. I also think 95% of asking price is generous (and higher than average) in the current market.

    I now wonder whether to withdraw the offer entirely...

    Any thoughts?

    Do nothing.. If you still fancy the property have in mind the new lower price you are willing to pay if the agent calls you back.

  6. I thought it was best to update and complete this thread.....

    The landlord agreed not to charge for check out. I was not penalised for anything either. It took 3 weeks and a couple of reminders but I was returned every penny of the deposit.

    I was polite but firm as and when required and made sure that every email was sent to both LA and Landlord to avoid any confusion or opportunity for buck passing....

    Bosh :)

  7. I bought the house beginning of the year with cash. Love it and this will now be the family home for life.

    House prices do not matter to me anymore if i`m honest. .

    I have no money in the bank to lose.

    All the recent news has made me look into beefing up security. My biggest fear is social unrest. I fear we are just at the beginning stage and things will get a lot worse for a long time before they start to get better.

  8. No it isnt standard, no you shouldnt pay it, they cant make you and they will not be allowed to deduct the charge from the deposit by the TDS

    Explain to them that its a cost for managing the tenancy, these costs are the legal responsibility of the landlord so you wont be paying it

    Thank you Rozza..

  9. Tell them to F off, and copy your MP in as an example of tenants being abused. Any costs for managing the rental should be bourne by the landlord, not the tenant!

    I have fired off a polite email asking if I missed anything in the small print. I know most people will say this but I am leaving this property in far better condition that when we went in.

    I took pictures and Video of any defects. The person who took the Inventory seemed on the ball and marked down every single negative aspect before I took keys. I did get a copy.

    I am confident that I will not be owing any monies but like all relationships when they end, you just don`t know how they will react.

    This is my third Rental and I have never been asked to pay for check out before.....

    I used your wording (above) wherebee. I`ll save telling them to F Off until I need it... Could be very soon :lol:

  10. We are due to check out and hand keys over next month. No problems with the Landlord or letting Agent at all. Everything has gone smoothly so far. When I asked them for the checking out procedure I was sent this along with other standard details.

    Once you have been checked out then the deposit procedure is a

    straightforward issue of agreement of deductions, if any, and then the DPS

    will return to you upon receipt of agreement. You will be charged for the

    check out but you can elect to have this charge deducted from deposit.

    Before I go back to them can anyone tell me if this is standard? If yes, what is the average costs?

    I can not find any reference to this in my Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement. As I have not agreed to this anywhere I intend to dispute it.

    Just looking for views from Tenants and Landlords......

    Been a smooth ride so far.


  11. It is a bit depressing, isnt it?

    I think the worst thing is that even the prices in the ‘poor’ areas are now priced too high for above average earners to afford. Tolworth is an area of SW London that would always cause a raised eyebrow if you told anyone you lived there. A bit like Hounslow in the west and Penge or Catford in the south east. People would move there because they could not afford the nicer surrounding areas.

    Now, it seems to cost at least £300k to buy a small terraced house in any of these areas. That is not affordable for a couple earning £70k and who are prepared to take on a 3x joint income mortgage and have a £50k deposit to plough in.

    That is for a starter home in Tolworth, remember, not the dizzying heights of a reasonably sized house in an outer-suburb like Kingston or Surbiton.

    The problem is that outside of this site the general view seems to be ‘if that’s the price we will find some way to pay it’ and just get on with it.

    I think (hope?) that future generations will laugh at what we are prepared to pay for houses just as much as the older generation must be laughing at us now.

    Good post worried1....I know these areas well and I share your views/thoughts.

  12. Housing charity Shelter has looked at how much we'd have to pay for food today if prices matched house price inflation over the past 40 years.

    Using Office for National Statistics data, which shows house prices rose by over 43 times between 1971 and 2011,


    Enjoy your weekends


  13. As my accountant used to say... "let's get the correct figure first, then we can adjust it if we want".

    True... but it was announced on Talk Sport this morning `We have signs of a recovery in the housing market`

    Your team may have underperformed last night but at least the value of your house is on the up again. Happy days are just round the corner. Surely !!

    We are saved. :lol:

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