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  1. May well have been 25%. I was working and just overheard. Think the Times and Moneymarketing will be more accurate than my hearing. But, I did get the impression that rates would still rise for those with a 25% deposit. just not as much.
  2. On Working Lunch at 1.25 today. HBOS to raise rates from Monday. The better deals will be for those with 20% deposit. I have just posted it as a new topic, but the mods haven't checked it yet. Yakov
  3. At 1.25pm today, on Working Lunch. News that HBOS will be raising IR's from this coming Monday. I was reported that rates will vary, depending on the amount of deposit. A better rate for those customers with 20% deposits was quoted. There were no IR figures mentioned. Yakov
  4. Interesting!!! That's an understatement......... makes great reading. I like the last paragraph " Our best guess.............6 months into 2009"...... all just a guess ehh!! I think he could have just summerised by saying that Intermediaries are now just surpless to requirement. There'll be no business coming their way. Thanks Reggie and Mrs Perrin, Great post.
  5. Compass point will be the first of many. There are more than a few worried developers in and around the city. My work is linked to the contruction industry, and I am seeing a lot of good tradesmen being taken of sites, and the sites standing still.
  6. I have flaged and monitored properties in and around Manchester for the last 6 months. Flats are getting a smacking. I have already mentioned on another thread about Lymm. There's some new apartments on the canal side that one agent told me "were not getting viewings when advertised well below their recent purchase price". I have done this just to build up my own local information on the areas that I am interested in, but across all property types. Also in Lymm, there are currently two x 2bed flats on at 120k ish, the same type of flat was 149k summer 2007. There's 1 x 2bed flat at 139k that is a last, not sold in the block job. This was 177k last September. Check them out on a search, there's only a couple of agents in Lymm, Lymm is supposed to be crash proof It is prime property invester village that's commutable to Manc, if that's going then the city centre will be getting a beating down too. Take the 7k hit on the chin, and thank your luck stars your relative have been saved from getting his/her fingers burnt more. Flats in Manchester will be lucky to get 75k in 12 months from now. I wouldn't give 75k this month for one. Good luck, and happiness
  7. Hello Reggie and Mrs Perrin I'm a newbie with less than 10 posts, had to reply to your post though. I like some of the anecdotal stuff, it is often a good reflection of what will be coming up in the next few weeks when it is from people who are working at the coal face. Mr's Perrin obviously sees the latest actions the banks are taking. This is very good news for the burst, and I would like to hear details and facts as they come- which banks, % of LTV and any other important info and the links. Would you keep us up to speed as soon as you have details, could be a good thread. Thanks Yakov
  8. I'm really no economic expert, but from what I can see in my local, there are big reductions on the semis that have been on for months. And the recent under offer prperties are coming back on the market due to broken chains. Maybe the spotty EA thought I was the Area Manager coming to give him his last cheque and a handshake!!!
  9. Hi, I couldn't agree more. Let's just get it over with, quick and painless! Errrr, well not quite painless. I think it is just a drip feed the bad news to the sheeple tatic. I have seen some really big drops in surprising areas. Heard of Lymm, Cheshire? It is famed for being THE place to live just outside Manchester and has the most shockingly overvalued asking prices I have ever seen in anywhere. This week there are 2 x 2bed apartments that have appeared on the market at 120k and 139k. The cheapest I have ever seen them since the start of 2007 is 150k. I went and checked them out today, and one of the flats(at 139k) is the last in a block that is unsold by the developer and they just want rid. Everybody else in that block paid 177k. I spoke with a couple of agents in the village, one of them went as far as saying that it is a buyers market at the moment, the other said he had sold 17 properties in January and was doing great. Yeh, sure Boris, Oh, there's something one your chin mate! Must be bullsh*t. ( He was young and spotty) The agent who was being a little more honest, let it slip that there are some other apartments that overlook the canal that they can't get anywhere near the original price they were purchased at and the owners are devastated at the money they have lost. I appreciate honesty, so I was open and constructive with my comments. I told her that I feel that I would not offer more than 75 or 80k on either property, even if I was interested. I just feel that the flats are only worth 75 to 80k. She didn't flinch!!! Not surprised in the slightest. That would be a 50% + drop. I know why! The rental on them now is only 500 a month, so the BTL are on the run. This wouldn't cover a 80k mortgage! y I am pretty confident the the rest of the market in that area is stagnent. I know a lot of tradesmen, and they have been pulled off new build sites in Lymm because the houses are not selling. With the bottom going, I'm confident that the houses higher up the market will be following shortly. So, if you are a Manc and fancy living somewhere posh, get yourself down to Lymm for a punt at a big discount. :lo Anyone else got any evidence of falls this week?
  10. Good man! My astute intuition even amazes me.
  11. I'm glad I'm a tosser 35k below! Sounds like she's going to be coming down with a big bump. Wait until she's met a few more realists this spring. The punter was probably being genuine and serious with the offer, and it'll be the best she'll get this side of 2015. Sorry! I'm just getting carried away.
  12. Price Conditioning!! It is an effect that we can't help as humans. I do it myself, with all sorts of products and services. Indeed, it has contributed to the overinflated prices we have now. We believe that something is worth a certain value and it does take a while to change this perception. I have an opinion about house values in the area where I live, that is my price conditioned opinion. Opinions are like noses, we've all got one. I'm still sore that my recent offer, on the property I mentioned before, was refused. I really liked the property and it was an ideal small family home. But the seller and I have a differing opinion on the value of that property. So we will be hard pushed to come to an agreement. I have got to walk away from it, and Mrs Sherimyetkov is also disappointed, which is like a lead balloon. But I can honestly say that I did try to create a win/win situation with the offer I made. Even though it was 43k below the asking price. Vendor was just being a greedy ***. He wanted 250 per week tax free profit over the past 7 years, and he's also had a roof over his head too. Greedy ***, but that's just my opinion !
  13. I sense that you are holding back. Why don't you say what you really think.
  14. Вы правы, но это не то, что мы называем кредитом под дом, это просто кредит. Наибольшее количество населения не берут этот кредит под дом для покупки дома/квартиры а те, кто берут кредит под дом должны иметь гаранта. Так что это не кредит для покупки дома в настоящем смысле этого слова. 6 месяцев назад я был в России
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