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  1. What a load of rubbish. Falls in the figures are due almost exclusively to falls in fuel prices; food inflation is over 10%. The Pound is nearly at parity with the Euro. As a result, over the next 6 months, the cost of living and the inflation index will rocket.
  2. As far as I know Property-bee is totally legal. It is no different from you writing property prices down on a piece of paper and adding to them each week. Property-bee does not connect to rightmove. You connect to Rightmove and store the data on your computer. Your computer then compares the current and previous records that you have previously stored. If you wish to take part in a Bee, you offer to share your records with other users. Rightmove is not involved. If I wrote down all the house prices in London on a page and offered them to you to look at, it would be the same thing. If you want a piece of software to compare and look at all your price data try property-hive here http://www.chumpusrex.com/PropertyHive/setup.exe (this link will begin the download)
  3. So, just to be clear, this guy was referring to the market in the North, not the south; have I got that right?
  4. Again I can see quite a few and only on the first 2 or 3 pages for OX11. Dont see an issue here. Random look at pages shows the following down from 550-495, 539-489, 520-489, 349-324, 329-299, 299-275,247-219.. There are many and large reductions from the original prices - do you use property-bee? Do you know how to use it properly?
  5. You could argue that 'rationality' is the problem. Rationality can only be used when we have information concerning a subject. When we dont have rationality we use theory; granted, some theories are madder than others, but until one is proved or disproved all are valid. It is 'rational' that HPs being above long term trend would result in HP falls. But they have been above trend since about 2003 and kept rising for 4 years. Here the supposedly 'rational' view was not rational because the information used to construct it was incomplete. Unfortunately, that did not become clear until long after the event. 'Rationality', too, is subjective.
  6. The figures could be correct, take this very simple example. A road with 20 houses. 10 houses valued at 100k and 10 houses valued at 200k. All the houses sell. So, the total selling price is (10*100k)+(10*200k) = 3,000,000 Now divide that by 20 to get the average selling price = 150k. Next year all the houses are back on the market. This time however none of the 20 houses sell, except for 1 of the 200k houses. Even then the seller has to drop 10% (20k) off the asking price to 180k. So, now the average selling price is 180k. In this very simple example sales volume has dropped by 95% (from 20 down to 1) and prices have fallen by 10% but... ... the average price has increased from 150k to 180k - or 20%!!!
  7. He says before the 'big three' go down. Thats the big 3 auto makers - Ford GM Chrysler, not the banks.
  8. Deflation indicates that there is overcapacity in an economy (workers/capital/facilities). In a global sense we currently have all three. It leads to war because war is the most efficient method of reducing this excess capacity. The remaining capacity then becomes more valuable. So yes, you could argue that this was the case.
  9. Its a standard right-wing/survivalist/nutjob/BNP manifesto wearing lipstick.
  10. Yeah its all nonsense. "The deteriorating picture at AIB" http://ftalphaville.ft.com/blog/2008/11/05...picture-at-aib/
  11. Howard Jones actually said things can only get better http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=MJE5cBGgTSU
  12. Rule of thumb - Price = 1000 * weekly rent. That is, a house renting for 500pm has a weekly rent of £500*12months = £6000, then divide by 52 to get the weekly rent 6000/52 = £115.38 So the price or 'value' of this house is £115.38*1000 = £115,380. Equally if youre being sold a house at, say, 200k then you should be able to raise rent of £200,000/1000 = £200 weekly rent. So, £200*52weeks = £10400 yearly rent and £10400/12 = £866 per month. Work this out with your rent Vs the current 'market value' of your current place and see how far out of whack prices actually are.
  13. From The Times, April 1, 2007 http://property.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life...icle1585335.ece The Guardian, March 25th 2007 http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2007/ma...ket.houseprices and finally.... The Times, 11 Nov 2007 (after the current 'credit crunch' problems began) http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/money/pro...icle2846941.ece Fkn useless. The woman couldnt find her ass with both hands and a torch. Incidentally, these are selected quotes. I notice in most of the other quotes I could find reffered to previous movements in the index. She has no clue.
  14. Doubt it, Bush can only run for 2 terms and McCain hasnt really got a hope. ...because its the smart thing to do.
  15. look at this for a beautiful chart. FTSE 27-10-08 Dont think I've ever seen such perfectly linear bullishness....
  16. The healthy what? HSBC is a healthy bank? There was me thinking that all this asian exposure was a good thing.....
  17. There is a lovely saying where I come from that describes Smith to a tee - 'He should be shot with a ball of his own sh1te.'
  18. Thats what I was thinking. And we definately dont want that, do we? Its true. http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/volv...0-F0248571AA5B}
  19. They do indeed 'need' to return to 2003 levels, but the way things are going they'll hit 1903 levels first....
  20. Youre full of bad advice. 1 - The Swiss currency is coming under pressure due to various exposures and guarantees offered by govt. 2 - FTSE will go below 3k. 3 - You're like one of those Johnny-come-lately's from the internet era. This isnt a tipsheet.
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