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  1. Yep. And last year he said oil was going to $500 didnt he? Likes the sound of his own voice, does Jim.
  2. Dont forget you can use the 'Filter' option to cut out any information you dont want to see...
  3. The 'rising interest' is just more people using Property-Bee. I scan loads of postcodes daily and have no intention of buying...
  4. So you keep saying..... yawn (try not to mention it again in your reply, if you can... theres a good fella) We're not here to 'share property knowledge' or 'insight'. We're here to discuss housing and house prices in an economic context. I've browsed this site for nearly 4 years and I've seen innumerable posters like you come and go. Back in the early days many IPs were even traced to EA offices.. curious, eh?
  5. Just pick your dream house and have some yobs burn it down for ya. Then slip in with a low-ball offer. Jobs a good 'un
  6. Youi didnt actually post the link though, did you? It was someone else. I dont have time to read all the posts in the thread although I do notice a lot come from you. And yes, I get the point, you think EAs are inundated on the basis of one house. Its logged on Property-bee now so we'll keep an eye on it for ya.
  7. Maybe the EA was a fkn liar? That ever occur to you? Show us a link on Rightmove and we'll see how quickly it sells. .
  8. Best to clear this up. There are 2 ways of looking at the "80%" headline. Firstly house prices fall by 80% from current levels. Secondly (and probably what the author meant) house prices lose 80% of their gains over the past 10 years. (These figures are entirely random and have no bearing on reality) So assuming the average HP in 1999 was 100k and there was 300% HPI. That would put the current price at €400k. In scenario 1, €300k of that would be the increase. 80% of that increase would be €240k. Taking €400k - €240k would leave the after slump price at about €160k. In scenario 2 the current €400k price would be reduced by 80% leaving it at €80k. Therefore on the original purchase price, scenario 1 would leave a profit of 60% over 10 years on the original purchase price. That would mean an average annual increase of about 6% which is close to long term trends and not impossible. Scenario 2 would leave a loss of 20%. In the current climate I cannot see that scenario 1 (a slump leaving annual growth of 6% per annum) is realistic. Remember these figures are 'worst case'. The 'idiots wet dream' mentioned above asks people to believe that house prices will fall back gradually until they hit the long term average trendline (6%). Most real world analysis indicates that house prices overshoot on the way down. In this light, 80% falls are entirely possible - real and/or nominal. (If anyone has the real figures it'd be interesting to try them out) .
  9. Kaletsky is a fkn plum. Find the previous thread on here that shows his previous predictions over the past year or so. It would be very hard to get things more wrong than he has done. Isnt this what banks do? They take your money on deposit, pay you some interest and then loan it out to businesses and individuals. That is, banks take your money and invest it in the economy and pay you a share of the profit - pay you interest. If his idea was implemented everyone would take their money out of the banks. If memory serves all the way back to 2007, thats called a 'Bank run', and started this whole problem. Besides with the FTSE down ~30% and property down ~18% it would have to be a huge level of tax to get peoples deposits out.
  10. Its not like we didnt know it was going to happen.
  11. Fair enough, perhaps I was a bit harsh. Its a bit stupid though that people suddenly want to buy gold and decide to do it from a newspaper ad. Bandwagon stuff. What would you think of someone wanting to get into property and responding to an ad in the paper to 'make money buying flats'? You'd think they were a mug. A problem. You could see a bubble forming if you were here 4 years ago. Like I was. I used to own BTL property and when the ads started appearing to 'get rich by buying BTL', I sold up. For a year after I was worried - did I do the right thing? Now I know. I did the right thing and at the right time too. Everyone I knew thought I was mad they kept telling me how wrong I was. And, to be honest, I started to believe them. They piled into BTL (because they saw me 'making money') and now they are in a really, really bad financial state and I feel terribly sorry for them. With the cash from the property sales, I bought gold. Now, again, I hear people saying 'Buy Gold, you cant lose!!' So, now I know its time to get out. Buying things because the price is rising is about the dumbest thing you can do. Buying it from a newspaper ad is even dumber. Dont say you were'nt warned.
  12. EA's are obliged to pass on the offer by law. If he fails to pass on your offer he's breaking the law. Granted, you might be a wind-up merchant or you might not have the money full-stop. In which case I understand why he's asking for proof. But it doesnt matter, the circumstances. AFAIK The law makes NO provision for this. Remember the EA is a common-or-garden piece of sh!t. You own him. You are paying his wages and right now he has nothing to feed him. Tell him fk all and threathen him with legal action if he does not provide proof that the offer has been passed on . As long as the offer is made in writing the law is (for once) on your side. Give im both barrels.
  13. Because Professor Garel Rhys "one of the world's most renowned car industry experts" would be out of a job if we didnt.
  14. Sry, meant $850 spot. Firstly the coin weighs 8gms but what is the gold content? (probably about 7gms?) Secondly, but can you cancel? Is it like one of them book clubs And aside from all that the point stands- who the f buys investments from newspaper ads? Ask yourself this, "When was the last time a good deal came looking for me?"
  15. Another gold thread from a newbie? Time to sell, methinks...
  16. Hey Jimbo, thats mighty big talk for someone with only 11 posts. Anyone would swear that you hadn't a clue what you were talking about. Try this thread - apparently you can buy 'em from newspaper ads now....
  17. A sovereign is a coin that weighs about 1/10th of an ounce. On this basis you'd be paying roughly £1190 for an ounce of gold. Currently an ounce costs about £850. If you are so clueless as to be buying gold from a newspaper ad, then you shouldnt be on this site. 2 minutes research on the internet would have told you all you need to know. Its blind, uninformed morons like you like you that caused all this economic chaos in the first place. Still, its a bandwagon... go ahead jump on board. Ther sooner people like you destroy yourselves by 'investing' in things you clearly have no idea about, the better.
  18. Its not to confuse us. Its one of those marketing scams. You cannot advertise a price as 'reduced' unless its previously been advertised as higher. Besides they got fk all else to do at the moment.
  19. Lets get a collection going... I pledge $10. And a whole bucketful of tears.
  20. is it 'They', as in, "8 average salary workers" have to club together to buy a 75% share in a papier mache fk hutch 90 miles from their office! And they'lll never actually own it, either.
  21. Bump this up. For your new year resolution. You can thank me next year.
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