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  1. I'd be interested to hear this too.
  2. Sorry, just cannot help it sometimes you make it too easy! check out the brain on this one - she makes mad assumptions about what you've done, how much you've got to spend and what you want to buy all in one sentence. Apollo - you just shout "ignorance" with every single post - even for a junior EA. 'nuff said
  3. Sale is a nice area. Good housing stock and a mature populace, close(ish) to the metro - you gotta like it. On the downside its a bit anonymous and there is a huge stock of houses - dont buy anything at anywhere near the asking price. I too can confirm that houses have been sitting on the market in this area - in some cases for nearly a year. If youre looking for similar houses that cost a little less in the area I'd look at Timperley (the altrincham/hale end). Again, its a bit "suburbia" and there are huge stocks of properties on and off the market - a lot of BTL being dumped so dont pay within 20% of current asking prices here either.
  4. I noticed that too. But people like Apollo - shes been waffling on the Manchester and NW threads without answering a sngle question - simply ignore the facts and continue ranting. Put simply, in the face of professional opinion, they react like a cornered animal.
  5. Absolutely fantastic mate - very well done. Its going out to everyone in my mail list. @Reinhard - this is the way to get media attention.
  6. I did get on the housing ladder, several times. And I still have all of em. Doesnt change the facts. A crash is coming. "When the facts change I change my mind - what do you do?"
  7. ...cause Apollo has a whole stack of properties she needs to sell
  8. Rates at their lowest for about 50 years and we still need to cut them. Says a lot about the state of the economy. Bulls - I got some snake oil - left over from a deal. You wanna buy? Guaranteed 100% return. mucking fugs!
  9. A.Murder B.Fraud C.Car accident D.Theft E.War A [insert topic here] is in nobodys interest and will therefore not happen. Can I ask a question - do people like you know how stupid you are or are you completely ignorant of said stupidity? Man Ive been waiting for this "New Economic Reality". Cant wait. AWOOGA!
  10. For once I disagree with Bubb. The demographics look poor at a national level but they are more than compensated for by increasing immigration.
  11. Buy for goodness sake! What are you waiting for? The property market is set to boom and this will look like a bargain in 2 years.
  12. This is anecdotal but.. filling the car used to cost about £48. Lately it costs £55.
  13. Amen to that. I disagree. Only the muppets get it in the neck. Father Fred, for example, is a respected opponent. No, not exactly "scientific" I agree, but what about the professional polls that show the economy booming and busting at the same time? They claim to be "scientific" too. This is a calm, level-headed, intelligent analysis of the situation. This is what should happen but I believe the market runs on sentiment. It overshot on the way up I believe it will overshoot on the way down.
  14. WA14, SW Manchester jan - may 2004 = 361 sales jan - may 2005 = 214 sales Thats a 41% drop in sales people. I wonder if Apollo can polish this turd?
  15. Know Liverpool quite well - proper town - always something sparking off - a fight, music, politics...always something going on. A real proper city. I would aviod SOUTH of the mersey - its a flood plain - as are the costal areas up to southport and beyond. The whole area round chester is in a tidal flood plain. Secondly, Liverpool is standing on its own two feet - and attracting attention Careful you dont buy next to a new motorway/industrial development - check with the council. Good luck with the move.
  16. @growl - the thing is people just say "I'll drive less and turn off the lights when I leave the room - so I wont need as much oil. BUT Oil products account for a huge portion of the economy. Plastic used in keeping food fresh is made from oil. Your chicken fillet for dinner? - plastic to preserve, heat light and food to feed the chicken and petrol to get it to the shop. A lack of oil will not just hit transportation costs - it will hit everything.
  17. Oil doesnt have to "run out" to create and economic crisis. A 5% drop in supply (1971, 1990's in California) results in a 200% increase in retail price. There might be 50 years of oil left, but only at current demand levels. Assuming no improvement in the Middle East in general, the general consensus is (sweet) oil will be $150+ by end 2006. The Chinese are closing factories next week on the East coast because.....they dont have enough oil to provide power. In historical terms, the Saudis are tapping the dregs. Oil provides energy as petrol but also raw materials for a huge amount of goods especially plastics...which keep food fresh and allow it to be transported large distances. Every calorie of food produced in America requires 10 calories of energy to manufacture, pack and distribute. Perplexed again parades his ignorance "the relation to house prices is ???" If you dont understand the relationship between oil prices/availability and the economy as a whole then.... I cant decide whether you're willfully ignorant or thick as shite! This is not about "petrol prices". Its about oil. Less oil = higher prices.
  18. This is interesting - I agree. But never underestimate the ability of ordinary people to influence events and spread information. We have the internet now. This site is a prime example. We are no longer reliant on VIs for information. There may or may not be a "conspiracy" for war or economics or whatever - but the fact is we have free and open communication channels to debate this. I suggest a cool and clinical look at all the facts. "The past was yours but the futures mine" - Stone Roses
  19. Im not down with this "uk is ****" approach. I am a bear on many issues, but the uk being nailed is not one of them. This coming turbulence is nothing more than an opportunity for Britain to get back on its feet - to adopt and adapt to a new approach. There are some great minds and able people in this country - the problem is the system which squeezes them for a fast buck and does not allow talent to develop. What we are watching is the beginning of a new industrial era - as we moved from agrarian to industrial so we are now moving from industrial to technological over the next 10 years or so. This will bite a lot of people but others will rise to the challange. I dont believe in a crash - Im more inclined to it being a process unwinding over several years. Taken in this light, interest rates and/or currency movements are only indicators of change - not change itself. It is a curious habit of you brits to see "change" as somehow negative. The bulls of course have the most to lose from "change" hence the roaring and denial.
  20. Smoker, None of my business what you do. I called grappenhall like I see it - Nice, but overpriced with motorway and industrial estate plans for the area. The town centre is a bit "chav" though. Dont believe anything this fukwit says - dont even take her search results. I dont want to bring you into our arguement but this stupid c8nt would have you dive in and buy without a moments thought. Note from the quote below she is "watching the market"...not buying. For you though she adds "the presence of several properties above half a million quid shows that the Grappenhall is quite different to other parts of Warrington". Is that EA speak or what? Or....it could indicate that it is even more overpriced than other parts of Warrington! Read between the lines with this muppet - shes even doing the searching for you. Beware!
  21. "Strong demand" is a euphemism for shortage in supply, read this - http://english.aljazeera.net/NR/exeres/08B...ACB9B0F8894.htm
  22. zzzzz still no references city boy? Still nowhere[/ii] you can point us to verify your claims? "95%" is a helluva lot of city analysts to predict a rate rise. Still, I believe ya, youre obviously so much more intelligent than the rest of us. Evidence, my dear teenage scribbler. Dont they teach you "nuffink daan sarf"?
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