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  1. Many UK dwellers wont be aware of HM govts interest in NAMA.... The Treasury sent a team to Dublin to seek reassurance that huge property portfolios held by Irish developers wont be dumped on the market to gain the Irish Govt a politically risk-free return. Their concern is well placed. Irish developers/banks folding would (will?) severly affect commercial and residential property markets in the SE triggering a crash of epic proportions. This firesale of assets would bring vast swathes of property onto the market in SE England and affect 'traditional' Irish pockets in Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester. In addition there are innumerable small, private BTL investors in London, Manchester and Liverpool who may have to sell their UK properties to service debts at home. These properties are already in trouble as many paid peak prices in sterling when sterling was strong. So, before you factor in any price declines, these investments have declined sharply in Euro terms and are nursing huge losses for their owners. Additionally, any income from rents, paid in Sterling, will also have declined substantially. Remember where you heard it first.... .
  2. She should add the taxman to that list. Most BTLers dont pay tax on this income as that type of mortgage hides the fact that its rented.
  3. Cells, I'm not gonna play your 'ask a question to distract' game. What I disagree with is in this post http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...t&p=2055967 Anyone new to these boards should look at this type of arguement. I did not at any point mention anything about 'people sulking' - instead I pointed out how cells arguements were dumb. This is how trolls try to distract and derail a thread. They try to distract you from what was previously posted, making you assume I said something else. Follow the link I posted, then read cells reply. He has nothing to say. Go. Check for yourself. ABHarrison does the same thing. He answers nothing. He just keeps asking questions until you are all confused about what the original point was. Again, go back, read again. Check it out, you'll see I'm right. Link? Source? ...anything?
  4. Believe it or not Cells has made some good points on other topics over at the other place. Which makes it all the more surprising that he is a fkn moron on the oil/energy issue. Thats about the dumbest fkn statement I have ever read. Ever. On any issue. 1000mpg? In a fully laden family car? About town, on short journeys? Carrying shopping on twisty roads with stop/go driving? Total, utter, unreconstructed, horseshit. Where the fk do you think 'electricity' comes from? Not even remotely enough time. Cells, fuc*k off..... Just F*uck off. Every one of your points is just total boll*x. Not one of them has any merit. It is my true and honest belief that you are shilling/trolling on this issue. Nobody, nobody could be this ill-informed or naive.
  5. NAMA is also buying up Irish owned assets in SE England. This means that potentially billions in property will be under the control of the Irish govt. The UK treasury sent a team to Ireland to ensure that NAMA was not planning to offload property to settle debts - they were worried that this could crash the UK property market too. Watch this space....
  6. Paranoid Landlord Great game. Commodore 64, wasnt it?
  7. Its a market - the mechanism works of its not interferred with. There is no situation where the bonds 'dont sell', only where bonds dont sell at a particular rate. In order to get the bonds sold the govt drops the price which increases the return, increases the interest payable on the bonds. Higher rates = more attractive investment = more buyers. Lower rates = less attractive investment = less buyers - and possibly a 'failed' auction. The govt are trying to keep rates down and the market is telling them to put rates up. The rates on bonds feed almost exactly into what we call 'interest rates' and/or mortgage rates. The govt know higher rates will crucify people with loans/mortgages and are desperate to keep them down. The way they are doing this is by QE. 'If the market wont buy the bonds, we'll buy them ourselves and keep rates artifically low.' Edit to add - http://cityunslicker.blogspot.com/2009/07/...eyond-more.html
  8. This wouldnt just 'happen' to be good for gold would it? Incidentally Martin Armstrong predicted a 'big event' on MArch 29th, didnt he? Whatever happened to that?
  9. Your write. He should, get some one, who can, right proper before he sends, it.
  10. No mention of Jeremiah Duggan? What a surprise.
  11. Be careful what you use in your thread headings. 'Unadulterated' is an awfully big word for some HPC'ers.
  12. Havent read it, not interested in reading it if its as you describe. No person with any credibility would make any such a prediction. Total horseshit.
  13. See things like that all the time. People leaving wholesalers with van loads of cola or lightbulbs or kidney beans or whatever... Would love to ask them "WTF do you need a pallet of shaving foam for?"
  14. How about '****** off'. That answer ok for ya? You've only been here 2 weeks, I notice....
  15. No more equity = no more insane consumer spending = reduced demand for pretty much everything = increased jobless = more defaults/repos = HP falls. Also = less tax take (PAYE and VAT) = increased gov borrowing = demand for higher bond yields = higher interest rates = more defaults/repos = HP falls. From a HPC point of view, its a done deal. Now or next year there is no way out of this. It just remains to be seen how much more of the economy the gov is prepared to sacrifice to sustain HPs/Banks. The debts must be repaid or defaulted on. It really is that simple. QE has failed; time to take the medicine.
  16. Another cracking post HonEA. Keep 'em coming.
  17. Brown fingernails and smelly fingers everywhere. People picking bottoms all over the place. Next time you speak to an EA check his fingernails.....
  18. Youre either deliberately trying to confuse people of you dont understand the situation. Nobody was flipping properties. What was flipped was the status of the property, not the property itself. Anyone with two properties can choose to declare which one is their primary residence and can change it at any point by notifying the revenue.
  19. 5 years and only 1 post!! "think I should start looking" "I don't care how much prices have fallen" "have been miserable, being the pariah" "I can see many HPCers missing out " You are truely, dreadfully shite at this. Get another job. 0/10
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