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  1. Yes and No. There is a definite slowdown in spending but this is "high street" spending - much of it is moving to online. Bought some electronics and baby stuff recently, all on the web. Looking at a new car early next year. Will not be buying locally - will use the web to find what I want and buy there.
  2. I agree. Have noticed this here in the past 6-8 weeks. Whenever I see a bandwagon with simple straightforward solutions I get suspicious. Someone mentioned "preachers" too - we have our own on here. "Its a pity all the people who know how to run the economy are stuck cutting hair and driving taxis" - George Burns
  3. If inflation takes off house prices will not fall. In this scenario as inflation rises house prices remain stagnant which is the same thing as a fall in the "value" of housesl. Imagine you were buying into an inflationary UK economy with Euros, for example - house prices would get cheaper as inflation rises. What we may see are nominal house price falls (10%) combined with increased inflation. Confidence in the housing market will remain because people see prices "remaining" high.
  4. Ditto for the illusion of poverty that many people on this site suffer from because they cant afford to "own" a house......
  5. Probably a load of "for sale" signs sends out a bad sign. If there is so much for sale it can weaken confidence. EAs dont want confidence weakened. Noticed this recently on a local block of flats. About 10 signs up. Then removed. Reappeared days later in the windows of the properties.
  6. you could point out that in the winter its full of old people, smells of piss and prescription medicines - whilst in the summer every scally for 50 miles around is eating chips and puking on lord st....
  7. ..you forgot to mention that Southport is the "new orleans" of the UK lying as it does about 2ft above sea level :lol
  8. If oil prices continue to rise surely property that is closer to a city/town centre, public transport or places of work will either rise commensurately or suffer smaller drops? I have thought for a while that people who didnt buy because they were waiting for falls were going to get stung, I just couldnt see how. Now I think I do. Properties in "desirable" suburbs will become a millstone while those closer to places of work (usually city or town centres) will hold value better. Cities like NY will not suffer as much as Hicksville Idaho - because commuting is easy. Same with say London and the home counties. This is the poke in the eye for the STRs. House prices might come down enough to afford them - but can you afford to commute from (and heat!) them. There are no winners in this situation. Discuss......
  9. Oil works out at about 20p per pint (UK measure). Oil is not going "up" in price, its been WAY below what it should be for a long time. The reason its breaking $70 a barrel is simple - human reaction - madness, paranoia, speculation and rumour.
  10. Ebola, sars, aids, blah blah blah..... scientists say Persil gets your whites whiter. Scientists, if people weren't so gullible, are what might be called "VI's" on this site. They want money to fund research. But we have done for about 50,000 years. What? Its different now cause you cant afford a house?
  11. Just watch what happens to the "smart arses" when they're the first ones to lose their jobs.
  12. I thought it might be the paranoid-bear-types on "night watch". Keeping an eye out for black helicopters droppign bundles of money. Cause thats the key to a HPC. See Blair means Crash in the BIble code language and Brown, if you add up the digits reads "2005". Its obvious really - im watching out for the inflationary CIA paranoia inducing money thats implanted in your head because...(etc etc...ad nauseum)
  13. Invest in tins of beans. Everyone is gonna need tins of beans in their bunkers while the sky falls in.
  14. Posting stuff like this makes you sound like youre already depressed. Its a storm. It'll do some damage. But Jesus aint coming down to smite the rich and help the meek. Are you American by any chance?
  15. All these jobs are just a defensive "ring" around the government for when ****-ups happen. Tony and Gordon can then be seen to take action by sacking some overpaid seat warmer. Obvious really.....
  16. Again a dose of Real Politik is required. We know SIPPS are a bad thing but repeating it endlessly serves no ends. Labour and every other government had only one aim - stay in power. If dangling this carrot in front of the housing market can stave off a HPC, or mitigate the effects of one, then its a go-er. Labours vote depends on home owning middle class (BTL) types. Saving them from the worst excesses by proping up house prices makes sense in this light.
  17. I agree. But the businessmen have it wrong. Oil is cheap - about 10p per pint. In about 2 years people will realise just how cheap it was. The general public dont look at spending "relative to producer-output prices" only at what they can afford. The "no economic impact" has some merit. If people dont know prices are near record highs, they arent bothered. Look at the housing market - it moved above trend about 3 years ago and we are only beginning to see large scale realisation of this. As Bubb said before - and I agree - its all built on sentiment.
  18. Is this the thread where I post my 25,000 word thesis? zzzzzzzzzzzzz
  19. I agree but it took 5 years for his stock market warning to have an effect......
  21. wtf is so funny? I used to go out with a girl that looked like that. You should see the rear....
  22. Sorry - beered up I'm on a mission to make people understand that a HPC (if it happens) is a symptom... it is not the problem. A gruagh? A Laugnt?
  23. In the second quarter, the net wealth tied up in British homes dropped by over £60bn. This was because falling house prices wiped close to £40bn off the value of the housing stock and total mortgage debt rose by over £20bn. The last time net housing wealth fell was in the fourth quarter of 1995. MY FONT IS BIGGER THAN YOURS - DOES THAT MEAN MY POINT IS MORE VALID????
  24. I agree. Everyone else is to blame. Especially the government. And the council. And immigrants. And Jews. And the Irish. And the Bankers. And anyone who makes me responsible for my own failings.... They're a lousy bunch of good-for-nothing useless lying...(etc etc ad nauseum) PS I forgot the Immigrant Jewish Irish who bankroll the propaganda-media. Really hate them f**kers.
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