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  1. Ohh-err hes a bright one! Learns real quick. Of course HPI is only a symptom, not the problem, but it is far from clear that there is any "end of the world" scenario brewing. Dont let the bears and astrologers ( ) get to you. But "pointless"? Steady on, old chap. Chin up, shoulders back, chest out. Youre reading this site, getting an education, learning the ropes, listening to others opinions.... Youre already half way to a solution
  2. I smell a "Fathers For Justice" style hijack brewing here.... This is a discussion forum. Not an incitement forum.
  3. Some might say that this is not the only bomb the Iranians are going to detonate in March What joyous present could the Islamic republic give to its people for the Iranian new year?
  4. Can't believe people are ramping shares like this (and the mods are ignoring it). This place is turning into a tip-sheet. Where is the evidence for any of these assertions? Whats this "new technology"? Anyone buying shares based on anonymous and unsubstantiated tips on a website deserves to be hammered. DYOR
  5. Germany the 2nd highest holder of gld bullion? If so they would be well advised to cash it in to help their economy/balance of payments/high social welfare bill etc.... And, of course, they will do at some point. Be careful people.# Jst like the asians will drop the dollar if they need cash............(ahem)
  6. so house prices are up by 0.1% - whats that after inflation is taken into account?
  7. Sorry, I dont buy any of this. There may be a short-term rise in coal share prices but thats all it is. I find it hard to believe that this would be in any way acceptable in a climate where the whole planet is looking for ways to reduce CO2 emmissions that people are going to start burning coal again. Anyway, how would it solve transport problems? Or electricity generation? How many coal fired power stations are left? You think they're gonna build coal fired stations instead of nuclear? Not a chance. This is, at best, hype; at worst, share ramping.
  8. That may be so. But Iread this guys "goodbye" page and it seems to be a little bit "conspiritorial". He may have been right on a few issues but I dont think he's a guru. Just a comment, thats all.
  9. Dont be silly. We already have something with a heading that says "Average House Price". What more do you want? R Move
  10. Dubliners should not read this report. Uh, uh. No way. Its all wrong. What the f do these hippy yanks know? Sure, arent they all protestants on LSD anyway? Sure, the auld house prices will go up for ever. God told me.....in a dream....only last night........
  11. I agree that the BBC's editorial policy is often flawed, but the arguement that this is a "state" broadcaster is nonsense. It is a national broadcaster and one of the finest examples in the world. All the rest is just hot air from the right-wingers, exercised that a publicly-funded corporation can stand head and shoulders above a profit making company. The BBCs existance and continued success gives the lie to the idea that the market is king and we are powerless to oppose it. Which, of course, is the whole point of HPC. EDIT ** removed points that had already been made by other posters.
  12. I'll say it again - Its to pay for the digital switchover. The biggest engineering project in the UK since WWII. When its complete it'll be a universal communications system that the world will admire. It will bring proper jobs and skills to the UK. More importantly it will provide exportable technology. Think of it like the railways 2 centuries ago - Britain led the world, it provided economic and social advantage and allowed an empire to be built. Considering that 50% (thats nearly 1 in 6!!) of the UK workforce have a primary school level of "noomeracy and litteracy" I would expect a lot of people to moan about it simply because they dont understand it. As Arthur C Clark said "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" Give up on criticising this - youre on the internet - you pay for it and you learn. The potential of a fully integrated national communications system will blow you away. Pay your TV licence or you'll stifle the development of the most advanced comms system the world has ever know.
  13. There will be 4 billion Euro released into the economy this year from maturing SSIA's. That will keep the "boom" going for another while. To say that the boom is not driven by debt is partially true but I know of several people in Ireland in way over their heads. Also, if I remember correctly, it is against Irish law to evict people from their main residence.
  14. Then maybe the FTSE is overvalued?
  15. The headline of this article is "Danger lurks for first time buyers" The first line of this article is "If recent reports are to be believed...." Secondly, an increase of 100% in mortgage applications is not the same thing as and increase of 100% in mortgages granted. And its even further away from a 100% increase in the value of loans given. Above all this though is proof positive (IMO) that a HPC is underway. Consider this - if 20% of the market for mortgages are FTBs who are the other 80%? 1 - Speculators? If 80% of the mortgage market is going to speculators then either a ) there are very few mortgage applications being made or B ) we are about to see the mother-of-all speculative bubbles. 2 Or people trading-up? Assuming that 1 mortgage = 1 house we can assume that a fair portion of that 80% have properties to sell. Thus, a reduction in prices is inevitable. Only 20% buying in at the bottom and, say, 40% trying to sell at the top? 3 Re-mortgages? If this is the case then the mortgage market is fairly stagnant, with banks essentially "swapping" money between themselves and dressing it up as "activity". Any takers?
  16. Reminds me of the old quote - "When the facts change, I change my mind - what do you do?"
  17. One for Bubb and the Chartists.... http://*******.com/cbxb9
  18. Ireland has done this. Very effectively too. You get charged for plastic bags, or you can have paper bags for free. People in the UK are very resistant to change IMO.
  19. I think you've answered your own question there. Round my way (prosperous northern town) the "high street" is dying. Big time. Its only a matter of time before prices and yields start falling. Just my tuppence worth...
  20. Yeah, I'd be real worried about "energy inputs" and "CO2 emmissions" if I couldnt move my family around. Btw - you've got it wrong about glycerine. Glycerine is extracted from veg oil to make biodiesel. Its a by-product, not a component.
  21. Catch - ok, I think you got me wrong. I was expecting (yet another) rant against immigrants. If I wasnt clear - I apologise. And no, I dont have any issues with you or anyone on the board. So lets wipe the slate clean and start again. I'll continue with little story - I recently began a small hi-tech startup. It was spun out of University research departments. I can find nobody from the UK/Ireland who can assist me with this at a reasonable price. They all seem to think they are gods gift - believe me they are not. I then met a polish barman who was working 2 jobs. Turned out he had all the requisite skills and a load of mates with same. He now earns the same as potential UK employees would have earned (a high salary). He is worth it for one reason alone - this guy and his mates are demons for work. They want work, they enjoy work and the quality and attention to detail is astounding. They are pleasant, very hard working, honest, can follow instructions and are a great group of lads. We need more of them.
  22. Yeah but if asking prices are falling then prices paid are falling. If asking prices are rising it does not imply that prices paid are rising.
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