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  1. "Tell Me Why Not To Buy Holiday Let In Cornwall!" ....'cause its full of Londoners
  2. So you think it a good thing that manufacturing jobs are being lost? Your solution is that people get a customer service position 150 miles from where they live? Brilliant. Do you have a chip on your shoulder because you occupy one of the non-jobs created by the yanks so they can launder, sorry recycle, their profits at a lower tax rate? Yer a f d1ckhead and ye cant see the wood for the trees. The country is doomed and all it requires is coked-up customer service agents (Client excutives? Customer champions?) like yerself to cheer it over the edge. Keep up the sarcasm....it makes the world go round.
  3. Think you might be on the wrong website here mate. Alternatively try here for australian property Australia Or here for an education regarding property in budapest, shanghi and florida. Gotta be honest mate. If your "internet research skills" got you here while looking for overseas investment opportunities then you should just switch off the computer and go to bed.
  4. This f***wit has borrowings (debts) of E377k plus and he thinks he's rich!!!! He doesnt even own his own place!!!!! Man, when the market tanks in Ireland I'm gonna be doing the schadenfreude all over the shop. Huh! Yeah! Get on up! ...I mean down! Uh! Eq-ui-teeeeee
  5. TTRTR - this is a bit of an attention-seeking post, is it not? Just because people dont respond to your boorishness couldnt it mean people are just bored with you? Besides higher levels of rent these "rules" will bring about higher costs to the LL. So I cant understand what you're crowing about.
  6. Jeez, What a muppet! Dont you know anything? You've got to get it all now before its too late. If you dont get in now you'll be left behind - there's a limited supply. Wait and see. I'll be wearing my HPC socks and jockstrap and you'll be cold and eh......exposed.
  7. Maybe they'll be going Irish in Japan. Ever thought of that? Turning Irish, I think I'm turning Irish, I really think so.....
  8. I want a car sticker, a lunchbox, t-shirt and mug. Oh! And a baseball cap annnnnnddddd.......a little rubber thing with floppy arms for the end of my pencil. And summa dem "Bros" style bottle tops for me shooze. (innit!) And a back scratcher. And a digital watch. Cuddly toy! Dammit I nearly forgot the cuddly toy! How could I not have a HPC cuddly toy when the sale-of-the-century begins (Yes, I'm that old!) I'll send you my address when I buy a house, ok?
  9. This is a very simple explanation - Imagine you have £100. Right now you can i) buy a new TV for your £100 or ii) put it in a bank at (say) 10% interest. Imagine too that inflation is 15%. After 1 year you will have £110 pounds in your bank account. £100 + 10% interest. Also after 1 year inflation will affect the price of the TV set. It will now be £100 +15% = £115. What this means is that if you want to buy a TV you should buy now because you have the money. In 1 year you will be £5 short because your savings have fallen behind inflation. Again, this is very simplified but I hope it explains it somewhat.
  10. Isnt this the same Dan McLaughlin that said "now is the time to buy" or something only a month ago?
  11. You should check out this site http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk I think you'll find it informative. As for your other comments, since house prices will continue upward forever, what effects do you think this "golden" scenario will have on the rest of the economy. So everybody "Imupnorth" (if he was he'd see prices and sales volumes heading south ) will now explain how HPI can continue indefinately without any other economic consequences. So Imupnorth, over to you.......
  12. Im up for this. It could become so big that we could sell it on the FTSE in a few years. Yes indeed, it will be a great day when Crap Floats....
  13. The Moral - I understand and agree - negativity leads to powerlessness. On another note Investment in property in Ireland has been good. It could even be "great" if people knew when to sell. (You dont make money buying things...) However, having some personal experience of this market I can tell you that people are buying property with huge amounts of debt. Most of them would never take on this just for the rental yield - they believe prices will continue to rise, so they buy in, reduce supply and therefore increase prices. I know of people in their late-20s who are (only now) thinking of buying a house to let. "Someone else pays the mortgage" and you just sit back and let the HPI make you rich. No mention here of course, that a house increasing from 100k to 150k in one year is still a 100k debt - unless you sell it. People in Ireland have still not figured this out. Its a self-fulfilling upward spiral that will eventually invert and spiral downwards. 99% of the people will not get out in time and will be saddled with debt for their whole lives just servicing the interest. (120% mortgages are not unheard of!) As rates rise in Euroland we should begin to hear the first pips squeaking..... (Little joke - The Irish housing market is not built on sand, its built on poles! )
  14. I beg to differ. As I "pour over the gloom" I have found it has helped to avoid substantial (potential) losses whilst keeping me informed about new investment areas. At this point I can see no return from property that couldnt be had (risk free) from a good savings account. Many of these returns are because there is a lack of faith in the housing/property investment market. As a purely financial investment, property is a dead-duck. That said, everyones gotta live somewhere - so I dont see a "collapse" in house values. I do however see some softening on prices and a harder attitude from buyers leading to lower valuations. In fact, its already happening.
  15. I concur with this. Its pretty much what I've been observing. Asking prices are definately sliding in my area. Anything overpriced is sitting on the market. I personally have seen houses on for nearly 2 years. Conversely, houses that are well-priced (and that may only be 20-30k lower on an asking price of 225k - so roughly 15%) are selling well.
  16. pretty good site. Not brilliant, but good. Worth a "bump".
  17. ooohhh! A conspiracy inside a conspiracy! Where will it end? Succinct. What does "SP" stand for, I wonder?
  18. ...Thus ramping up inflation and allowing this inflation to eat the nations debts. Exports will likely rise too, giving more succour to the CBI. This does seem the best course of action. Even though the most prudent in society (the savers) would be punished most severly. Will Gordon go for Economic expediency (rates down) or Political expediency (rates up)?
  19. Funny that. If the scotsman reported house prices were rising you and everyone else here would jump down their throats wailing about VI spin and biased reporting. This is just a puff-piece written by a Scots Nationalist. Fair play though, got no probs with that. But representing this as some sort of relevation or energy revolution is simply crazy. "We use about 60 million tons of coal a year in Britain" - didnt someone say there were 300million tonnes still in Britain? So thats 5 years supply then... "producing a reduction of 40 per cent in conventional greenhouse gas emissions." Yes but not actual gas emmissions. Further, neither burning coal with biomass nor super-heating steam is a radical scientific breakthrough. "I would have thought someone with socialist leanings would have supported the miners getting their pits back?" I would prefer that these people had jobs for life - rather than just jobs part of the economic cycle. Again, how does it replace plastics? Power airplanes? It doesnt. Its a nice short term price spike from which some may benefit. I think people are grasping at straws here..... But please Feed my head RB - I dont see how this can work. (other than as a short term share play) (Enjoying the debate though!)
  20. That West Ham success is just a bubble too. Be careful. Pick an underperforming team and wait. No need to be a "flash harry". What about Preston North End? Plenty of room for growth there....
  21. No its called ramping. There was a report on Channel4 or BBC2 last night about this "clean coal" nonsense. Some pit town in pennsylvania was "promoted" by GWBush as "alternative energy". The catch was at the end of the report where it was mentioned that in 3 years (after loads more r&d and investment etc) the plant would yield the equivalent of 5000 barrels of oil. 5000 for 3 years work!!! I'd get more energy from mowing my lawn and burning grass clippings for 3 years. Sorry to all you "believers" but this is total bs. I understand if you are just stock market players in it for a short term buck - but, please, dont represent your personal financial interests as the salvation of the western worlds energy crisis. If you do, I'll continue to shoot you down at every opportunity. There is no "energy-solution" in coal. There may be a few short-term bucks but thats it. Anything else is just ramping shares (which gives this site a bad name and attracts the type of money-grubbing morons that caused these problems in the first place). The mods should be on this.
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