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  1. See...its about-turns like this that make me think this whole debate is well...rigged in one way or other. All of a sudden we have a herd of 'bears' turn, not quite bullish but, at least anti-bearish. Again I strongly suspect something afoot here - may have the webmasters fingerprints on it or it may not. It feels to me as though the agenda is being...pushed? Manipulated? There a concerted or co-ordinated effort from previous bears to undermine the bearish approach? I've also noticed it with a few other 'big' members too - are the web admins/mods involved..... But....whats written...quoted evidence when your pbviously paranoid (NB would prefer "circumspect", please)
  2. Fook me, now that is scary. No sales in 9 months - I suspect this is going on in other places too. BTW the correct link is here
  3. So Aussie - you dont think energy prices are a factor in the transportation or manufacture of goods? Forget heating house and water. Forget cooking food. Forget driving to work. Hey everybody come laugh at the aussie who thinks rising energy prices will not affect heating and/or air-conditioning of commercial property? International flight? The school-run? Dear oh dear what if it filters through from retailers costs to retailers prices? What would happen to inflation? What about the ability to preserve goods in plastic? What if its so expensive to drive that out of town retailers lose business (see wal-mart in the US). This dim aussie thinks it affects your central heating or your petrol bill. The terry and june scene shows, on more than one level, how out of touch you really are....
  4. I have suspicions that we are under a prolonged troll attack. Aside from that I dont want a huge boom and bust. 10-15% from here would suit me fine. People should also be aware that a HPC willl occur triggered by any or all of the following - Escalating energy prices - Rising interest rates - credit contraction - increased unemployment (even the NHS are letting people go!!!!) - Fiddled CPI / HPI figures - Pensions shortfall But - It will not happen in one day. It will not last for only one day. It will not happen uniformly nice and obviously and equally across the country. It will gradually unwind and have knock-on effects throughout the country and economy. It has alread started. Anyone who comes on here with their "yaa boo you got it wrong" attitute is a fu*kin mug; plain and simple. Even the most bullish of bulls know this. Nobody on this site believes things will continue for much longer - no matter what they say - the smart ones are talking it up to allow themselves more time to get out.....wait and see. eh TTRTR?
  5. If this is the position you take then, in general, I actually agree with you. But yer posts werent clear - I thought you were in HPC denial.
  6. I shouldnt really bite on this..it only encourages that dumb "prices-will-go-up-forever" type of negativity. But what the hell.... BUT...... Huh? I dont get what youre trying to say - there will be a crash, but different houses will lose different amounts. Or there wont be a crash if different houses lose different amounts but only across 75% of the country? Which is it? A crash will not happen in a day and will not be visible after a week. It will be visible to most only in retrospect. (Like when you try to sell a place and it wont shift.) The trick is to see it, not necessarily before it happens, but at the very leastwhen its happening. Youre obviously too busy fluffing your opinions to see that we're right in it at the moment. You are a legend.This is the HPC quote. I bet this quote is gonna go down in history like the "there is no hurricane" or "there are no American troops in Bagdhad". ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. As Oscar Wilde once said, "I like to quote myself; it adds spice to my conversation" I dont presume to such high company but I gotta say......dammit, I am good
  8. Hang on a sec....did this really surprise anyone? I mean really? This sort of low level sh1te goes on everywhere, all the time. Whats new about it?
  9. Dont move there. Its one of the lowest lying areas of the UK. In about 5 years you wont be able to buy flood insurance. Aspect and elevation....Aspect and elevation....Aspect and elevation.....etc
  10. My "shut the ****** up" monkeys have taken hold and they are running straight at realist bear. He's either a confection from the webmasters twisted brain designed to stir up debate or hes a class-A f*ckin retard.
  11. Are you f*ckin retarded or something? This has got nothing to do with bulls or trolls or even house prices for that matter. "If you trolls and bulls are upset by it why not post some articles that contradict rather than say bearish articles are spin? There are plenty of articles written by EAs and Mortgage lenders that say houses are flying off the shelves etc." Again, are you retarded? Its not an article - its a letter. EAs are writing spin, so what..... we should just make up shit too? That will correct the problem? The economic imbalances? Is this the way your brain works? This is how you reason things out? You need to check yer head, pal. It appears you have deliberately misrepresented an article by selectively editing it. You have done this before. What "desired effect" is it having? On who? While there are clearly morons here who will applaud any retarded spin (yours and the mainstream media) I can only say this - What youre doing is so calculatingly counter-productive that you are either genuinely dim or youre a fifth columnist. On reflection, perhaps youre a figment of the webmasters imagination - designed to stir up debate? People couldnt really be that dim, could they?
  12. Its "opening" but its miles behind schedule. It wont be fully operational for about 2 years, anyhow.
  13. Some people I know, who I do not respect and who I regard as overpaid chavs announced they were getting into BTL. These people are very uneducated and unself-aware. They dont read books (because they know everthing already?!) they eat microwave food and decorate their houses "off the telly". They comprehend nothing except satisfying their own material cravings - clothes, cars, "exotic" holidays and back to clothes again. They are, in essence, morons. For me, it was a very clear signal that only monied mugs were left and it was time to get out. So I did. EDIT - they bought a one-bed new build in some commuter town outside london.
  14. Remember that book called DOW 50,000 which outlined why the DOW would hit 50k in 1999? I reckon the FTSE could be 5000 by end of 2006. Could be 5000 be the end of the month - depending on the Iranian new year celebrations and the outcome of the Italian election. Sing the FTSE song - "I'm so excited and I just cant hide it. I'm about to lose control and I think I like it."
  15. RB Again you are damaging the HPC "message" with your spin. If I didnt know better I'd say you were a fifth columnist.
  16. Learning to read between the lines is an essential skill. This looks to me like a revision which will have huge implications if its taken on board and a lesson to investors. Accounts going back 5 years are to be reviewed. Can shareholders who bought shares during this period sue on the basis of false accounting? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4818950.stm
  17. Civil Wars, Famine, Pestilence Across Planet. Refugees flee to britain ARLA says "BTL investments are really paying off. Think about it; These wretched, starving, impoverished masses need somewhere to stay, right?"
  18. I think Coup d'Argent is the phrase youre looking for....(ahem)
  19. My understanding (such as it is...) is that while all this is profitable for short term trading, its actually indicative of weaknesses in the market. As I've been told - All the M&A stuff reflects a lack of opportunity as the only way companies can keep the books ticking over is to integrate with another company. There is no "business" to be done. Secondly I understand all these dividend payments and share buybacks to highlight the fact that a company has nothing to invest its money in and therefore "gives it back". Anyone know if this is true?
  20. The French for death is "mort". The French for Orgasm is "petit mort". Onwards and upwards. Im gonna write a book called "FTSE 10000". Everybody sing the Stockbrokers Song - I'm so excited and I just cant hide it, I'm about to lose control, and I think I like it....
  21. I oughta pay attention. I read the above bit and thought it said "Gordon Banks". he he he
  22. ...so you put in 1250 per month. The 250 gets a high rate (if its in for a year and no withdrawls etc etc) but the 1000 portion stays in a crappy current account paying sod all. If I have that right, when you consider the interest earned on the 1k portion I bet it turns out pretty crap rate overall.....
  23. Nice find Jeff. Illustrates what most people know about their own area - local knowledge. Hopefully, should abate the panic some people are obviously feeling.
  24. This is the Sale/Altrincham/Timperley area. M33/WA14/WA15 "Come on down" - I'll show you 2 houses on the market for nearly 2 years. On my road (32 houses in total) there are 5 for sale and 2 for rent. What all the surveys fail to show is the number of houses not sellling. Also increased numbers of "For Sale or To Let" signs. On top of that there is a vast quantity of three/four bed semis in the area. Plenty to choose from. So there should be no pressure to buy. I'm in no rush.
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