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  1. Your rightmove search is for 'anytime'. Try 'last 3 days' and over 18 new props are listed. In 3 days.....
  2. The best bit of advice I can give is to get someone else to negotiate. Get your dad or brother or mate to go into the office, knowing your highest price. This way the 'nerves' or excitement or any bullshiting or browbeating by the sales people wont work. The sales person wont understand but your negotiator wont be swayed because they dont have emotions or money on the table; of course the sales-drone doesnt know this. He'll try every trick in his book but none of it will work. He'll soon realise its down to price, and price alone. At that point he'll have to give way or lose a sale. Seriously, give this a try its worked wonders for me.
  3. link here http://www.nethouseprices.com/index.php?con=sold_prices_street_detail&street=UNION+STREET&locality=LIVERPOOL&town=LIVERPOOL&cCode=EW&year=All&house_style=All&house_age=All&search_radius=&outcode=L3&incode=9QX shows em going for £150k+ less than a year ago.
  4. Youre forgetting the fall in sterling over the past few years. Its likely these boyos borrowed in euros to fund a sterling purchase and their returns are in sterling. Sterlings fall has caused them to lose serious money. I'd doubt many are even above water on these 'investments'. The Irish govt scam/sheme called NAMA is taking in UK based 'investments' and writing them down in a big way. How long before Johnny Londoner realises that their property is dependent on the Irish govt dumping their holdings on the market?
  5. A quote in that article from Glenn Beck shows why it wont happen. Talking about the Teabaggers in the US and their opposition to all things 'Liberal' he says: "Maybe they're tired of evolution, and they are waiting for revolution." Waiting for revolution. Waiting. Like everyone else, everywhere else, we all have something to lose. Aside from the odd nutjob, no ones gonna do anything to risk their position, however meagre it may be. And they're right. See the thing is, these people are so afraid (and fear after all is what they are about) that even glacial change, evolution, means they lose some of what they have. They are not facing reality. Its almost a microcosm of the current financial situation: Loses have to be taken somewhere along the line. You can twist and turn, you can pump and print, but the loses have to be realised. Here and there, the future or now, doesnt matter. Best just get used to it.
  6. Hi Tenubracon, Can you let us know what version of FF and PB you are using? Were any error messages displayed? The best option is to shutdown FF totally. Check in Task Manager (ctrl-alt-delete) to make sure its totally shutdown, sometimes it doesnt! Then restart FF and see if the probelm remains. Post here again if youre still having problems. That is correct ToW. Have you added any new addons for FF? Try going to Tools - Addons in the FF menu and make sure PB is enabled. Were any error messages displayed? Alternatively make sure that you have some options ticked on the PB toolbar - Filter. If you have nothing 'ticked' very little will be displayed. Again, post here and let us know whats happening. Remember sometimes PB gets very busy and you may get an error message.
  7. Not just a smell either. Last Autumn there was an infestation of flies in the area. No one knows why. read here about it if youre not local. http://www.messengernewspapers.co.uk/news/4672064.Fly_swarm_hits_Atlrincham/ I gotta be honest if was fkn horrible. There were literally hundreds of thousands of them. Shops and restraunts shut because of it. Lasted about a week. Seriously, it was minging. Right now we got the smell of chicken/pig 5hit wafting across the area as the farmers gear up for planting. Altys nice, but it does have a downside. If that fly infestation happens again this year, I'm outta here.
  8. How very bizarre! I have been trawling this very area and have property-bee records going back almost 2 years. Only last night I was noticing the increased number of rentals available in south Manchester. For example there are over 270 properties available around Sale/Alty/Timperley/Hale for under £1k pcm! Thats by far the highest amount in a long time. Your mate needs to look harder.
  9. You mean Stamford Brook, I take it? If you've got teh budget for a 3 bed Papier Mache house in Stamford brook you could get a much better house in an established area like Sale or Timperley for the same money. Its not Altrincham, btw its Broadheath or as the developers call it 'West Timperley'. West Timperley of course, doesnt exist. They just know that no one will buy a house in Broadheath. I understand that its not zoned for Altrincham schools, so if youre buying for that, youre gonna get mugged. I wouldnt live there if they gave me a house for free.
  10. Hard to know where to begin with this! How about 'I havent read this much unadulterated crap in a long, long time'. 1. US 1930s - deflation - no collapse in either world or US economy. 2. Where is this deflation? Have you got any figures stats to back it up? As I understand it inflation in the UK is around 3%. Its not given though, its totally wrong. If I have this right, you are suggesting that computers and machines assist us in making products more efficiently thus requiring less people. Then you point out that demand isnt keeping up. Ever think of adding 1 + 1? This is possibly the greatest load of nonsense I've ever read. Almost every analysis of western economies show huge personal debts and minimal savings. The problem is that we dont have enough savings to cover our future liabilities (corporate and personal). Pension funds are running low because people are not saving enough, banks are in trouble with capital reserves because people arent saving enough. Mansoor, you need concentrate on doing your homework or tidying your beedroom; this is a forum for grown-ups.
  11. Late to reply to this but yes, big increase in technicolour tracksuits strolling around Alty. Loads of shops have closed down in Alty too; fk all left except charity shops. Main street looks like a bomb site with all the boarded-up and painted-over windows. Noticed a huge increase recently in the number of To Let signs for office space. A lot of restaurant and pubs gone too, you'd expect that in a downturn but the good ones have folded too. This says to me that the 'money' is having to cut back as well as us ordinary folk. Know of one house that has had 75 viewings and no sale. Yes, you read that correctly seventy-five viewings. Know another place on for coming up on 5 years.... There is also a huge number of £1m+ houses, newbuilds, just sitting on the market endlessly.
  12. Heres a simple explanation. Imagine a road with 20 houses. 10 houses sell for 100k and 10 houses sell for 20k. Thats a total of (£1m + £2m) £3m. There being 20 houses the simple average price is £150k. The next year all the houses are put on the market again only this time the market has collapsed. Of the 20 houses only one 1 actually sells. Its one of the '£200k' houses but the market is weak and it sells at a 10% discount; it only sells for £180k. So in the second year even though volumes have fallen by 95% and prices have fallen by 10% the average price is now £180k. So while the market has collapsed the average price has risen from £150k to £180k, or 20%. The figures are then reported as a 20% rise in house prices. Its all bo77ox, really.
  13. Probably seasonally adjusted and will be revised downward at a later date.......zzzzzzzzz
  14. £200Bn in QE for 0.1% growth is all anyone needs to know.
  15. No the Irish havent done this, they have announced cuts. Since then though, there have been the usual threats and pleading and nothing has been done. Its a page straight out of the New Labour 'book of policy announcements and fk all else'.
  16. Mandelson was, as Clarke pointed out, trying to change the subject and waffle. He constantly leaned forward and talked across Clarke as Clarke was making his points. However, this is not the behaviour of a scared person, as someone mentioned, but of a very shrewd and manipulative political/media operator. If you get a chance, watch it; he constantly tries to imply that Clarke agrees with him, even when Clarke states he disagees. He persistently interrupts, verbally and physically, and tries to trip Clarkes line of thought. Indeed on more than one occasion he talks across Clarke, rendering Clarkes points inaudible. His behaviour was utterly disgraceful.
  17. WTF are you on about? This doesnt shown the price history. Go away and figure out how to use a computer before you post any more shite. GET PROPERTY-BEE HERE (Its a browser plugin for Firefox. It tracks the changes in asking prices on Rightmove and other sites.) Nothing like what the above links show. Clown. Stop posting ads for RM.
  18. Never in my life have I read such deluded horsesh!t...... If this is the type of 'research' that the govt is basing its calculations on then the country is truely, utterly, ****.
  19. Firstly, EA's are rarely clued up about anything. Secondly even if they were 'clued up' what difference would it make? BeerHunter is lookng for people to help. Just go to the site forum and have a look around. Your help would be greatfully appreciated.
  20. NO! NAMA are paying 54Bn for assets currently valued at 47Bn. 77Bn was the peak market value - current value is 47Bn. The govt are overpaying by about 15%
  21. Its very simple, really. The banks have these assets on their balance books against loans outstanding. Someone with a 100k mortgage has a house valued at 150k. The loan is secured against the house, so the banks has security. If the actual value of the house is 50k, the banks loan of 100k looks very dodgy. The loan is secured against the house, but this time the bank has no security. Suddenly it has a major problem - its its liabilities (the money it loaned to buy the house) are far lower than 'assets' (the house itself). And thats why the banks and govt are fighting very, very hard to stop prices from falling.
  22. I went STR in 2007 and have been laughing since. Large cash lump sum from sold property - tax free! Moved into rented. Pay about 10k per year (average) for the last 2 years in rent. In the meantime our 'target' house in our favoured area has fallen in excess of 20% so about £60k. I'm quids in to the tune of about 40k. I do not think we are at the bottom of the market, I'd guess another 20% over 18-24 months. There are too many hidden variables here - unemployment being the biggest. I also personally know several people who are clinging on by their fingertips. All it will take is one little piece of bad news for the whole house of cards to come down. I've profited from waiting, I'll continue to do so. .
  23. Square Root Recession? I like that. The Dow is at ~9000 right? And the square root of 9000 is.... [counts fingers]... 94! Sounds about right.
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