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  1. To all the above - Its a bit confusing but as well as a new Firefox version there is a new PB release. Just pop over to property-bee.com and get the latest version..... most of the country is now logged and almost all of the properties on Daft.ie (Ireland) Watch 'em tumble without Fionnuala Earley, Kirsty and David Smith telling you you're wrong..... What computer and operating system (OSX, Windows XP, Vista...) are you using? .
  2. Property-bee is a plugin (extra little program) for Firefox that allows you to 'remember' the details of properties you view on certain property sites. It stores the details on your computer and allows you to see changes to prices, descriptions etc... over time. If you want to, you can share your lists with other users. Currently the plugin covers rightmove.co.uk, propertynews.com and sspc.co.uk in the UK and daft.ie in Ireland. If you've got any questions post below.... *****HAVING PROBLEMS? PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE THE LATEST VERSION AVAILABLE HERE****** .
  3. There are whispers of a US-Iran deal being done based around the idea that the US will open an embassy-lite in Iran this year. The US is not in any shape to fight another war, thats true. Dont know about the Pakistan nukes. Plausible, I suppose, but I doubt Israel would allow them any nukes. Then again, Israel cant do much without US support. The Saudis hold all the cards really - will they accept an illicitly nuclear armed Iran dominating the region? If not could we see a Saudi/Israeli initave to counter Iran? What would the Russian response be considering their huge interests in Iran and the recent pipeline announcement? Where does Europe stand considering most of our oil comes via Russia and now the Iranians will be pumping through Russia too? Who do we trust most with our Energy security the yanks or the russians? It all depends on the European response. Tune in next week..... .
  4. Its the usual pre-US election drop. Happened 18 months ago for the senate or congress elections too....
  5. Whats the area? Show us some of the properties on RM and we'll check the price history.
  6. Probably a dumb question but have you checked under Tools / Add-Ons / Property-Bee and clicked 'enable'? Are you getting an error message? Have you updated to the latest PB?
  7. They forgot to mention that they are 'well capitalised' ....... .
  8. WTF arent you using property-bee from www.property-bee.com ? Get plugged in, stop making up stories about properties in your area and get logging them. You can run it if you're using Firefox. All of you. Go and get it. Now .
  9. Some good points there but give us a ceiling for say the end of the year. I believe Peak oil is real but of course what I believe doenst matter a damn to the oil price. Whats being pumped at the moment is low-grade stuff and its hard to get at. The input prices are rising (adding to costs) and its more difficult to refine (further adding to costs). Either way there wont be any decline in prices at the pumps. Oil prices are due a fall over the next 6 months for the US elections - any mug can see that - but I'm certain they'll rocket again in the new year. I'd say as low as $80-100 by Christmas and then 'Boom!', the big spike, a proper spike that will sustain itself for 2-3 years and make us look back at $140 oil as the good ol' days. .
  10. I'd like to know this too....BUMP!
  11. A sensible and moderate approach. Refreshing to see on HPC, I might add. Clearly your strategy and patience has paid off; they have begun to realise that a sharp drop in price is required. Your current offer of £280k is a stroke of genius. You could turn the screw by putting the offer in writing with the proviso that the offer will be reviewed in say one month to reflect 'market conditions at that time'. But you must put the offer in writing in order for the EA to comply with the law and pass it to the vendors. aking a low-ball offer on the telephone does not require the EA to pass it on. Remember, hes gonna look like a right **** for advising the vendor to turn down your initial offer in favour of someone who is in a chain so he wont be keen to pass it on unless you force him. .
  12. And yet it is the cornerstone of Western civilisation; that which sets us apart from every other society that has ever existed. What to do?
  13. Might have had a massive extension or be a complete rebuild. There will always be outliers like this. .
  14. How true. I use chicken gibblets in a bucket for my predictions. But I always remove the spline spleen as its generally distorts the readings. Phrenology is where its at. .
  15. Yes they do. Thats why they send these letters to them. Why should anyone be put to the trouble of having to post a letter to Barclays to get out of an arrangement they dont want? I've got more to do in my life than fill in forms and walk round to the letterbox to get myself out of a potential debt arrangement I didnt enter in the first place. .
  16. Where you based? If its London, forget it. .
  17. Thanks for the update, be sure to keep us posted. .
  18. What are you wittering on about "banks are always able to sell..." What property? Repossessions? Bank property? Property will always sell it just depends on the price. See, thats why repossessions are sold at auction - this gains the highest market price. Funny though, that even auctions are suffering at the moment. As someone else pointed out even a free property would incur costs such as taxes, heating, maintainence...etc..... Make your question clearer, perhaps then we can help. .
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