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  1. You do realise that its not a $700 Bn bailout, dont you? Its a facility, not a limit. Its $700 Bn at any one time. Crap is rolled in one end until it reaches a $700Bn limit. As soon as it is offloaded at the other end (into another blackhole account?) the machine begins again and another $700Bn can be cycled through. This will cost the US trillions of dollars, not $700Bn. This is why there is so much reticence to grant the power.
  2. The song is called 'What difference does it make'... which is the title of the thread. See? The 'prejudice' is just some of the lyrics.
  3. It makes none butnow you have gone,your prejudice wont keep you warm tonight. Its GCHQ (jihad, martyr, allah, republic, revolution..... still awake boys???). It'd be nice to think of em as a bunch of techno-literate James Bonds, but they're actually the brainless, unquestioning, bureaucratic vanguard of a new facism. (of course you're not, lads, you're just doing your job Go home and watch Strictly Come Dancing with the wife while your immortal soul silently rots under a veneer of BBQs and urban respectability.)
  4. "Think of how dumb the average person is. Then remember that 50% are even dumber" - anon .
  5. Chumpus - I PM'd you over on property-bee. Any chance of an instruction manual on Property Hive? Cant load data to it...
  6. Apologies FTB. You are indeed correct, however....... If you run a search to 2000 properties it will stop on the the last page with property #2000. Imagine this property costs £250k. All you have to do is go to the right hand side of the RM screen and enter Maximum Price as £250k, click find properties and a 'new' search will begin. Then just start your iMacro again and harvest another 2000 prices. I stand corrected.
  7. one last bump to get the numbers up and the message out....
  8. Yeah, well this aint a self-help site. Sorry if I've invalidated your karma or whatever... If you want peace, love, understanding and mindless platitudes go to MSE. .
  9. Thats not the case I'm afraid. It often only indicates that there are 2000 results, but I have logged considerably more than that
  10. You may need to update your version of property-bee There are some bits and pieces out there that allow you to look at the PB results in a seperate application. I'll look into it and post back when I get something useful/usable. May take a few days cause I'm quite busy at the mo'
  11. You need to read your lease. Usually a LL or an agent can maintain the property. Often times there is a gardener or workman appointed to do work. I wouldnt imagine that oiling a gate, cleaning drains or cutting a hedge in any way breaches your agreement. If in doubt contact the agent and asked to be notified in advance. Personally, I'd be quite happy to have someone maintain my place......
  12. Make sure you get the latest version off of www.property-bee.com first.... You shouldnt really need to have the sidebar open when youre browsing. You can close it down and all the details will appear in the main screen as you search.
  13. Wot he said.. but there are a few little niggles with using RM on iMacros. Below is an exact list of what you should do. Its long but once you've done it, it'll work forever ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Go here and get iMacros https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3863 Install it. A new button will appear in the top panel. Surf to RMove. Enter your search details - (best to leave em all as they are, except tick the Sold box too!) Now click though manually to the first page of the results. Now click the iMacros button at the top of your screen and a new panel will open on the left hand side. Highlight (click once) the 'Current.iim' name in the top section. In the lower section click the 'Edit' tab. Now select 'Edit Macro'. A new file opens. Delete all the text in that window and replace it with this - Now, THIS BIT IS IMPORTANT, save the open file as say Rightmove but NOTE The default save setting is .txt you must change this to 'All Files' otherwise the file will save as a .txt file. After saving go back to the 'Edit' tab (bottom half of screen) Click 'Refresh Macro List' and your new 'Rightmove' Macro should appear. Highlight the new macro. Finally, in the bottom half of the screen select the 'Play' tab. If you select 'Play' it will play the Macro once. Its best to select 'Play (Loop)' and select a max setting, say 300. Now, everytime you use RM, on any search, you have a ready-made macro that will click through for you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you got any questions ask below. .
  14. @Rachman - any idea how the LA are when approached to buy or lease (currently unused) land?
  15. Youre a mug. Firstly there isnt a 2-bed newbuild in the whole country worth £250k. Secondly, buying another newbuild you deserve everything you get. Thirdly, no one on here gives a flying fk about your predicament. Youre exaclty the type of mindless idiot who 'falls in love' with houses and causes problems in the first place. Do one.
  16. Could also mean that they are overpricing £220k houses up to £250k just to get the desired sale price. .
  17. More HPC hype and nonsense. The piggies are not going to be the ones to suffer. It'll be you and me. You're cheering your own demise. .
  18. Stormtreader - you dont have to swap - you can have both IE and Firefox on your machine. They dont interfere with each other so you can use Firefox for your Property Bee browsing and use IE for everything else....
  19. Sandon Road....? You oughta be more careful what you put on the web Shedfish.....
  20. Properties arent selling. EAs need to sell properties to survive. Sticking them in windows does not pay the bills. Hold fast, its a waiting game. If you dont buy, you stay where you are. If EAs dont get sales they hit the dole. Who do you think will crack first? When they do eventually start to bend, I fully intend to fkn break em. .
  21. In my area prices have changed from "£100k" to "Price Guide £100k". Subtle, but telling. Keep pushing. .
  22. Peston interviewed the head of Citi group last night on TV. Didnt see it all but there was a mention of HPs. Said US would continue to fall for another 2 years as would the UK but he was a lot less bearish / more reserved on the UK Housing market. ....
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