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  1. Wierd. Aside from that you could end up listening to an old couple shagging. Wonderful.
  2. Lay off the weed....man. So what do I do? Walk up to the counter and say to the cashier "I'd like to set up a standing order and do you have any 3 bed semis going cheap?" Idiot.
  3. From The Times (online) April 8, 2007 http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/busi...icle1625932.ece
  4. Thats what they are trying to do. The govt are trying to get people to spend more to get the economy moving as they are over-reliant on exports. Unfortunately Chinese people have gotten into bad habits such as 'saving' and 'not spending more than you earn'.
  5. Get the Firefox web browser here. Then go to www.property-bee.com and get the plugin here. Once you get this can see the price history for the above property : That should explain the £75k reduction. Seriously people, if you dont have property-bee you really havent got a clue whats happening.....
  6. Try the plugin for firefox from www.property-bee.com
  7. Interestingly enough ...... Search Rightmove, postcode WA15 and its the first entry.
  8. Great, thats just what we need; a Greek giving us financial advice.
  9. Let your imagination run a bit wilder and stick some entirely hypothetical names on those banks, would you?
  10. now you've gone and given it away...... Ditto! hee hee hee Thats the one! ehh... strudel.... Or maybe they just nick ideas from here..... There can be only one..... 'Provisional HPC' was founded around the time of the Google-ads thing.... 'cept now its full of fkn aussies....
  11. Spline is your man for that. He's got a whole bag of mind-twisting unfathomable ephemera for you. But remember, its all scientific!!!
  12. When will John Snow be having Kirsty Allsop on? Or would that be biting ther hand that feeds?
  13. Huh? Youre new here arent you? Thats called reporting. Banks are, in fact, not lending to other banks and indeed, who could blame them? The problem with the BBC is that they are underplaying the seriousness of the situation. Guaranteed by whom? The taxpayer, thats who. So youre guaranteeing to pay yourself back your own money through increased taxes because the banks fkd it up... What would you have them do, report nothing? More reports about some chav footballer or Jordans new tits? Are you a Jeremy Kyle viewer? Because $85 dollar oil isnt fkn positive. Oil was $16 less than 10 years ago and even at $85-90 its still 50% above its price only 3 years ago. High oil prices are very bad news for economies which depend on it. Now go away and dont come back.
  14. Another noob asking for investment advice.... do one.
  15. Anyone from anywhere can transfer their money. Thats part of the problem, though legislation might counter this. It may be illegal under EU competition law. €400 Bn of deposits being guaranteed by a country with €160 Bn GNP. Its like you personally guaranteeing Bills Gates wages. Even if only 1% of this is ever needed it puts the Exchequer on the hok for €4 Bn. What will this do to Irelands debt rating? Stupid, stupid, stupid.
  16. Really? That'd be the first time that ever happened. Try talking about gassing jews or expelling immigrants instead. Thats more acceptable on HPC.
  17. I love the smell of meltdown in the morning...
  18. Just use a mattress. Its like the thermal imaging that was invented to locate the viet cong in the jungles of vietnam. Worked for a while until the soldiers pissed on trees and the thermal imaging showed thousands of targets. Useless.
  19. What you need to do is borrow short term and repay long term. Go to your local MP and ask to borrow £50k for a nice new car for your mum (she deserves it, after all) but keep 10k for yourself. Once you've bought the car and realise you cant actually pay the money back then go back to your MP and ask him for a BoE application form (1M FKd). Send it off to [email protected] That way, your mum keeps the car, you get your 'commission' and the MP gets his money back. Everyones a winner.
  20. I did something similar. Wonder what strategies the far-right are using to propagate their views?
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