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  1. maybe, im sure ill find better, with a bit of effort...I think its a goodish commuter area though (schools etc...)...just off route 93.. train links into boston etc... im sure there are better areas...Ive only lived in North Reading and woburn before....but still think the value is better than most of the UK...even though most americans view such MA prices as crazy-lalaland
  2. Although I have considered Edinburgh, Im more interested in East Lothian (Gullane, North Berwick, Haddington, etc....) Still massively over-priced though...I quite like Portobello ....nice beech, cafes and pubs...dearth of properties though
  3. yeah, I thought that was a classic....i haven't done a really extensive search in such parts of NW london...no point. but I m sure none of these houses/flats are worth it.
  4. Must be the Curry Houses, NW london has some of the best in the country ....(ive also lived in South Manchester and Bradford!) No, Its just where my first job offer is based....not that happy about living there to be honest but I need a job. London is only great if you earn ~>200k + ....(or if you are single and 20-30 yrs old...it holds an unspecified excitement)
  5. After selling our london flat in ~06, we rented in essex for 3 years, and now living temporarily in Edinburgh...(in parents house..not good i know) Work wise, I left my job at end of 08 to pursue my own inventions/ideas and have been contracting intermittently to make ends meet. With respect to taxable income, we are a little up on the deal and I have also been able to spend loads more time with my two young children. However, about 2-3 months ago, I decided to go back to PAYE employment within a large company....I have just secured a job offer in London (NW near Ealing)...but not sure what to do next...???? Currently, we have a massive deposit >570k (based upon previous house sale/ wife had v.well paid job/ inheriting 50k). In addition to my salary ~60k, I hoped this would allow me to live somewhere near work in a reasonable 3-4 bed house...However, I am shocked at how high prices in London have got since we left....You know, really stupid prices....! For e.g. Just off the north circular (lovely not)..a 3 bed FLAT for ~4/5th of a million quid http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-26566099.html or in sw london, http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-27537094.html My friend lives opposite this bargain house in Herne hill/Brixton.. He bought his bigger/nicer house for ~370k in '05...and I have another friend in next street Spencer rd who bought a really nice house..for 420k 2-3yrs ago)... Or in my old stomping ground (Kilburn), 800k buys you.... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-16702347.html just by calling it Queens Park 'BORDERS' doesnt make it posh...its Kilburn! I give up (again)....Houses in London seem to have doubled since we sold our flat in 06....Its all ridiculous....and its not going to change any time soon...our cash is now eroded beyond a joke....i should have bought $s yen and/or gold 2 years ago.....aaarhhhh!!!! That said, I do realise many on HPC have real problems and much tougher scenarios and in fact we could find some over-priced shithole in an 'up and coming' slum if necessary...I just dont want to...I feel mostly for those just trying to save enough to get on the housing ladder....although I feel many 25-45s are giving up...Time after time, BBC financial 'reporting' infers that QE and ultra low interest rates are 'good for everyone'....If you ask me, all skilled renting workers should leave the country asap......I am looking in New England for an exit ....have US passport and some job possibilities...BTW ...Compared with ANY London suburb, just over 400k in a good suburb of Boston,MA buys you:- http://realestate.boston.com/homes/listing/374-70864147/Andover-MA-USA/60-p/18514-71098728--3227-71133505--13699-177792--468-71133561--374-70922349--374-70864147--432-71126115--4903-71109608--4884-71069815--468-71074832-ls/214-t/Price_Sales,1-ns OR http://realestate.boston.com/homes/listing/432-71110333/Andover-MA-USA/80-p/274-71126188--432-71110333--374-70297484--4949-71108719--374-71097291--468-71101397--3227-71118836--432-71100264--274-71106866--20-OPENHOUSE-1284148808-23-ls/214-t/Price_Sales,1-ns
  6. My parents live in/near Musselburgh and have had a run in with the council re: a housing development next to their hoose.... They suspected foul play when the total number of houses built on the plot significantly exceeded the number originally given planning permission.....and were built really too close together... Their objections were not taken seriously by the council during the planning meetings (my father and neighbor lodged official objection and pointed out that the builders had sneaked in several extra houses)....It .was no real surprise when during one of these such race meetings at musselburgh a few weeks later, the planners/builders and council officials were spotted enjoying the free hospitality tents together!!!....corrupt.... perhaps??.... Another issue seemed to be that a number of local builders seemed to sell these houses to each other..I think some still live there...(i.e. wall to wall black range rovers) nice place though....
  7. sorry Robert Reed http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/8293024.stm
  8. JD is irritated by the BBC bias and ignorance....and less so by our friend mr EA from Cheshire...who is the original Tory Boy (Richard Reed)...awful little oiler
  9. I asked the new government about house price stats. I suggested a more balanced/weighted stat may be required in light of low sale transactions and inflated asking prices. I got this reply... 10 June 2010 Dear Dr ***** Thank you for your email dated 24th May 2010 about house price indices. As it is not practical for Ministers to respond to all the letters they receive, I have been asked to reply on their behalf. As you mentioned in your email, house prices rose significantly under the past Government. On some indices house prices have roughly trebled since 1997. We recognise this has not been beneficial to everyone, especially potential first-time buyers. In your email you question the accuracy of the various house price indices. It is more difficult to measure house prices than the price of many other goods. This is due to three reasons: * Firstly, no two properties are the same. Even if they are structurally identical, they still cannot occupy the same location. Therefore, it is not always possible to accurately forecast the sales price of a property from the price of another. * Secondly, dwellings rarely sell at their asking price; the price at which a home is sold at is typically reached through negotiation or at auction. As a result, the advertised price can be a poor guide of the final price at completion. On the contrary, other goods have advertised list prices and many financial assets are traded on exchanges with quoted bid and offer prices. * Finally, properties are generally not sold very often, for example, during the 2000s, on average; the number of private properties sold per year was around 6 percent of the total stock. At this rate, each house would be sold on average approximately once every 16 years. This suggests that the most recent selling price of a given house will be an unreliable indicator to the price it would sell at today. There are a number of house price indices such as those compiled by the Nationwide, Halifax, Department of Communities and Local Government and Rightmove, which all use different methodology when compiling house prices. We feel that using several of these indices in conjunction can give us a fairly reliable picture of house prices. If you require more detail, the majority of these indices have more detailed information on how they are compiled on their relevant websites. Given this we do not currently have any plans to construct a new house price index, though we wish you luck in developing your idea. Yours sincerely, Daniel Steel Macroeconomic Analysis Macroeconomic and Fiscal Policy HM Treasury
  10. sorry if this is widely known to HPC, but i looked up this nauseous EA to find this:- http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/8293024.stm this guy ('Tory Boy') is generally very patronising ...very easy to see why FP gets annoyed with him... However, wonder if he s still connected to conservative party...seems v.smug on predictions for house prices though
  11. Do all EAs systematically over estimate the square footage of houses and/or the size of plots??? Twice in the last year, I have identified that what was presented within the EAs brochures was quite inaccurate. We recently pulled out of a sale because the EAs details had included the garden next door (the plot was >20% smaller than advertised)....and they had also over egged size of the living room and bed1 (by several feet) as well as including a three foot high storage space under the house as living accommodation. This is not an isolated occurrence...and I have started to believe it is common practise....
  12. I think many EAs realise the game is up and there are no more willing cash buyers....Im a 'potential' cash buyer and Ive had various EAs really putting the squeeze on over the last 2-3 weeks... Although they wont admit it, they know whats about to start happening....significantly more supply...meaning the stale properties will start cutting price so as to stand out in the crowd...some more forced sellers aswell....soon the only ones left will be the stubborn baby boomers desperate to 'get a fair price' to finance retirements and give the kids a deposit .....and pay off the BMW M3 (daddies little present to himself)
  13. Where is such a house??? im only interested to compare drops in my area
  14. Ive been tracking 4beds in Epping for a while....(Theydon Grove especially) pretty average 4 bed townhouses were consistently above 500k...now seeing cracks and a number still not selling at 460-465k....(some sellers still not willing to reduce e.g. 579k!! -) I reckon this is a good bell-weather indicator ....
  15. why so abusive...? why isnt it a career...? have you ever had much experience outside education?
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