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  1. Hmm, ok, it just looks like standard 12.5mm plasterboard to me and it's definitely NOT effective! How do you easily add acoustic insulation after the event? As far as I can tell you would have to rip the wall down first.
  2. Hi, Recently bought a new build property. There's a complete lack of insulation between the two bedrooms which doesn't bother me from the thermal point of view but from a soundproofing perspective it's really bad. I got a response from the builders which said - Upon checking construction details with the project manager, it has been made apparent that the standard internal partition wall does not require insulation, as detailed in the specification and the Building Regulations at the time of scheme approval. Therefore it will not be possible for ############# to rectify this raised item. If you still wish to meet to discuss matters further, please forward me the most convenient date you are available. - Does this sound possible to you? As far as I can tell part E soundproofing regs were introduced in 2003. Would be grateful of any facts that would support my case. Regards.
  3. They're just hoping to wear you down until you give up. Don't.
  4. Usually these clauses specify hours, eg between 11pm and 8am. Haven't seen a blanket ban like that before.
  5. I agree, the snagging is a pain. I've just bought a newbuild and am currently dealing with it. It just takes persistence to keep on at them until everything is finished as agreed. I prefer new or newish builds personally as they tend to have more bathrooms (at the expense of room-size admitedly), more focus on the kitchen as the heart of the home, double glazing, decent roofs and insulation, and so on. Modern building regulations are the best they've ever been and you'll have a lot more in the way of foundations than an old 100-year old house. All those victorian terraces in London don't even have proper foundations as we understand them now, they have footings. Yes they have solid internal walls, which may be a plus or minus depending on whether you'd like to ever alter anything, but there's a lot of building regs these days (post 2003 I think) regards sound-insulation which means it's not like the old cardboard walls of the 80s. Mineral wool is a FAR more effective sound insulator (and thermal) than brick walls, especially when combined with some of the modern studding (for instance floating ceilings are often required in building regs between flats.)
  6. Quite Agree, that would be a much better option, and a lot cheaper. And you'd make some friends (hopefully) in London.
  7. Do let us know how it turns out please.
  8. To be fair the 70s recession was pretty bad. 3-day working weeks, winter of discontent, etc. Much worse than it's been this time.
  9. Yeah I was thinking the same thing, where the heck are you going to find a 2-bed (even ex-LA) flat in Balham for £200k. That's where the argument falls down I think.
  10. The letting agent is telling porkies, the landlord won't give two hoot unless he's asking to raise the rent which you haven't said he is. It's only the agent that stands to gain. Ignore him as before.
  11. Basically what he was saying is saturday is always the busiest day for the obvious reasons that you've stated - people work for a living. So if you view on a saturday it's not surprising that you will be butting up against other viewings.
  12. So what is the question exactly? You've already taken legal advice from a few sources who have, quite rightly, told you that you don't have to replace the carpet. I don't know what we we can really add to that. But you don't want to avoid confrontation with your landlord. That will depend on the landlord and how reasonable he is. It's your decision if you want to call his bluff and threaten to move out, you know him beter than us. All I can suggest is that you talk on phone / face-to-face as much as possible rather than email. Email tends to get nasty and escalate the situation.
  13. About time. That map system they used before was awful. Slow to load (if at all) and often completely missed off train stations at certain zoom levels.
  14. It's an emergency repair, I don't think he can spend a week or two getting multiple written quotes. I found the following article, don't know how authoritative it is. Go to 'dealing with landlords' section - http://homerenorepair.suite101.com/article.cfm/taking_action_as_a_tenant_emergency_repairs One thing's for sure. Over new year's and a public holiday the EA won't give a flying f__k.
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