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  1. they have skin in the game now. Thats what matters to me..theyre no longer governing, theyre investing.
  2. here it is in black and white https://www.redbridge.gov.uk/news/october/development-at-sainsburys-site-ilford/ plnning initially refused, then granted on condition that they share in the profits on increased prices. Quite frankly, our government is now using this mechanism to fund themselves and will do all they can to keep prices higher than they should be,
  3. not sure this is something we should even be remotely proud of, mr article writer in the newspaper
  4. this place "ilford" is where I unfortunately put down roots and it makes me bloody delirious with joy to read this article. Scaudenfraude etc, yes. Allow me a moment to smile compared to the last 15 years. I've said if here on this forum, on fb, twitter and to anybody who will give me the time of day, Ilford will be shown to be mortgage fraud capital of the uk once the dust settles. Now, who was the agent that went bust? Somebody has my £600 deposit from 2002
  5. Ive got a relevant story....I grew up in another country where if you didnt have millions you werent going to go to university, so almost nobody did..which meant you could get a job (most jobs) without a degree. I'm a rather intelligent chap and managed ok. I then came to the Uk in my early 20's and really struggled to get a well paying job. I could get "a" job, but not a well paying job..they were reserved for graduates (pre-approved due to having a degree on a c.v. etc) Most of my working life I bumped into graduates and never rated them as much really (there were exceptions though, but slim pickings). I did ok at my menial job reserved for dumb-dumbs, all the while shaking my head at my inability to get even the silliest interviews due to the c.v. going into the bin in a pre-selection process. Anyway (told you its a long story)...I started saving for a house, then the house got too far ahead, so I was just saving instead for ...dunno...now I have enough savings and son is going to university, I'm paying..me, the dirty renter. Because I'd rather he start his adult life with a STEM degree at a good university (which he has been accepted for) with no debt..at least he will have chance at a good job, and eventually a house. Does the story end there? no. I've recently got my good job..all my fellow co-workers are Dr this and Professor that and the pay is pretty awesome. Where? At a university. A bit of vindication that you dont really need a degree, as a place that sells degrees ended up employing someone without a degree. I wont give you the sector I am in as it is very very specialised and you/they will figure out who I am, but I'm about 10 years behind in my career had I started with a degree..
  6. yup, been waiting for this. Get out of jail card signed sealed and delivered, feckless start queuing up shortly
  7. some twit tried this in ancient egypt...one grain of wheat this year, double the next, double again the next...and it quickly consumed all the grain in egypt. Or maybe it was in Aesop's fables. Or Hans Christian Anderson story. Either way, its common knowledge as far as I can be concerned. To think there must be a few houses with clauses like this, the race is on to be the first to consume all the pounds in england. for gods sakes people, its your biggest, most expensive purchase ever...sit back and *think* about it, and if it sucks just walk away.
  8. £700k and I must learn a new skill...balancing the toilet roll on my knee? Is there a shortage of loo roll holders at B+Q?
  9. my local council is proposing this and hidden away amongst pages and pages of text is the fact that I have to tell the landlord the names of all the occupants, as well as which room they are sleeping in, which he then needs to give to the council. And update him if that changes. The way my wife rearranges stuff in this puny flat to give us more space I'll be updating him weekly. ( we have three identical rooms, either of which can be a bedroom or a lounge, and she keeps changing her mind) so the "landlord licensing" scheme ends up being the tenant gives up that info without any regard for their privacy. (all in the name of protecting me, I suppose)
  10. a piece of [email protected] 2bed flat in my area (zone 4) surrounded by filth, cannabis smokers and dumpster-divers will set you back £300k. I kid you not. Once my kid finishes school next year you'll find me getting the hell outta here pronto. I've just had to chase a guy OUT of a skip, after chasing someone away from the same skip last night. Its the vagrant economy..someone puts something in there for someone else to take out. Like a swopshop. Outside my front (rented) door. all this pleasure can be yours for £300k. promise. I'll be on the stats as "never even achieved first-time buyer status, unable to rehabilitate this gentleman, kept on ranting about how the maths doesnt stack up"
  11. article posted today, right on time http://www.ilfordrecorder.co.uk/news/second_luxury_block_of_gants_hill_flats_suffers_water_ingress_problems_1_4657354 second block of flats in gants hill going to be wrapped in plastic (probably a sign of luxury)..no doubt it'll add millions to the sale prices #sarcasm
  12. i frequented the pub opposite while they were being built around 2007/2008 and had a standing bet with a friend that nobody would buy them due to the noise etc. I lost the bet, they all sold for upwards of £150k..even a penthouse at half a million odd. And then the scaffolding came. I know if I had bought there (which I wouldnt/didnt) I'd be lawyering up like crazy. Awaiting fire sales when the penny drops..and the other site at the old car lot by the Sainsburys Local store is going to be hilarious too from a traffic perspective.
  13. gants hill? I was wondering why it was built, then covered up again within a year for the last six years
  14. it was on this very forum that I was introduced to a book called "The selling of Mary Davies" which explained nicely how this family got their money/estate..by "buying" the 12year old girl, Mary Davies. a good read a brief history here http://hidden-london.com/gazetteer/ebury/
  15. advertised as two bedrooms...but can see three in the picture. Third one is in the loft, but we arent allowed to describe it as a bedroom as probably the loft conversion is sub-standard..so it is described as storage and "nice views". But make sure you can see a bed in the photo, so the savvy investor can join the dots.
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