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  1. shorting is not good for the financial market.... recent Hedge fund shorting causing the collapse of major banks where billions of depostor money is at stake...
  2. Seem like alot investors going back to GOLD again... price is going up
  3. I beleive alot investors already waved white flag and surrended to the market... now is only hedge fund and experience traders playing the market
  4. Fear and Greed factors.... Be fearful when other are greedy and be greedy when other are fearful, the minority rich vs the majority poor :angry: :angry: :angry:
  5. There a difference whether to borrow from banks to buy asset or liability.... so making the wrong move and decision will set your finanical back or forward many years
  6. major correction for property prices after the last few years of bull run... even property trust are finding it hard to find bank for financing...
  7. why not invest in Asia Pacific ex Japan fund ?
  8. now under consoldation.... market seem quite after gov interference with many policies to "cool" down the speculation.... for long term, definety a YES because land is scarced and population increasing another million soon
  9. In Singapore stock market, you can short position but must covered back before market closed... Most traders used put warrants or Contract for difference (CFD) to short instead
  10. Cash is King..... we still dont know whether the current market is already bottom and poised for recovery ?
  11. only know Japan used to have 0% interest borrowing.... that the reason many hedge funds borrow from Japanese banks and poured into world equity markets
  12. most shares are on downtrends but those with strong share buy back policy may prove to be resistant in bear market
  13. why not try to seek professional financial adviser help or check with your broker for high yield low risk stocks counters
  14. Guess more to come when the recession in US prop a slowdown in World economy as well as valution for property price contiue to slid further
  15. Gold seem like a safe hedge against inflation and the weaken dollar... may reach $1000 per ounce soon than expected
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