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  1. The programe that featured the Ribatejo region of Central Portugal was on last week, when the programme was filmed (last year) our company chavetejo estate agents, helped with locations and information on the region as well as supplying most of the featured properties. the couple featured in the programme did not buy the house that they liked and were still looking for a property but now they have just had a baby so i think a place in the sun will be on hold for a while.
  2. some info here on building property in Portugal http://www.gekkoportugal.com/how%20to%20bu...%20portugal.htm
  3. best website to look at for prices of property is casa sapo. http://casa.sapo.pt/Pesquisar_Imoveis.aspx...A=11&TW=153 just choose what type of property you want, price, location etc and it will show property listings from lots of local agents. for general info on moving to Central Portugal try http://www.gekkoportugal.com
  4. i dont play golf but i thought it was a strange statement too, i thought portugal was allready a top destination for golf, allready way a head of bulgaria! going by the dozens of golf courses here in portugal and the fact that every time iam at the airport there are golf club wielding tourists everywhere.
  5. There does seem to be loads of students in Portugal, were in Tomar central Portugal and the town is full of them, as well as our office!! they are allways looking for apartments to rent.
  6. Well I agree that most of Europe has some challenges ahead of them in the property market, I also agree that investors are clever enough to plan well and invest carefully in the right area. Although the current market in Portugal is a little flat, I personally feel that’s when the best investment opportunities are to be had, not just in Portugal of course. When the prices are flattening out or indeed dropping as they are in the UK, then there could be some good opportunities if you have some spare money around, maybe pick up a bargain. As for the rental market in Portugal, I feel and I speak
  7. not sure about house price indices for Portugal, take a look at a few property websites and Estate agents sites, this will give you an idea what is available at what price. try www.gekkoportugal.com www.chavetejo.com www.casa.sapo.pt hopefully they will help give you an idea.
  8. I may have been away from the uk for a bit, but do all new houses have the security fencing? are things that bad? lol
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